Friday, May 18, 2012

RL Neko gear!

A device that detects your brainwave patterns and determines what mood you are in. Then that mood is represented by the position of a pair of robotic cat ears! Oh I want! I want! I want!

See the page for them HERE!

Currently they are only available in Japan... which means they should be all over ebay for sale here in the states. So it's off to ebay I go.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The PD is coming back...

Oh wonderful.... the *** Police Department *** ran by cdurd is back in action. They broke apart last time after we found absolute proof that they were harvesting IPs and avi names and storing them on a database used to determine alts. I wonder how soon before they are up to some form of this again. Be warned when dealing with these folks. They are another one of those groups that want to know who you are and the names of all your alts. The only thing he didn't like about RedZone was the fact that anybody could buy and use it. He never stated that he was against the actual alt detection at all. Plus they were also working with the JLU to hook their database into the Brainiac database so they could do alt scans also. This was stated by Kalel himself in the leaked chat logs of the JLU wiki.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monkey Wonder cries 'JIRA attack'

Real life took some priority over the last few days and I haven't had much time to dedicate to a new post here. But now I've got a bit of time on my hands so here I go.

The other day Monkey Wonder posted something new on his blog about greenzone invading his JIRA he posted up.
You can see his post here.

One of the funnier comments he made is this: "Although the Second Life JIRA is a tool to be used strictly for reporting bugs and feature suggestions, the Green Zone members hijacked the JIRA to make personal attacks, insults and other unhelpful comments." It's funny because he is guilty of this himself on older JIRA's back when RedZone was still around and we were informing folks about that. I actually link to a bit of his attacks in one of my last few posts if you want to have a look. So he is telling us not to do what he does himself....

Anyways he also makes some screenshots (about time) of the attacks. First off the bottom one from somebody named 'orejo' isn't even a greenzone member. Two of the posts are from Re Sorbet who is one of the 'bots' that he 'caught' in his screenshot of greenzone griefer bots in one of his previous posts. Again I have a previous post all about that mess of a shot he put up. Cyborg Renfold is somebody he has been making accusations about but has never posted any sort of proof to back it. Last is RareDiamond String who I really don't know anything about.

So a GreenZone attack is now three people, none of them officers or moderators, bashing you on a JIRA? Really? How the hell is that an attack that represents a group. More delusions of importance on his part.

For the record I support the JIRA, I voted and watched it to show my support. If something is doing what he claims it is then it needs to be stopped. I completely agree. I also like the fact that the screenshot posted has absolutely nothing to do with GreenZone, the person who made the objects is not in the group and a few folks I have talked to have never even heard of him. So yes it shows that somebody may be using those devices as a form of DDOS attack coming from inside SL. If it's true then the Lab needs to drop a fix on it.

Another thing I have noticed a lot lately is a single URL
THIS ONE to be exact.

It has started to show up on a lot of peoples web tab of their profile. Mainly on folks who are opposed to Voodoo Sploders and Anti Bot system. It appears that it could be a rival sploder company doesn't it? So this has me thinking in another direction something that I will probably be bringing up to some of the mods of the group.

Is our group being used by some of the people behind tmyentertainment to go after Voodoo? Basically a small handful of people are joining the group flashing up the GZ title and then actually going and doing what he is saying? Something to think about.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ranting a bit here....

North Carolina has just took a step backwards in human rights. Remember this is one of the states where it is legal to marry your first cousin. Amazing how willing people are to hurt others and deny them rights they deserve all in the name of some bullshit religion. Most of them have probably never read the so called 'good book' or realize some of the rules it says should be enforced. All that stuff they say is bad out of the Muslim religions.... yeah most of those rules are in their book as well.

