Sunday, November 27, 2011

Surrogate is Second Life.

Watched the movie Surrogate the other night. All I could was keep thinking that it was Second Life in Real Life. Especially at the beginning when they find out the controller of the woman who is killed. I laughed for quite a bit at that, I don't think anybody else who was watching with us knew why I found it so funny.

The new pledge

I pledge allegiance to the ads of the Retail States of America
And to the profits for which they stand
Many Corporations, too big to fail
With cellphones and big screen TV's for all.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To the JLU

To the somebody special out there from the JLU who decided to drop a few comments onto my forum I have to say.... thank you for the traffic. It's been a bit slow on fun things to post about for a while and you provided me a nice little dab for today. I also appreciate you checking back up on me as well.

Next time you could you maybe summon up a little bit of the super hero courage and actually use your Second Life name? Maybe even get a little more brave and allow comments to get through on your forums like I do mine? I know you have control issues, I understand that but sometime you have to give a little in order to get.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

landland Ansar and lighthouse Bruh of Lighthouse Real Estate are scum

Here are some folks to avoid completely in SL. Just judging by the way they treat and talk to people they are complete pond scum. landland Ansar or lighthouse Bruh of Lighthouse Real Estate. Yes these two folks are in the job of renting out land... evidently by treating people like trash. The link to the thread with plenty of copy/pasted discussions with these two is below.

Here is the SLU thread.

So when looking for rental land Lighthouse Real Estate is on the 'DO NOT RENT FROM LIST'.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Smitty Boyeau - another for the ban lists.

Info from the SLU forum posters. This guy needs to be on ban lists and once I get ahold of that note card I'm going to AR him for defamation.

Actually the in world stuff is being fought by their one solitary supporter, Smitty Boyeau. He's been passing out this big set of notecards about the "greenzone griefers" and other "fools the griefers have tricked". The notecards sound like Kalel wrote them because in IMs smitty comes across as someone with English as not his first language or a drunk. They have a whole page of "reference links" and they all lead to prok's blog or krypton radio. I found out all about this the other day when my friend got ejected via phantom zone for associating with "known griefer" Robble Rubble, which is pretty dumb, she has no marks on her record and we talk about cooking and gossip, what a dangerous person. The funniest thing about the Dublin notecards though is how they are trying to just claim that everything is a trick that the "griefers" are pulling so they will be able to crash beloved Dublin.

Oh hey, the name I mentioned earlier, Smitty Boyeau, popped up. It seems like he went to SLCC and followed people around. My friend House was at SLCC, I'll page him to the thread to talk about interactions with Smitty.

I ran into him a few times over the weekend with Tizzers, but Smitty was all smiles and laughs when we did see him. On friday night me and few other friends headed to the outside seating are next to the hotel bar. Smitty was sitting at a table by himself and called me and Tizzers over to talk with him. He of course had a few drinks in him, and was slurring on about making the world a better place with a cigar in his mouth. He first off made the impression of being quite nice,but later on that sort of changed. He began to talk like he was there to keep things "safe", and went on about how he was a cop once. To be honest he started to give me the creeps the more we talked.He even began at one point hitting on zip paz's girlfriend; who was that just sitting with us minding her own business. Which probably made her want to jump off the hotel roof, if that ment saving herself from another word that dripped from his mouth.

The Next day while I was sitting in the lounge I noticed him time to time walking around the hotel doing god knows what. He wasn't hard to pick out of a crowed either most of the time. Not because he had a cape around his neck or anything, but the pleasant little beret that sat on top of his creepy little head. The rest of that night I did not see much of him anywhere around the lobby where he usually prowled around. However the next night I had to step out from the convention to tend to some business in sacramento. While driving back to SLCC I receive a text message from Tizzers talking about how "Mr. Smitty" is wasted in the hotel bar, and telling people that rembrant is a pedophile. Now at the time I really did begin to laugh to the thought of some half irish poser, who used to be a cop. Telling everyone in a bar publicly that he has never met outside of this convention I mind you. With a little cute leprechaun voice "Rembrant is a pedophile hah tee ta tie ta tow!" dancing on tables hiding buckets of gold under chairs ect....

However it does confuse me, because it was to my understanding that Smitty and Rembrant did have a chat earlier that night and were quite nice to each other. Now where in that 30 minute conversation do you think Rembrant decided to share his "deep dark secretes" with a total stranger? Rembrant happens to be a pretty good guy and it is pretty shocking to see what some people wil say about each other just for a little attention and even an excuse to label other human beings as greifer's or reasonable dangers to society. In which people like smitty, and the JLU have so selflessly decided to take this heavy burden off the rest of the worlds hands.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


An amazing movie, nicely done fan made trailer... of course I'm still crushing on Leonardo after all these years.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

passing on the note

May wish to avoid this person:

For the reasons stated here:
Forceme's post about her

Just passing the note along.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Now this needs to be permanent

Nothing like checking my email and getting a link to this. Maybe the bully is getting shoved back. Hopefully it's a permanent shove OUT of SL.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Okay I'm done.  Logging off of this blog for the last time.  Posting on it for the last time.  I'll be deleting my bookmark to SLU and calling that quits as well.  Time to move on.

I'll be inworld maybe two or three more times and then after this weekend I'll be gone.

Tired of the drama, tired of certain people allowed to do whatever they want in SL, hell I'm just about completely tired of the internet itself.  It has come to a point in my life where things need to change and it needs to happen now.

So with this I say goodbye to anyone who still checks in here.  It's been a series of ups and downs with Second Life.  Really high highs - My Mistress, my sis  and the life we've had together, my good friends Lore, Why, Brit and to many others to mention.  Low lows - Scumbags in bag fulls, the zFire with his RedZone and all his followers, the JLU the cyberstalking group of power hungry freaks, Prokofy the most delusional person in SL who thinks everything is about her and that everyone is out to get her.

Goodbye all.

Prokofy Neva ever the fool

Really this just made my day.  In Second Life there is this person who is just stone cold crazy and absolutely idiotic.  She clearly had some intellegence at one point of her life but, alas, I think she is slowly going senile.  Her tinfoil hat theories and off the cuff accusations with little or no proof are just on the borderline of complete useless nonsense.  Currently they are about 98 percent nonsense and hate driven drek.  She goes by the name Prokofy Neva in Second Life, out in the real world she is Catherine Fitzpatrick.  Oh look... there she is now....

Her latest claim is so far out there she is really showing how much of grasp she DOESN'T have on reality.  The Pink Hands in Second Life are now covertly attached to the whole Occupy Wall Street campaign.  Here is a link to the article she wrote on this:

Sorry Prokofy, I don't think anybody is going to buy this one.  You also just lowered any sort of reputation you did have any further down into the mud than it already was.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saying goodbye...

Well sometime this next weekend will be the end of my time in Second Life.  I've already went through and emptied my Linden home and I'm getting ready to transfer my account from premium to free.  Went through and pruned some of my groups and my friends list.  Sent off a few goodbyes to some whom I haven't seen on in quite a while just in case they may get the message.  This next weekend I will be spending some last moments with Mistress before logging off.

Now to answer some questions that I've already been asked.  No, I'm not being bullied out of SL by somebody or some group.  Trust me backing down from a bully is not something that I do.  No, I'm not moving to another grid or to another game.  I'm actually cutting back on a LOT of my internet time.  Yes, it has to do with real life, the internet has become an addiction and I'm trying to cut myself back on it along with a few other private reasons that I'm not sharing with everybody.  No, I'm not giving you all my stuff.

