Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prokofy Neva ever the fool

Really this just made my day.  In Second Life there is this person who is just stone cold crazy and absolutely idiotic.  She clearly had some intellegence at one point of her life but, alas, I think she is slowly going senile.  Her tinfoil hat theories and off the cuff accusations with little or no proof are just on the borderline of complete useless nonsense.  Currently they are about 98 percent nonsense and hate driven drek.  She goes by the name Prokofy Neva in Second Life, out in the real world she is Catherine Fitzpatrick.  Oh look... there she is now....

Her latest claim is so far out there she is really showing how much of grasp she DOESN'T have on reality.  The Pink Hands in Second Life are now covertly attached to the whole Occupy Wall Street campaign.  Here is a link to the article she wrote on this:


Sorry Prokofy, I don't think anybody is going to buy this one.  You also just lowered any sort of reputation you did have any further down into the mud than it already was.

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