Also as a side note. On Monkey Wonders site he says he supports anonymous yet he has also claimed to support the JLU in SL who in turn support the government crackdowns on anonymous. Hypocrite much?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kicking another Monkey Wonder claim to the curb

One of the many claims that Monkey Wonder loves to make is about people 'forcing' their way into his Voodoo Anti Bot group. He uses that word 'forced' like it actually has some meaning here where it does not. The Voodoo Anti Bot group is an open enrollment group (just like Green Zone) and anybody is able to join it at the simple press of a button. So all he is doing here is trying to make it look somebody is doing some underhanded trick to get into that group when they are not. Also, just like Green Zone, he has no control over who signs up or the ability to keep people out if they've been kicked out before. Just a simple look through some of the profiles of members and you can see a few that look like obvious bots themselves. So much for an anti bot group.

As I mentioned in a previous post one of the bots he called a 'green zone bot' was actually in his own voodoo anti bot group. Again, like I just said, so much for an anti bot group.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Monkey Wonder continues his usual attacks on GreenZone. While I have three or four blog posts in the works covering various claims of his or some the web that surrounds him I decided to make a quick look at the one he made today. Over on his new blog he said that Green Zone griefer bots were cheating traffic in some areas. First let me give you a link to his post:

Monkeys so called griefer blog.

First off don't worry about commenting there. He is so afraid of having his absolute bull crap claims proved false that he won't let comments through. Now he claims that green zone is using bots to help cheat for traffic. Evidently he isn't a very smart one this because a lot of bot makers actually have their bots join an open group or two when they are made. This way they look less like a bot and more like a possible normal avatar. So just because some of these have signed up to the Green Zone group that must mean we support this....

Exactly. But what is funny is that one of them that he mentioned doesn't have Green Zone listed in as its groups but has another one listed instead. One that made me laugh quite a bit when I saw it. Here is the screenshot of that profile.

Yes a bot is actually in his Voodoo Antibot group. So I guess he needs to blacklist his own group then. Also his group is and open group that anyone can join even though he likes to claim people 'force' their way into it. Guess he can't handle the truth of that situation very well.

Anyways I decided to go and take a look for myself. So I searched up the region and teleported there. First thing off the bat that I noticed was that my Green Zone hud started telling me that Voodoo Antibot was running in the region. Imagine that, an area where he says we are cheating traffic is actually using his product. So then I popped up the radar and went looking for this group of bots. I found them at a completely different level than his shot showed, not only that they were all invisible even when I was right next to them in the air.

So how did he get that shot? Why were they all someplace else? Why are they here when the region is supposedly protected by his own service? Also, as somebody over on SLU pointed out, why in that original shot is his Linden dollar balance at an absolute zero? Everybody I know runs around at least with a hand full of Lindens in the pockets. Maybe he was using a bot of his own, even those are supposed to be so bad.

So it looks like a set up shot. A really bad set up to 'frame' Green Zone for having a few bots that happened to join their group. Well try again Monkey Wonder you may eventually do something right but today wasn't it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monkey Wonder has been on this for almost a year

Okay Monkey Wonder you've had almost a year to show us some proof of this DDOS attack that you claim to be carried out by GreenZone. Also for those who think that the maker of Voodoo products has just recently started his attack on GreenZone this post should clear all that up quite well for you. For my evidence that he's been doing this for some time now I use Linden Labs very own JIRA logs. This one just happens to be about RedZone (imagine that) where Monkey very loudly claims his views of GreenZone.


Here is a screen grab of his post for those who don't want to dig through that mess or know how to use 'Find'.

So we are looking at almost a year ago. In that time we've seen zero proof to his claims. None, zip, nadda, big zero. I mean he has his own website, why doesn't he simply post up all the proof there? That would be the simple way to do it. At least one would think. So evidently he has no proof that GreenZone is anyway responsible for a DDOS attack on his site.

What I found though was another JIRA started by Monkey. This one where he is having trouble with his sploders connecting to his website. So apparently he was having problems already that were technical and not hackers or griefers. Imagine that.


So now it looks like he has been blaming GreenZone for technical issues that he was having.

Oh and for a final bit from the JIRA I mentioned up top. After Monkey talks smack about others a few more return it right back to him and then he makes the wonderful ironic post below. This shows he can dish it out but cries when he has to take it.