It's been a wonderful time.  Keep up the good fight.  Don't back down to anyone.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yeah... it's about time.

-Holding my hands up in a T shape like football folks do for timeout-

A while back I took a break from SL for a few months.  Had to get some things straightened out and stop spending to much time inworld.  Well I haven't been inworld nearly as much but the temptation to 'over indulge' has been there in high gear.  Not to mention the issue of obsessing with some things.  So a few more trips into the grid to spend some time with those I hold near and dear and then I'm pushing off into self induced exile again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Privacy advice for new residents

So here recently I sat down and started work on a notecard with some privacy advice for new residents.  Mainly on keeping your private RL information away from prying eyes.  I don't name and names or call out any groups with it so nobody should be able to AR me for it.  Hopefully this weekend I'll make a dispenser for the notecard along with something to give out the dispenser itself for any residents who want to set one up on their own land.  Below is the notecard, let me know what you think.

Privacy advice for new residents.

First off is a simple warning. There are people in Second Life who want your Real Life information. They will do anything they can to get it then use and distribute that info in any way they want. Now why some people don't have a problem with this other do. If you plan on getting involved, in any way, in the adult areas of Second Life than it is a good idea to keep your Real Life information to yourself at every turn.

So here are a few helpful tips on how you can protect your privacy in Second Life.

1 – Do not put anything in your profile you don't want others to know. Either keep your real info tab blank or put up a note that you don't share your Real Life information with anyone.

2 – Do not, under any circumstance, connect your Second Life name with your Real Life name outside of Second Life. Not on facebook, google +, Twitter, forums, anything. If you do a simple Google search can pull everything up for anybody that tries to look.

3 – Do not discuss your Real Life information in local chat. So if you find that special somebody and you have decided to share some details do it in Instant Messages to each other. There are to many devices that can listen into local chat from nearly any distance away. Some folks make quite a bit of money selling spying devices just for this.

4 – Do not drop clever little hints about your Real Life. No matter how smart you may think you are when you do this it's been proven over and over again that nobody is.

5 – Do not associate with any of the self appointed police or vigilante groups. Linden Labs does not support any of these types of groups, they completely act on their own. Some of them have been caught, multiple times, storing any information they can find on people and using it at their own discretion.

6 – If you want to share a certain level of Real Life info then set a limit and do not go over that. For example when somebody asks where you are from only tell them the country but nothing else.

7 – Finally the last bit of advice is to simply stay alert. Pay attention to the questions people ask you and how they react when you won't tell them answers. Also be sure to pass this notecard onto other new residents as you find your way through Second Life.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Long live the Zebra Queen

Now for something nonSLdrama related.  I may start making a habit of posting up videos that I like just so people can see how my mind works a little bit.  Starting of with the intro song from ZebraMan 2.  Love the black and white look of this video.  In the movie it gets cut up a bit with some credits rolling over it and going back and forth to one of the main characters getting chased down by the secret police.

New state of affairs post for Second Life.

Rod Humble (aka Rodvik Linden) made a state of affairs post about Second Life today.  Here is the link and my thoughts on some of it are below.

The post on SLU.

First off, seeing the CEO admitting the customer support needs more work is a wonderful thing.  This is a huge issues with a lot of people.  A wonderful breath full of honesty.

New and updated policies.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for some new rules against cyberstalking and taking things that are SL based outside of the grid (the JLU stalking people they call griefers in RL).  At least some more privacy policies as well, along with the ability to enforce them and punish those who break the rules.

New AI things.  Can't wait to see this start going into effect.  I just want to set back and be a onlooker as the bugs and kinks are worked out of this system.  There should be some very humorous aftereffects of this to say the least.

Of course new premium stuff is mentioned as well.  I'm all over this as I've been making a few suggestions to Rodvik over on his feed about small ideas for it.  It has really been nice to see a CEO that listens, sees good ideas and hands them off to the people that can take of those ideas.  So unless one of the announcements is the JLU becoming Lindens I'll likely be premium for life.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Couple interesting notes today.

Couple of interesting notes.

Went to the JLU park in Taber today and my GZ hud didn't go off at the Phantom Zone node there.  Discussed it in the GreenZone chat for a bit and somebody else went out there and tested it and it came up for them.  Maybe it was a glitch in my hud so I'll redownload it and try again later. 

But while I was there, and once I started talking in GZ chat, another avi showed up.  It was on the edge of the park and it almost immediately dropped into the bot sitting position.  It stayed like that for a while until I mentioned it's presence in the GZ chat.  Very shortly (like less than a minute) after that it got up, walked across the park and flew over to the Ivory Tower and landed on the edge of that sim and stood there for a while.  Found this little encounter interesting.  Especially with some other folks spotting bots watching their areas recently after they came out against the JLU.  Keep your eyes open for these, grab a screenshot and lets start comparing notes.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just because news may be slow....

Well the Justice Lords fiasco is slowly grinding down to a slower speed.  Now that doesn't mean I'm going to stop talking about anything that happens to come up, just saying that new info may be bit sparse for a while.  They have managed to get a bit smarter here lately and most of them have finally zipped their lips.  However with the way their ego's rage that won't last long, they'll slip up more.  Just the main thing now is that there are a lot more people watching for it.

Don't give up, don't stop.  Keep your eyes, ears and radars open.  Pay attention.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Pink Hands are being called trolls for no reason.

Well GreenLantern Excelsior is now calling another group trolls BEFORE there have been any contact with them.  Guess they don't like the Pink Hands idea at all over there in Justice Lords land.  Later I'm going to AR this for defamation of character I think.  Might as well do to them what they are doing to others, of course they would probably see it as griefing then wouldn't they?  Would you Justice Lords folks consider it griefing, might as well go ahead and say in my comments since a few of you have been reading my blog quite a bit here lately.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yes she is bat shit insane.

Yeah now Prok is really reaching.  Now she is accusing Rod Humble, the CEO of Linden Labs, of having some sort of alliance with Woodbury/TWH.  Personally I would see that as defamation and if I were in charge I would drop a ban on her as a rezday present.

Also I get a word wrong, she can sue me over that one.  Here is the link in case anybody wants to see if she says anything more that is even more idiotic.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Easy protection tips for SL.

A real quick and simple little list of ways to protect yourself from your average griefers in Second Life.  The Box NPV is so amazingly simple I don't know why more people don't know about it.  Heck I hadn't heard of it until I read this short list.

Also look around the site a bit.  It has a lot of the 2011 wiki leak from the JLU on it.  Not to mention a way for you look up your user names and see what ARs they filed on you and any notes about you as well.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Krypton Radio making up things again

Here is a blurb from the latest story on Krypton Radio.

Read in there and see that little mention about Second Life and how they are looking for people there.   Well I did a rather long google search on this story and guess what.  No other story that I found mentions Second Life at all.  The only one that came up was.... Krypton Radio.  So once again the JLU slips a little lie into their story to make themselves sound a little more 'needed'.  They'll be claiming the griefers they are always going on about are this guys buddies.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Prokofy fail

Prokofy Neva on my profile feed, abandoning and losing arguments while getting frustrated when I toss her usual red herring crap off to the side.  Miss "But I'm the victim" at her best.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

More folks to add to the ban lists

Well these are the types of folks that suddenly showed up to offer their 'love' on Kalel Venkman and GreenLanter Excelsior 's posts over on Rodviks feed.  Bunch of alts, many created on the same day.  Thanks to the SLU posters for the pic.

Kalel and GreenLantern Excelsior make some posts.

