Thursday, June 9, 2016

Erotic Roleplay lesson one Introductions

Erotic roleplay lesson one, how to introduce yourself to a new potential partner.  Or basically how not to come across as a complete fool.


You see that?  THAT DOES NOT CUT IT.  So please just stop that completely.  First impressions usually come across in that first line of text you send somebody.  They way they look is sort of secondary because anybody can spend a large amount of cash to get a dynamite avatar.  You need to show there is some sort of intelligence on the other side of it.

Also you need to show that you have some imagination as well.  Being a little bit creative in that introductory line shows that maybe you can be a little creative in the emotes as well.  Nobody really wants to get stuck with somebody who can do nothing but jump around on poseballs and say "I stick my dick in".

Also forget the shortcuts (type out 'you' instead of 'u'), use some capital letters and punctuation (even if you get it a little wrong at least you are trying) and try to sharp up your grammar skills.

Here are a few simple examples to show you what I mean.

"Making sure I catch your eye as I look you up and down while flashing a sly grin."

"Walking up slowly with a smile 'So can I buy a beautiful young woman like yourself a drink?'"

"Raising and eyebrow and and giving a half smile as I sit next to you at the bar."

Simple easy and gets the ball rolling with a little bit of roleplay straight from the start.  Now mind you where you are could send signals as to what type of introduction line you are wanting or should send.  If you are hanging out in a full on adult sim that is basically a big sex parlor than things may be a bit different and much more direct.

"While staring at your hot little body you notice me adjust my jeans to accommodate a growing bulge."

"Walking up biting my lower lip and staring over your chest and abs 'Oh you are just acres and acres of meat aren't you? Can't wait to see what you have covered up.'"

"Noticing your eyes on me I slide my fingers down the back of my thong adjusting it slightly along the crack of my ass.  Then giving my hips a little kick out to the side to show my rear end a bit better."

Making something so forward may not be everyone's cup of tea.  But if all you're looking for is a bit of fun without any strings than being direct is your best choice for fastest results.  If the roleplay is hot and fun then maybe something could be established afterwards for future interactions.  But getting that foot in the door is important, making sure that shoe doesn't get chopped off is the goal.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Addicts Support Group

Another story inspired by the SpunkLovers Cum Addiction System.


I sat nervous in my seat fidgeting a little. I was in the row of chairs against the wall and looking to the right were empty chairs of those who have stood up already. To my left were chairs with other women just like me waiting their turn. Most of them looked nervous as well. Looking back forward I could see the other woman leaving the little microphone stand and it was my turn.

Standing up I walked sheepishly to the little shiny stand and leaned forward to the mike my voice shaky and weak. “Hello my name is Potosi... and I'm an addict.”

“Hello Potosi,” the voices sounded off from the room.

Smiling a bit at the welcome I continued with the lines we all had to say, “I am a worthless slut who is addicted to cum. My only purpose is to satisfy men so they will give me the cum that I desire. May their beautiful cocks ever be erect and their seed always flowing. Now I beg of you to fill my mouth.”

There is a bit of applause from the other side of the room. I slowly walk over to that side. To my left are men leaned back in their chairs between each of their legs is a woman, like me, sucking their cock. Some are slowly servicing, others are gagging as the man forces them roughly up and down while others choking themselves down. To my right were men waiting in their chairs, bulges in their pants waiting for us to suck them off.

The one waiting for me next in line smiled and pulled his dick out of his sweat pants. It was long and thick and he just smiled at me. No words were said as I knelt down and took it into my mouth. His hands reached up onto my head and pushed me down on it hard. I was going to be one of the ones gagging and choking as the next woman, just like me, took her place at the microphone and introduced herself.

All I could think about was getting my fix.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Needing that fix

A short story inspired by the SpunkLovers Cum Addiction System.


 The withdraw symptoms were getting worse. I could barely walk down the alley as my legs trembled under me and my own pussy had become extremely over sensitive. I had to have it now, from anybody, I just had to. Finally I saw a man standing outside of a doorway smoking a cigarette. Straightening myself up as best I could I approached. Once I got closer he came into a view, a black man, bit of a gut in a janitors outfit.

