Monday, September 2, 2013

Humiliation Games

Humiliation and degradation is sometimes looked upon as a deviant sexual practice by many people.  It's also used in quite a bit of internet porn with a rather unsavory slant to it.  But it can also add another level of excitement to the bedroom for couples.  Now by no means is it for everybody and usually I've seen it work better in relationships where there are clear lines between the Dominate and the submissive.

These are a few sample 'games' that I have been the submissive in personally.  My husband comes up with them, finding many of them online, and then subjects me to his wonderfully perverted ideas.  Now before anybody tries these be sure that you and your partner understand what is about to happen.  That the goal is humiliation of the submissive.  Also be sure to have a safeword and that the trust of your partner is absolute.

Discomforted Cleaning

The sub is dressed in a cleaning maid outfit (a cheap 'sexy' french maid Halloween outfit works perfect) only without panties.  They then spread their legs apart, lean over at the waist and hold onto a piece of furniture.  The Dom should then spend some time rubbing the exposed ass of their sub and slowly lubricating their asshole.  Then insert an inflatable buttplug into the anus.  Let the sub relax for a moment and then start pumping it up until it reaches a size that it will not pull out and is uncomfortable to the sub (but not painful).  They should then be ordered to do various chores around the house while the Dom gets to watch.  Making sure to laugh, mock and make fun of the way the sub now walks, bends over and is restricted in movement.

Writing Out Your Ass

A black magic marker is prepped with black electrical tape, rubber bands or something else to give it some ridges along it's length.  The sub is to be bottomless (fully naked is usually preferred) and bent over.  Insert the marker into the subs anus with the writing tip sticking out.  Then lay a few large sheets of paper on the floor and order the sub to write various demeaning things on it using the marker while it is their ass.

Walking the Dog

This works really well if you have a private outdoor area (which we do!).  The sub is stripped naked and then has to pose like a begging dog as a collar and leash are put on them.  They are then led outside on all fours and walked around the yard.  Or around the inside of you home if you don't have that privacy.  Then the sub is commanded to do various tricks like rolling over, beg, etc.  Usually ending with the Dom taking the sub anally while using the collar to tug on while yelling at the sub to bark like a dog over and over.  After the Dom releases himself in their anus the sub is then led back in, hopefully with their Doms semen dripping out.

I've got a few more but I'll save them for a later post.  Maybe even write up a 'creative humiliating insults' post as well.  Because, you know, calling somebody slut over and over gets a bit boring.