Kalel Venkman and GreenLantern Excelsior have posted over on Rodviks feed.

Please go over there and add in your two cents about their comments.  Let Rodvik know how we feel and the fact that we are not going to stand around and let them continue to stalk and harass residents that they simply have a hunch are up to no good. 

Victor1st declared fair game by the JLU

One of the latest comments over on the SLU forums:

"Originally Posted by Yoshiko Fazuku View Post
Also rumour on the street is that victor has been declared fair game by the JLU ala Scientology style so watch your back victor some one has it in for you and if i find out who for sure ( i have my suspicions) i will let you know. Any one who screws with victor1st is gonna end up on my shit list unless he breaks my heart about what he claims to stand for"  

Of course this prompted my reply on this:

They are probably mad at him over the fact that he showed proof that one of their supporters was a copybotter. Showing them all friendly with one of those types would really make some of the content creators in SL very nervous about trusting the JLU and their PZ (as I've wondered before.. who is on the global whitelist for PZ). Even though he apparently paid for the sculpts after he was caught it still means that he is using a copybot viewer or some such, and probably still has it.

Now I've actually been running under the assumption that a lot of us are getting the 'free to harrass and stalk' designation from Kalel.  Mainly for being vocal and anti JLU.  Especially any of us who are also anti Krypton Radio since that seems to be his favorite little baby at the moment.  Well this isn't going to stop some of us at all and if anything it may make a few more of those who know us follow in our footsteps.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Really... Nimh21... is that all you can think of....

 Yeah fun stuff today, this person showed up at Blue in some short avatar uttered a couple of lines I responded to and flew off.  Didn't think fast enough to do a screen grab of their sad little self though.  Chances of them being JLU are pretty slim.  Most likely just someone who thinks they are being creative.  Here's the chat from Blue.

 Now of course I couldn't leave it alone at this.  Had to open up an IM chat with the fellow.  Here is a copy paste of the short little convo.

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[09:41]  You: So did you verify that I'm in there?  Hopefully they put up a nice pic of me capturing my good side.
[09:42]  Nimh21: Don't worry about that
[09:42]  You: Did they get the URL to my blog right at least?
[09:43]  Nimh21:
[09:44]  You: Yep that's it.  Tell Kalel hello for me.
[09:44]  You‧: How's Ireland?
[09:45]  Nimh21‧: Its still there i presume
[09:46]  You‧: Have you ever thought of a new approach.  The 'JLU for life' line is pretty used, ever think of something original to use?
[09:47]  Nimh21‧: no
[09:47]  You‧: Ah okay.  Wasn't sure you were capable of originality, guess that answers that.

Now you see what I did there with my blog?  So when this person hit myit I got that he was from Ireland and using windows with chrome.  Not much but gave me something to ask him.  Of course after that last remark he stopped responding. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Latest leak of the wiki and some more interesting reading...

Okay Freds latest leak from the wiki is the one of the meetings from March.  Here is the link:,_2011_evening

Now one of the lines in there caught somebodies eye and he brings up a story about Zenmondo Wormser that, well, makes him look a bit wormier than before.  Again it's the nature of the people in the Justice Lords that makes you not want to trust them even more.

Krypton Radio - now trying to cover their own nasty comments

Okay just recently I posted up the pretty nasty little comment made over on the Krypton Radio website by a guy known as Nip/Tuck.  Now from what I've heard today this Nip/Tuck person also posted over on another persons site before along with Vagabond Carter from the JLU... and they shared the same IP and were the same person.  So this makes a comment today over on Krypton Radio even funnier.

So Vagabond is chastising himself over the comment he made.  This also shows how the comments section on Krypton Radio works with the members basically replying to and supporting themselves through alternate names.

Now it gets more humorous.

So now, suddenly, once it's mentioned over on SLU that Nip/Tuck and Vagabond are the same person the other comment is removed and replaced with one from the Krypton Radio staff.  This time thanking Nip/Tuck for editing his post... which took the world 'infant' and turned it into 'instant'.  So yeah they were comparing banning to SIDS.  Now that's classy.

Yeah... they edit their stories, they refuse to allow negative comments to get posted, they make their own comments... good site there Kalel Venkman.

One of the best privacy tools in Second Life.

Ann Otoole over on SLU posted up a snapshot of one of the best privacy options ever introduced into Second Life.  Basically you can set it so nobody outside of your parcel can see or chat with residents in your parcel (I'm sure IM's will still go through though).  This is currently only on the official viewer from Linden Labs but I'm pretty sure we'll see it on third party viewers pretty soon.

Now my question would be this; how well does this work against chat spies?  Those things that work from the other side of the sim and record anything said in local.  If they keep those from listening in then this thing is a godsend for privacy in Second Life.

Anyways, here is Ann's screenshot showing where it's at in the land controls.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Krypton Radio gets so many hits.

How does Krypton Radio keep getting so many hits?  The answer is in the picture below.

They use their land to get them hits inworld.  The media filter picks up that it is wanting your computer to hit their website.  Thus giving them a hit without the person ever having to visit their site.  Now this is also an area where they like to send people who are new to SL so they may not have the filter on or even have a viewer that has one.  I'm also wondering if anybody who accesses their music stream also pings the site up a hit...

Not to mention if you mix this with Phantom Zone (which is right in front of me) so you keep track of when somebody pings your site (thus getting their IP) and when they are on the land you can start matching avi names with IPs pretty easily.

Krypton Radio... ow that's low...

Yeah look at the quality of comments over on Krypton Radio.  Kalel Venkman must be so proud.  I know if I was a potential advertiser I would be wondering about things like this.

Yeah that is some real quality humor there.   Now keep in mind that the Justice Lords delete every comment that paints them in any sort of a bad light.  Well except for the ones they write themselves so they can provide counter points to them.  Again once any advertisers start showing up on their site this is yet another thing I will point out to them.

Thanks to the posters over on SLU for this.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Current Status of the PD.

Well the **Police Department** seems to have pretty much vanished outside of the grid.  Their second and third websites are gone with only the first remaining and it's pretty much empty.  Their facebook page is a ghost town and anything else I find that they are supposed to have is dead as well.  I'm not entirely sure on their status inworld either, but I haven't heard a thing about them for a few weeks.

So the question is are they falling apart and slowly disbanding or is there some rebranding going on that we don't know about?  They got busted collecting alt names connected to IPs on their main sim a few weeks back.  Including the ability to look to see what other avi names are connected to another by IP address.  Then their log page got passed around quite a bit and it really made their system look like a stalker tool.  None of these would have been noticed if it wasn't leaked that the Justice Lords had connected their brainiac database to the PD one.  Therefore giving them ability to detect alts.  Then people started noticing some crossover of membership between the two and well, they got tossed under the magnifying glass.

So it's pretty interesting to suddenly seem them pulling back like this.  But only time will tell what is really going on.  But they've put a lot of time and effort into their infrastructure, system and database.  So I don't see them going away.

Krypton Radio, GLE and another leak.

Well over on Krypton Radio they suddenly did a flood of like three articles in a row in order to push their article of lies off the main page.  Remember folks refer to Krypton Radio in your blogs and sites by name, that way it shows up in search and people can find out what the site is really like.  Over on the Alphaville Herald GLE said people could come over there and make comments on it and was promptly reminded of his stupidity that people have been leaving comments and they aren't getting through the censors.