“Well look at you. Another bitch hooked up and needing a fix. I can see that a mile away. Well good, I need to get my nuts off and something as useless as you will do fine.” He grabbed his crotch and gave it a squeeze, tossed his cigarette and motioned me to come inside, “This way little junkie let's do this out of sight shall we?”

Scrambling behind him as fast as I could go into through the doorway. The light blinding me for a moment and then upon seeing I let out a little gasp. Two more men, both janitors, were inside as well circles around a table with playing cards on it. Both were grinning ear to ear.

“What the hell have you drug in here now Jerome?”

“Just another bitch in heat and I think she's really hurtin' for a fix.” He pushed me up over the table, cards scattering and gave my ass a hard slap, “Hope you don't mind slut but you got three of us take care of now. Boys just like last time okay.”

They started laughing and agreeing with him as they undid their jeans. My eyes went wide as I saw their cocks flop out, they were very well hung and my mouth watered. It didn't take but a second before one was pressing his in between my lips which I let in very willingly. As I sucked him the others pulled my skirt and panties off and spent time holding my ass cheeks apart and slapping my rear.

The blowjob quickly turned into a face fuck as the other two started slapping my poor cunny and dry fingering my asshole. I twitched and squirmed but they didn't stop. Drool and slobber ran from my mouth as the one pulled out and another replaced him. Then the cock covered in my spit pressed into my rear. My hand was guided to the last mans dick so I could stroke him as he waited his turn. Painfully that fucked my ass using only my spit as lube, taking turns going from there to my mouth over and over again. Their fingers digging into my pussy deep.

I came over and over, the need for a fix having sent my poor clit into overdrive. Then I glanced over and saw one putting on a condom, pulling my mouth free of another dick I yelled out, “No, I need that please I need your cum in me!”

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, “Don't worry bitch you'll get it, just don't want to get you off your crazy just yet. It'll be waiting in it's own little package for you to drink.” He then went behind me and started hammering into my pussy hard. It hurt and drove me insane with pleasure at the same time. The others laughed at me taking turns popping their cocks in and out of my mouth.

Then with a loud groan he came and came hard. Slamming me as hard as he could with every thrust. Pulling out panting for air he stepped off to the side and another put their condom on. Meanwhile the one slowly slid his off, it was heavy with jizz. Then he dropped it in the floor, some of it leaking out, “Guess you'll have to do some licking to get it all!”

I almost cried as a sudden large cock slid into my cunny. Then I started bawling. Each blowing their nuts out into a condom and dropping them onto the floor next to the other. Laughing they pushed me of the table into the floor, pulled out their phones and pointed at the pile, “There you go bitch get what you want, lap it all up.”

With them recording I crawled on all fours to the pile of used rubbers. Picking up one I lifted it up and drained it into my mouth. That wonderful taste of semen hitting my senses finally. Sucking on the end to get every drop I went after the other two. Slurping and sucking down every bit, then dropping to the floor and licking up the mess that leaked out. Leaning back on my knees I moved my fingers over my face to make sure I got any there into my mouth. My trembling stopped, my head cleared and everything felt normal again.

The laughing brought me back to the immediate world around me. The three men stood there laughing as they recorded. One was reading my name and address off my drive license he had pulled from my purse. I stumbled to my feet and grabbed up my skirt and panties but a hand stopped me, “No bitch those panties stay here.”

He pulled them from my hand and walked to the back of the room. I didn't notice the wall before but I stood there staring at it now. Hanging my wet panties up on the wall with a thumbtack alongside several others. Trophies of junkies like me that had stumbled through here before, some large, some small, animal prints, g-strings and lace. All hanging up like prizes. Tears ran from my eyes again as I pulled on my skirt.

A hand slid up between my legs under my skirt and cupped my sore pussy, “Thanks for the fuck. Always fun making you all cumrags. Come back when you need another load to lick off the floor.”

They laughed as I left. It was humiliating and I had no idea of what they were going to do with those videos. But then I turned around and looked at the building remember where it was. Just in case.... just in case I get desperate for another fix again.