Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Batman and I lie to people to get what I want.

Well TheList over on SLU put up another leak from the JLU brainiac.  This time it shows their resident bat-man want to be getting an ego boost off pretending to be somebody else while trying to get action taken against a student at a university.  These folks really like pretending to be other people don't they?  First it was GLE pretending to be a persons friends and calling up that persons sister on the phone just to make sure he was really dying of aids.

They seem to be under the delusion that SL is of a huge importance.  I assume this is because they have accomplished so very little in their own life that escaping to SL to be villians (because they aren't hero's) has become the main point of life for them.

Anyways before I ramble on long.  Let's look at Batman and his pretending problem.


Edit addition:
Okay this didn't go nearly as good for ole Maverick seems to think.  First off he gave them the wrong website that Tizzers was running.  Second the administrator told him somebody had called about the site and even told him what name he used (Bob Wayne).  Third Tizzers took down the site he was running because nobody was using it anymore.  All of this was told over on the SLU thread of doom about the JLU. 

Quick Robin, hand Batman the Batfail trophey, it's the purple one... because this fail is epic.

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