Plus a new little leak.  Thanks to the Fred over on SLU for it.  The Justice Lords have now added a 'Troll' designation to their PZ stalking system.  Guess they want to classify the people who do stuff out of world on forums as well.  Ah well, I've got a friend or two who may get the PZ one day and if I'm scanned and show up as 'Troll' to them I'll AR the Justice Lords for defamation.  Probably do that a few times a day... at least.

Monday, September 19, 2011

GZ hud picking up PZ

Well I went around a bit looking for a running PZ tonight.  Finally found a unit in one of the Justice Lords offices on Steelhead.  The GZ hud didn't pick it up for a while and most likely I was pretty close to being right on top of it.  But it did pick it up eventually.  Surprisingly I'm not banned by them yet, seeing as they have banned others they've had arguments with on forums.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

GZ finally steps up against PZ

Oh in really good news section.  The GreenZone hud now detects Phantom Zone.  I'm pretty sure the Justice Lords won't like this at all and will start looking for ways around it.  When I saw the update and announced it in the GZ chat one guy really threw a bit of a fit.  Here are some of his comments:

[06:01] Hersul Lachman: Now GZ is going to far by calling parcels & sims BLACKLISTED.
[06:01] Hersul Lachman: actions will be taken now, and now i'm not that nice guy anymore
[06:02] Hersul Lachman: NP i know what to do now
[06:04] Hersul Lachman: First they give messages of devices GZ don't like in combination with names of innocent people and now they say parcels are BLACKLISTED and now they do exact the same like they say Vodoo is doing wrong
[06:04] Hersul Lachman: as long as LL doesn't say things are forbidden, GZ doesn't have the right to blacklist parcels or sims
[06:09] Hersul Lachman: holts maul oder wie ihr deutscher das so schon sagen konnen

Yeah... I laughed, read the guys profile for more laughs.

notice from this group secondlife:///app/group/6e7798dd-f5b1-7056-0e55-bb66aed7c461/about
*WARNING* about alts
I've asked the Lab to assist me with locating alternate avatars working for me as models because I believe it has become a problem. If you know and have proof of anybody who is an alt the standing reward is 1000L. If  YOU have an alt AND a main both working, please let me know and we'll work it out. If I find out about an alt and a main working for me at the same time and you haven't taken this opportunity to let me know, all your avatars will be banned from all Damage property.
Dave Carmichael

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big ole anti JLU/brainiac sign.

Want a bloody huge anti-brainiac sign to hang above your property?  Well Imma has fixed one up and is giving copies away for free.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Decided to get a shot of me standing next to the avi that is parked above Zip Paz's land in Blue.  It's one of two that seem to keep the area on a constant watch from up on top of a little mountain.  I suspect JLU involvement since the 'Unwelcome Area' is where some of the suspected griefers like to hang out and talk. 

Who is stalking...

Another leak that was posted it up over at SLU.  For me Emiley Tomsen is the interesting part.  First off she thinks that anybody finding her is stalking... but evidently she doesn't think the same when they do it to somebody else I guess. 

[17:12:20] Kara Zor-El I don't mind drawing fire but I don't really want them finding my RL house.
[17:12:20] Maverick Grunfeld Must be a bug then.
[17:12:20] Kara Zor-El and publishing the address.
[17:12:20] Shayera Hol Agreed. Any unsolicited phone calls to my house will get an air horn lullaby
[17:12:20] Fiona Toohey Precisely Kara
[17:12:20] Kara Zor-El They had my residence of two houses ago, once
[17:12:20] Bobkoe Nirvana they did?
[17:12:20] Kal-El The street address on me everybody seems to have is now no longer correct.
[17:12:20] Kara Zor-El Yup, but they also had me still married to the guy I divorced five years ago.
[17:12:20] Emiley Tomsen If they find me, they get arrested, and sent to federal jail for stalking.
[17:12:20] Kal-El They found me, and nothing like that happened
[17:12:20] Emiley Tomsen That's asssuming I don't kill the person first

Early morning update.

Last couple of days have been busy for me.  Not much time for my blog or SL at all.  But RL comes first and foremost, something that Mistress and I both agree on completely.

However this weekend I should get some free time.  Going to need to find a scripter and ask them some questions about a security and/or scanning device that I've thought about.  Basically I want it to mimic another device that I've seen inworld along with running a check on the number of scripts being ran off of an individual in the immediate area. 

Also want to see if there is a security orb that is notecard driven with it's ban list.  One that allows you to keep your list of banned avi's on a notecard that you drop into the security device.  Then you can also replace it with an updated one whenever you need to.  This allows for the sharing of notecards among like minded people instead of the easier to abuse method of linked global bans.  But I'm not a script writer so I'm not sure anything like this would work at all.  One can hope.

Another thing I need to do is write up a Phantom Zone warning card to pass around land owners that I know.  Basically talking about the way five local bans lead to a global ban idea, which is very abusable and I can see the JLU having 'local ban parties' just like they have 'AR parties'.  Mention that the JLU folks have been caught talking about overriding a persons PZ unit and using it how they want, including banning the land owner from their own land.  Plus the global whitelist, something that seems to be tap danced around.  I'm sure it includes all the JLU folks and some of their trusted devotees.  I'm sorry but GLE is one person I don't even want near me and the ability not to ban him would be a big reason not to use their system.

Ah well.  More ramblings later I am sure.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

cuddle time

Over the last few months my inworld time has dropped drastically. RL has been busy and had some changes.  So time with Mistress is very cherished.  The other day I got a little bit of cuddle time with Her and my sis Gina.  They were more dressed for the occasion than I, but we only had a little time before I had to log off.  So I figured it was better to spend that time with them instead of digging through my inventory and swapping outfits around all that.  More time like this is needed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a coward.

Well a couple posts back I put up something somebody said about me on their blog.  So today after Mistress read it she tried to get ahold of her. Politely asking if she could talk about the blog comments about me.  She emailed me the response:

[9:21] xxxxxxx xxxx: I don't RP at all, and I *definitely* don't do
BDSM -- I condemn it soundly. So you and your girlfriend Potosi can --
as my grandmother would put it -- go *roll your hoop*. Mute.

Yeah.  So when someone wants to confront her about what she wrote she hits the mute button.  What a coward.  That makes her description now: Liar, Coward and Attention Whore.

Another attempt at a post on Krypton Radio

Let's see if this one goes through on their blog that they claim gets very few comments.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Something funny to read.

Now this is absolutely funny.  The most detested person in SL, who can be caught telling lies contradicting her own forum posts, has mentioned me in her writings.  Not worth linking to so I'll copy paste.  Anybody who has any questions about her claims just ask.  Her imaginary writings are so full of waste it's not even funny.


o another inworld stalker and forums harasser is Potosi Abonwood. No accident, as she is a member of The Bimbo Cheerleaders so she is either an alt or pal of CheerGirl Allen, herself an alt. Potosi claims not to be in any griefing groups, but of course, she's in the Robble Rubble Fan Group -- and he's a frequent-flyer permabanned griefer if there ever was one. Of course, you don't actually have to be in a group to make a common cause with griefers, but she also has groups like Coffeepot Gleefurs is a reference to a griefing viewer made by the same Neil who made the Neil's ThugsLyfe or whatever it was called.

Potosi Abonwood is one of those "collared to Mistress" people urging you to tell her mistress if you have a problem with her -- the submissives are as bossy and coercive as their BDSM dommes, of course. Ugh, to people like this.

Er, I guess I won't have any trouble boycotting *her* store, with items like "spinning chain halo". Sigh.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Alphaville Herald article

A new article about the JLU fight going on in SL currently.  This time a lot of the focus in on CheerGirl Allen, who deserves some more spotlight time.  Not to mention one of the best anti-JLU cartoons EV-AH!  If anything give it a look for the cartoon people.

Also shown is a leaked group notice from the JLU requesting that there be a AR's filed on the inworld meeting that Zip Paz planned to discuss the JLU and their actions.  It was put out by the Zenmondo Wormser (who has a very fitting last name) who tried to apologize about this AFTER THE FACT THAT HE GOT CAUGHT ON IT over on the SLU forums.

So what are you waiting for?  Onward to the Alphaville Herald!

CheerGirl proven innocent.

CheerGirl recently came under fire in a recent Krypton Radio article (article by the JLU is defined as 'blatant lie to try and cover our asses').  They accused her of a few things and that LL tipped them off to her actions.

So she dropped a message to LL and got an answer proving her innocence in all of this.  Her post on this is here:

Now does anyone think a single person from the JLU is going to bother and offer up an apology to her?  Yeah I didn't think so.  So just more proof that nearly everything that JLU claims is a lie.  They are not to be trusted, anything they, or their members, make is not to be trusted (I would include the RFL things that Zenmondo made), nor is any of their supporters to be trusted. 


How low are the JLU?  Well they are this low:

Anybody who still considers these people to be friends or somehow a benefit to the grid really need to get their heads out of their asses.  These people have some serious mental issues.  Basically they now appear to be a group of sociopaths that have banded together since their tendencies do not make the others stomach turn.

Any member of this group who claims they do not agree with the way things are being done is a liar.  Flat out liar.  If they want to stand idly by and watch them do these things, well then they are just as bad.  I'm considering putting my own account at risk by setting up a notecard distributor with link back to all the things they have said or done that is now on display.  Everyone needs to know what is going on behind their backs in SL by this group.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

zFire's probation conditions.

Here is some information on the creator of RedZone.  Mainly covering some of the conditions of his parole.  Especially that his computer will be monitored for two years and he cannot access any auction site or Second Life (which they say by name).

So he may not be crawling back inworld so fast after all.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Trying to get others in trouble...

The obvious JLU sock Dieandra is back up to some tricks again.  This time she has changed her user name to that of one of the people who are against the JLU.  Probably hoping somebody will mistake that for their actual name and AR them.

JLU making accusations

Don't ask how I missed this before.  Economic Engineer posted it up over on the SLU forums.  They are grasping at straws now, probably accusing CheerGirl since she's the one who found the spy probe of Kalels.

Amazing that they expect people to believe this.

Guess I'll be the one to step up....

Scotland Yard he claims.  Well somebody has to take a step forward to see if he is making the bluff.  Started the steps to find out for sure now.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kalel's super bullshit story.

Here's another convo somebody had with Kalel, it was posted over on SLU.  I'll have my comments at the end.

[2011/08/23 15:18] Erinyse Planer: may i have a list of all JLU members please?
[2011/08/23 15:18] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2011/08/23 15:26] Kalel Venkman: It's not our policy to release this information, but as I understand it a full list has already been released.
[2011/08/23 15:27] Erinyse Planer: where at. I want to protect my shoppers from any group that feels they have the right to research medical issues of anyone and publish them to a wiki in direct violation of hippa and various laws, or to publish details like children and the names of those children
[2011/08/23 15:27] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2011/08/23 15:30] Kalel Venkman: It wasn't published. The information was acquired via a phished account, and the person who extracted the information removed it using stolen credentials.
[2011/08/23 15:30] Kalel Venkman: The IP list they have was also forged.
[2011/08/23 15:30] Erinyse Planer: it doesnt matter if it was published or not. it matters you thought you had a right to publish it and share it with your members in the first place
[2011/08/23 15:31] Erinyse Planer: don't even try to justify it.
[2011/08/23 15:31] Kalel Venkman: You need to understand something Erinyse. The reason we have this information is that we were gathering it at the direct request of Scotland Yard and other law enforcement agencies. We have the right to collect information on people who are directly attacking us.
[2011/08/23 15:31] Erinyse Planer: funny scotland yard, the fbi etc do NOT ask you to gather that kind of info
[2011/08/23 15:32] Erinyse Planer: never once would a law enforcement agency ask civilians to gather medical data or kids names about anyone
[2011/08/23 15:32] Kalel Venkman: Actually, they want everything you can find. It saves them work, and they asked for whatever we had.
[2011/08/23 15:32] Erinyse Planer: kalel youre lying.
[2011/08/23 15:32] Kalel Venkman: I never lie

Okay not only is Kalel lying through his teeth... or with his fingers... whatever, but he is lying badly.   The police don't need a civilian to gather this info.  They have it at easy access, already at their fingertips.  How can this part of his lie get any bigger.  Now also think of the problem with somebody going around SL claiming to work for the real life law enforcement community... especially around minors.  Yeah he's as shady as they come.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Comments closed by the Just-us League.

Well the spineless heroes over on Krypton Radio have proven that they can't answer the hard questions.  After deleting several comments there, then lying and saying there were very few, they have closed the comments section on their article where they try to cover themselves with more lies.  I imagine they especially got pissed when folks started screenshotting their comments entered and awaiting moderation thus proving their lie.

Maybe when they start getting advertisers, like they talked about in one of their meetings, we need to email the sponser explaining how they boost their site hits.  Maybe send them some links about all the shady dealings they have going on.  The private info hording....

Yeah as soon as they get an advertiser on there I am so doing that.

Krypton Radio comment awaiting moderation

My comment (awaiting their moderation of course so I doubt it will see the light of day) on the current line of defense that is spewing out at Krypton Radio.

Basically 'If it wouldn't have been leaked and we were allowed to freely continue gathering data no one would have known and it everything would have been fine" is the line there.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Short lived talk with the man himself....

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[20:29]  You: Aether said if we ask politely you would answer questions.  Has the personal information about Tux's family been removed?
[20:36]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): And my answer is two-fold: The information is now not on our server, as it has now been handed off to people better equipped to make proper legal use of it than us.
[20:37]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): And the second part is a question:  if he actually cared one tiny bit about this information being on a private server, why was he the first person ever to post it publicly on the internet?
[20:37]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Whatever he's after, his personal information is obviously not part of it.
[20:38]  You: What legal use is there of the information about Tux's family?
[20:38]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): I don't think the people that asked would want me discussing that.
[20:39]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): You have the answer you came for.
[20:39]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Good evening.
[20:41]  You: One more please.  Why don't you feel comfortable answering questions from us regular SL users.  The 'pubbies' as the griefers like to call us.  You seem to want to cut this very short already.
[20:41]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.


Well the JLU's website, Krypton Radio has let a few more comments through as I said in the previous posts.  Although most of them look either like JLU alts or prewritten questions for which they already had answers for.

One claim that there have been very few comments is a fabrication.  So a few of us have decided to put them to the test on this.  With my previous questions and now with a couple of SLU folks chiming in.  Here is a link to one that was posted up on the forums.

It also shows that the comment button has been hit.  I should've did a screenshot of mine also.  Anybody else want to do this and show us their comments that most likely will never see the light of day?  Link to the screenshots in my comments!

EDIT:  Oh wait mine is still showing up as waiting for moderation.

JLU questions

 Well I tried posting a list of questions to Krytonradio.  But it got rejected immediately for being to 'spammy'.   So I'll try again and just direct them back here if they want something to answer.  Here is the list of questions that I have below.


Why did the JLU find it neccessary to keep information on a suspected minor?  In fact going so far as to investigate his youtube friends for their ages and locations?

Why can the PZ unit over ride an owners own land settings?  If it doesn't why would you discuss it like it does?

Why do you go after anyone who suspects or disagrees with your group like the Alphaville Herald?

Why did your group condone calling up the sister of person who is on his death bed, then GLE lieing to her saying that he is his friend just to make sure that he is actually going to die?

Oh and people are contacting the JLU inworld about all of this:

Of course Kalel gets very aggresive inworld whenever approached by anybody about any of this.  He cuts out of conversations, mutes and has threaten to AR people for asking a question.  This includes questions from 'pubbies' like myself.  Does he feel that he is superior to regular users? 

well well well....

Well this is interesting.  Somebody found my page by using the following keywords on google:

potosi abonwood slu zfire xue

Guess somebody is trying to find some sort of connection.  Sorry but the only connection is me in complete opposition against him and the whole RZ fiasco.  JLU at work with their google stalking yet again...

Monday, September 5, 2011

GLE does another interview

GLE does an interview with the Alphaville Herald.  He is not very impressive at all in this.  I've already posted one of my thoughts in the comments there.  I suggest you do the same.

Archangel and the JLU

Archangel Mortenwold, you all need to add that name to your watch/banned lists.  This person was caught copybotting stuff by the Doctor Who community on SL a while back.  Currently he has suddenly become a big defender of the JLU and has called out one of the Dr Who groups as a griefer group.  So unless you want somebody who will tell everything to the JLU (or just copybot your stuff) around then be sure to add him to your lists.  His latest craptacular post on SLU is below, where he proves he can't even be bothered to read a thread or look at any sort of proof.  But then again, most copybotters are pretty lazy.

RedZone updates.

Well the person behind RedZone is out of prison.  Michael Prime aka zFire Zue was released at the first of this month.

So... keep your eyes peeled for anything new that may develop from him.  I highly doubt he is simply going to forget about all of us and move on.  I'm sure there is quite a bit of hate built up inside his head and he's going to be ready for some revenge.

He'll likely hook up with some of his supporters first and lay low.  But you never know.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The fake bad guys.

Wow, JLU is starting to look more and more like the RZ lot.  This time it's a leak of a fake griefer group created by the JLU.  I can already see them using these guys to 'convince' a sim owner they need PZ.  Go in grief for a while and then have the Zeroes show up with this wonderful security system and 'oh look' instant results the griefers are gone.

Mirror site for the TheList

Oh and Chapel has put up all the info from thelist on the JLU up on the troll manual.  Never can have to many copies of this laying around on the net if you ask me.

today in the thread

Well the copybotter who I mentioned earlier hopped into the JLU thread and 'announced' that the lid had been blown off our den of lies.... yeah.  For one he even admitted later on to not reading any of the thread and just came over after reading the post of lies that went up on the JLU's website.  Then he said we should go after real griefer groups and mentioned a few.

This is where it got really funny to me.  One of the groups he called griefers was the Doctor Who group that caught him copybotting.  Yeah they must be griefers because they don't like their content STOLEN by lowlife folks who can't be bothered to create their own content when it gets a bit tough.

Then another JLU sockpuppet showed up, got a bunch of crap wrong, refused to acknowledge proof when it was pointed out.  Ah well.  The JLU's line of defense in the last few days.  Prok, who is probably one of the most disliked people in SL, a copybotter with a reputation in the toilet who is still pissed at getting caught and a handful of sock puppets.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

JLU supports known copybotter

Now the JLU is working with a known copybotter AND this copybotter is one of the folks showing up on the JLU blog to defend them.  Getting thick as thieves over there in Kalel land.

So JLU prove you are the good guys and crack down on this guy instead of putting an arm around his shoulder and playing nice.  But I guess you have a plan to use him for something.

Victorian Closet blog post about the JLU

Another blog from a very respected member of the SL community.  Voicing her opinion on the JLU as well.

JLU and Krypton Radio are not members of the press.

Oh and by the way for those who have been asking about this.  Is the JLU or Krypton Radio a member of the press?  From reading around about the requirements I would have to say no.  Krypton Radio is not an official news organization, nor does anybody (but themselves) classify them as such.  I've looked at several locations and could find nothing.  Simply running a site with a built in blog to put up news articles (most of which are copy pasta) does not meet any requirements that I have seen listed on any site about this.

If they are I would like to see their proof of this.  Besides just mumbling from Kalels mouth who thinks he is working hand in hand with police organizations... REAL police organizations at that.

Just like their definition of a griefer, their definition of a press organization is just as shady.

Latest leak...

Not much to report right now.  However here is one the latest leaks that is worth reading.  Somebody even posted it up to Rodviks feed to see what he thinks of it.

Well if things go as planned in my RL I won't be posting much, if anything, at all the rest of the night on here.  I won't be anywhere near my computer and my mind will be very far away from SL.

Friday, September 2, 2011

JLU objects on land where they don't belong.


Okay folks, especially and land owners out there, it's time to give your area a complete look over.  Take a look at this:

This is a JLU object on land they don't have rights to rez anything on.  So that means they are using and exploit and from what some of the SLU posters are talking about this thing listens in on SIM WIDE local chats.  So 2000 meters in the air in your skybox... Kalel is listening or logging it all to his server.  No clue how long these have been around.

Find one then alert the Lindens immediately and AR the hell out of the JLU for it.  Oh do notice that there is a Linden there looking at it.  May want to drop that specific guy a line if you stumble onto one of these things.  This is totally against so many rules it's unbelievable.

Yeah more and more the JLUs true spying, griefing, stalking, harrassing, listening in, lieing colors come out.  Guess these are to 'protect us' also.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zen has been posting on SLU

Not a lot to report on tonight.  Zenmondo is over on the SLU forums trying to do some public relations work for the JLU.  Now I will admit he is a MUCH better choice than the Green Loser.  But, and here is the real but, it's far to late, to much has been said and everything is still coming around to denial and careful wording.  He seems to think we should trust the JLU on what they say, that all the RL info has been removed from the wiki (or is it's currently not there as he says... currently...).  Trusting is something a lot of people over there are, people on SLU give each other and even those residents who don't talk there a fair amount of trust, JLU is completely and totally out. 

Zen you fail because it's way to late.  Damage done, your reputation is shot to dollrags along with the reps of all your friends in the group.  You aren't trusted, you never will be trusted again and people will always be warning others to not trust you.  Sleeping with the dogs usually leaves you with fleas.

Woot somebody used one of my ideas!

I made suggestion to LL, well basically straight to the CEO, for a premium user bonus.  I thought it was a good idea and since they were really looking at increasing the benefits of being premium it seemed like the time to do so.  Now premium users have sandboxes set up specifically for them (my idea) and some free starter furniture (not my idea).

Now if you look at the comments one things still rings true.  Some people will complain about anything.  Especially the 'OMG I don't have any use for these things, you are stupid Linden Labs' types.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something I won't link to.

GLE did an interview.  Sadly it was with somebody who's own reputation is so far in the toilet that they are probably more despised in general than the JLU.  So I won't even link to it.  All there was to is is GLE skirting around some issues and doing a piss poor job of promoting a positive image for himself or the JLU.

JLU is changing....

Major drop in the number of members in the JLU.  BUT as was pointed out in the SLU forums they mentioned the League of Heroes would be around for years, not the JLU.

So my pure speculation is this: They started a new group and are only letting in those they trust the most.  What does this mean for the rest of the members?  Probably either kicked to the side or moved to one of their side groups.

Badly done PR article by the JLU

GLE making up a really badly done cover article for the JLU.  Like they are trying to cover their ass with this thing, it covers it about as well as a g-string covers my ass.  Notice they don't bother talking about all their cyberstalking, imitating other people, lieing to the families of dying people they are stalking, keeping tabs on how many people a person has in their household, or any of the other real deal breakers.  They also never seem to mention if the brainiac is still plugged into the PD's system.

This should be a primer on how not to do a PR article.  It fails to challenge most of the allegations at all.  Read it and have a laugh. 

PZ location

Another PZ location to be aware of thanks to the posters at SLU.

[23:20] PhantomZoneNode v0.5.14 BETA: You are banned from Phantom Zone network 'DBDigital Epsilon/SS Galaxy' and are being teleported away. If you believe this is in error, contact the local estate or business manager responsible for this site.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Alphaville Herald article about the JLU

Another article from the Alphaville Herald.  This time the group of sims known as Antiquity speak out, they were listed as part of the JLU's patrol route (posted up on here already).  They also let JLU put up PZ in some test runs around the time the RZ flare up was going on.  Anyways... here's the article... now send me caffeine and pocky.

I'm Batman and I lie to people to get what I want.

Well TheList over on SLU put up another leak from the JLU brainiac.  This time it shows their resident bat-man want to be getting an ego boost off pretending to be somebody else while trying to get action taken against a student at a university.  These folks really like pretending to be other people don't they?  First it was GLE pretending to be a persons friends and calling up that persons sister on the phone just to make sure he was really dying of aids.

They seem to be under the delusion that SL is of a huge importance.  I assume this is because they have accomplished so very little in their own life that escaping to SL to be villians (because they aren't hero's) has become the main point of life for them.

Anyways before I ramble on long.  Let's look at Batman and his pretending problem.

Edit addition:
Okay this didn't go nearly as good for ole Maverick seems to think.  First off he gave them the wrong website that Tizzers was running.  Second the administrator told him somebody had called about the site and even told him what name he used (Bob Wayne).  Third Tizzers took down the site he was running because nobody was using it anymore.  All of this was told over on the SLU thread of doom about the JLU. 

Quick Robin, hand Batman the Batfail trophey, it's the purple one... because this fail is epic.

Monday, August 29, 2011

More JLU information

More off the SLU thread.  A bit of history on what JLU has done in the past including destroying a very large group.  Also a few of their alts to add to your ban lists.

violation of 8.2(ii): End of W-Hat:
On May 17, 2011, Masakazu Kojima the sole owner of W-Hat, was banned from Second Life, leaving the group without an owner. Officers in the group managed to invite members of The Wrong Hands, who quickly overran the group. Kalel Venkman was invited to be an officer, as was GreenLantern Excelsior - both left the group immediately, but Kalel managed to get an alt named Drone1 Resident installed as officer. Drone1 waited about a week, then purged the group of slightly over 880 members, leaving only officers. The group now contains only officers, and Drone1 is still in the group and cannot be removed by other officers. The group remains useful as a means of quickly identifying miscreants and ne'er-do-wells, and Wrong Hands members in specific. It is not known how many of the officers are simply alt accounts of others, but 30% would be a fair estimate.

Another violation of 8.2(ii): Any and all spy alts operated by members of the JLU, such as Emiley Tomsen's alt "Jeenkins Leroy"(missing from search), Kalel's alts used for this purpose, "Pat Harlow" and "Drone1 Resident", Maverick Grunfeld's alt "CommieLover8 Boszormeny" and any other alt made and operated with the express purpose of spying on other residents.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The List

Well with the comments over on the Alphaville Herald I simply have to do something.  You see there are people on there saying all links to the The List have to be deleted or they will drop DMCA's on them.  Really?  I don't think you all have any idea on how the law works.

Anyways here you go folks.  A link straight to the TheList that is chock full of the JLU RL info they don't want you to have (but by god they want yours).

That's a lot...

How many subdomains does a site need?  Evidently a lot.  Thanks for the list GZ users and SLU posters. Krypton Radio

Some needed reading for those not up to speed.

To get those up to speed.  There are TWO MUST READ posts by the thelist on this page.  Also it got my mind up to speed.  I kept thinking PZ and the PDs system were linked.  I was wrong it's brainiac and the PD's system that are linked.  Of course I believe they said PZ was linked to Brainiac....

Here are some real charmers from that discussion.

History of The Justice League:
October saw the integration of the Brainiac database and the **Police Department**'s alt detection system, much to the dismay of some of the members of the League
Also in February on the 25th, Linden Lab changed the Community Standards to make revealing of alternate accounts to others without the consent of the owner into a violation of the Terms of Service as "Disclosure". Brainiac was modified to make it ToS-compliant when accessing records in-world, though the information remains intact in our database and can still be accessed outside of Second Life from the web interface built into the BrainiacWiki. I also added a chatroom to the BrainiacWiki so that we could maintain secure communications completely outside of the Linden Lab service. Conversation there, by definition, is not constrained by the Linden Lab end user license agreement or the Terms of Service.

Incident Reports:
2010-10-22 10:37:59 Emiley Tomsen Usurippo Davros Resident Jeanie Zeurra has made claims that resident Usurippo Davros is stalking and defaming her in SL and RL. Complainant alleges Resident Davros uses main and alternate accounts to carry out this harassment, Linden Lab contact information provided to complainant will allow her to follow up on complaint and handle it external to SL, with appropriate RL authorities. Currently no evidence has been presented to investigating officer to confirm these claims, complainant is however listed in PD database as having 20 identified alternate accounts, as tagged by PD alt detection system.
2010-10-22 10:36:46 Emiley Tomsen Jeanie Zeurra Resident Jeanie Zeurra has made claims that resident Usurippo Davros is stalking and defaming her in SL and RL. Complainant alleges Resident Davros uses main and alternate accounts to carry out this harassment, Linden Lab contact information provided to complainant will allow her to follow up on complaint and handle it external to SL, with appropriate RL authorities. Currently no evidence has been presented to investigating officer to confirm these claims, complainant is however listed in PD database as having 20 identified alternate accounts, as tagged by PD alt detection system.

[09:06] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: We're going to have to start being careful about calling out people's alts. Next time the wiki is stolen it could cause problems

[09:30] Remote Brainiac Access: Fitty Tison
Roles: Known Griefer
Articles: 6822
Article #6822, 2011-02-02 20:59:23 by Maverick Grunfeld
This entry identifies one or more alts and cannot be displayed or conveyed in-world.
[09:31] Kal-El [Kalel Venkman]: Alt of Fitty Tison.
[09:31] Remote Brainiac Access: Article #6915 created.
[09:31] The Dark Knight [Maverick Grunfeld]: FAG, the group, seems to be tied to the WU goons
[09:31] Kal-El [Kalel Venkman]: We can still record this in Brainiac.
[09:31] Kal-El [Kalel Venkman]: We just can't retrieve it.
[09:32] Kal-El [Kalel Venkman]: Not in-world, anyway.

Three more JLU ops

Three more additions to the JLU list.  These folks were tagged as operatives in a recent leak so watch out for them creeping around with their brainiac log books out.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

why so serious

Tonight I have met some of the crazies of SL... and... they were pretty funny.  All they did was set around and tell stories and jokes.  Laughed about some of the stupid stuff they did years ago in SL had a few 'those were the days' remarks and that's about it. 

Seriously if JLU feels threatened by these people, or think we need protection from them... then JLU are the ones with the issues.

Look I take SL a somewhat seriously depending on who I'm with.  I've made some great friends whom I love dearly.  But I also realize that you can't take anything in SL as life threatening or OMG horrible.  Somebody is griefing a sandbox...o ...m... g... I still remember how that teleport button works and I can leave.  Even when people show a complete disconnection from reality and understand, such as comparing furry avi right to the civil rights movements of MLK, I still manage to just shake my head a bit and walk off.  I may toss a line or two in but I'm not even going to try and argue.

Some people just get to deep into SL and fail to realize that it isn't everything.  Those folks need to unplug.

PD using alt detection huds

From the SLU.  This was just posted up by TheList moments ago.  I had to share, it feels like RZ all over again with their stalker huds.

This shows the PD's system using alt detection and the fact Emiley Tomsen wears one.

JLU, the Alphaville Herald and Pete Linden. Very interesting....

Two really good links about the Herald and the JLU's opinion of the Pete Linden.  Looks like JLU wants the herald out of the picture... imagine that.  Thanks to the folks over at SLU who posted these up.

Someone to drop these off to the staff in charge of the Herald?  I'll try but suddenly I can't post comments there anymore.
Now for something away from the current drama.

Finally late last night I got some time inworld to spend with my Mistress and my sissy.  We are quite the odd pair of submissives, Mistress says I'm the revolutionary and sis is the capitalist.  I'm the pale skinned one on the left of the pic.  I had on my latex camo from Duce but it got quickly stripped away except for my berret.  We were being a bit snarky and Mistress decided it was time for us to stop.  The night later turned out to be a very, very, good one.

Finally a thread is staying....

I guess finally somebody properly worded a post over on the official LL SL forums and it's staying.  (yeah SEVERAL threads started up about this whole thing have been deleted without any notification about it at all... makes you wonder who the moderators really work for over there)  Anyways here it is and this time it's about the leaked DB of the JLU.

On the second page Imnotgoing Sideways questions why she is on the list and what she was doing that day.  Turns out she has photographic proof.  She was at a shoe fair.   The same shoe fair that was running CDS last year.  Looks like there is a probability of some more database sharing going on there.

Anyways go support that thread and show LL that we are interested and concerned about this situation.

PD and IPs

A SLU poster put up the introduction note card for the PD, putting the text up down below.  Now the important part is down there at the bottom.  Very last thing.  Basically it's them admitting 'oh hey we have a database of user names and their IPs'.  So what makes you think they don't compare your IP to their database without your consent if they deem you as a threat?

I may have to make a JLU and PD tag for my posts on here now.  I think I'll start that now.  Just remember that Kalel said that his PZ system was hooked up with the PDs stuff.  So that means the JLU has access to this as well.

Name:Welcome to PD

Thanks for taking time to visit Police Department.

Feel free to look around, take in all we have to offer you. Our facility is equipped with an orientation area, freebie area, as well as much more informative items all over. Please take your time and ask questions if you have them.

While here we ask you follow a few simple rules. Failure to comply with said rules will result in your ejection from the sim for a period no shorter than 9 minutes and up to 7 days.

1. You must remove all weapons, decorative, invisible or otherwise. You'll be warned 2 times and then sent home. We ask that much respect on our own sim.

2. You must remain fully clothed while here. Please dress and behave as if you were in a RL Police Department.

3. Remove all bling, particles, and HUDs that may create lag. We maintain a lag free environment and plan on keeping it that way.

4. Respond to staff members. No AFK time while here, especially if you've not been contacted yet by an officer. Due to recent activities by visitors, Away from keyboard time will not be accepted. You'll come back and find yourself at your home location. Being AFK is fine if you've told someone you'll be right back.

If you are looking for employment here you'll need to note the following:

1. You need to be 180 days old or older.
2. You need to be age verified. You can do this by visiting the account verification tab on your second life account page.
3. You need to be well spoken and have a sparkling clean profile.
4. You will be required to consent to a background check that may or may not include cross referencing your IP against other known accounts.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally GZ is getting their gears really going...

A notecard is being handed out by GreenZone Users officers.  About damn time.  I really need to get some more inworld time and get back to getting some things done.  Look up the GZ group folks, sign up and help get some more people organized and spreading the word about JLU and what they are doing.

Here is a copy of the notecard.

The JLU are a group known for collecting and harvesting RL data (family, children, medical history etc.) and general completely inacceptable behaviour.

Much evidence exists for their behaviour, eg. the stalking of a dying man's family and friends:
JLU Leaks - The List: JLU discuss the death of Deadlycodec

This JLU group has developed a security device named "Phantom Zone". It may be that this device is completly ToS compliant and no threat to privacy. We do not know yet.


In the hands of the JLU, it adds more information to their pool.

Because of the system's inseparable association with the JLU, not because of the system's own (so far unknown) capabilities, in consensus with the group I strongly recommend to fight this threat to all our privacy (= the JLU) where ever we can ( and that includes Phantom Zone ).

I will advise it to be added to the GZ detection in the next update.

And on a personal note:
"Again, we have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I will say: It is to wage war, by HUD, and AR, with all our might and with all the strength that we can muster; to wage war against the JLU tyranny which stands unreached in the dark, lamentable catalog of SL crime.
That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be!"
(Kudos to Winston!)

- Unya Tigerfish

Database leak and some Linden news.

Big leak time from TheList.  This time it's the 5000+ database of people who are listed as either friend, member, personage, JLU or griefer.

This is a huge list so hit ctrl+f to search the page for your name.

Now one interesting thing is the sheer amount of Lindens listed. Most are listed under the Linden title, however some are listed as Friend.  Kaylee Linden is listed as Friend. Trinity is also, Plexus of course, Michael and Michaelfrancis, Hermia, Lexia, Frontier, spike, socrates, Jose, Torley, Teeple, Lucy, George, Nicole...

I think this may be a hint at how they get things done, why posts on the LL official forums are being deleted and why some of our ARs are being ignored.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

two more JLU related links.

I'm not going to get any sleep.  Turned up two more older articles in the Herald about JLU in the editorial section.  Links are below and my eyes are getting heavy.

Very interesting reading on both of them.  Especially on the first one which links back to some stuff that's been discussed over on SLU.

New article on the Alphaville Herald

Just getting ready to finally goto bed.  When suddenly....

Yeah even my discussion post that I started on Rodvik Lindens wall got a picture on there.  Well three actually since it's grown so long.

Thanks to the posters of the SLU for pointing this out.

The SLPD database of IPs.

There is some interesting discussion going on over at SLU about the SLPD and their IP/name gathering orbs and database.  Now remember in one of the older posts of the giant thread a leaked chat log shows that Kalel said their system was linked to the SLPD's system.  Now this would mean they were telling the truth that PZ does not log IPs but they never said it doesn't link to a database that already existed of IPs.

If you are interested here is a link to a nice meaty chunk of the convo... I'm up to my elbows in it of course.

Displays of Kalel Venkmans mental instability.

Okay here's part of the wiki link that has been slowly draining through over on SLU.  This is simply showing the mindset of the JLU and how they don't care if they are banned or not, that they want on your land to 'patrol'.  Even after the sim owner has banned them.

Another one from over on the Alphaville Herald displaying the insanity of trying to talk to Kalel Venkman about anything that does not fit into his narrowminded world view.  Really this shows the level of which his delusions reach.

I'm sure his precious PZ has her listed as a griefer now. Even without any proof what so ever.  Might just ask thelist over on SLU what her entry says.