Sunday, November 3, 2013

Creepy Rodge Benoir

I've always told people to do a few things when dealing with folks in Second Life that are setting off alarms in your head.  First and foremost is to do a google search on their name.  Second is if they have a blog themselves to post about it and spell out the persons complete name correctly.  Tonight while following my own advice and happily about four years ago somebody did the second part to top me off.

It started as I was standing in a, shall we say, a less than savory location in Second Life.  You don't have to stretch your imagination to far for that.  When the IM's start up from a guy.  Here is what he said to me.

[18:16] Rodge Benoir: Potosi...sorry to bother...i'm an sl're beautiful...i was wondering if you'd be interested in posing for me
[18:17] Potosi Abonwood: Possibly, I have to be afk for a bit here in a couple minutes but after that I'll be back.
[18:17] Rodge Benoir: ok, i'll explain more...
[18:18] Rodge Benoir: you don't get paid, but you do get copies off all photos...most of the photos will be in lingerie...they won't be used for advertising..they'll be shown to employers when i apply for a job as a photographer
[18:19] Potosi Abonwood: Let me think on that for a few moments.

Letting me think on that roughly means let me fire off your name into google real fast.  Came back with a hit to a particular blog post from back in 2009.  Here is a link to it:

If you notice it's almost exactly the same.  Very slight differences.  Almost like he copy/pastes it and has only updated it a tiny bit.  He's been using this creepy tactic for over four years now.  Also he claims to be a photographer but according to his my.secondlife profile it's been a long time since he's changed his profile picture.  Don't know about you but every photographer and wanna be photographer that I've met change their profile pic quite often always looking for something more lovely than the last.

So the conversation thus ends like this:

[18:23] Potosi Abonwood: So you've been using that almost exact same line since 2009?
[18:23] Rodge Benoir: wow, your log goes back that far? and yes, it's quite effective
[18:24] Potosi Abonwood: No my log doesn't go back that far.  But google searches do.
[18:24] Rodge Benoir: ah, cool
[18:24] Rodge Benoir: and yes, i have been

Personally I think he gets his jollies from getting pics of ladies in the lingerie and probably tries to get a 'bit more' during the photography 'session'.  But finding out wasn't on tonight's plan of activities, got the attention of enough creepy stalkers and don't need to risk another.

If you've ran up on this guy and heard this line leave a comment about it.  If you went to pose for him leave a comment on how all that turned out if you would please.

Friday, September 13, 2013

poor pussy

Now THIS has so much potential for a good game with subbies.  Although there needs to be a few more rules added in.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fourth of July pictures

Back near the 4th of July I dressed up for the holiday.  Red, White and Blue outfit, very nice little swimwear set and some matching boots.  Mistress and sis seemed to like it quite a bit and said they were going to shoot some photos to send out to friends for the fourth.  Of course I jumped at the chance.  Well their photo session turned out to be a bit different than what I thought it would be.

Mistress posted up a few pics over on her blog:

At least they let me keep the boots on.  Keeping my dignity was not an option though.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sparrow Industries... it's been a while.

Sparrow Industries in Second Life.  It had been a while since I've heard of that company.  Heck I had to actually go through some notes to find out where I had heard the name before.

They used to be in the alt detection device business.  Back when GreenZone was really fired up and headbutting RedZone in an all out fight there were several companies that were discovered doing this.  All using the same media exploit as RedZone.  Now to Sparrow Industries credit they pulled the alt detection drones off the market rather quickly.  Both from the marketplace and from their inworld store.  They also did this before Linden Labs dropped the hammer... which means that the already purchased drones would still theoretically work.  There was never any mention from them about getting rid of any database they may have built up.

Since then the media exploit has a pretty good plug in it.  You have to okay any streams through or attempting to connect to it.

Now I've ran into their services again but in a different fashion.  This time it was through a DJ's stream.  Sadly like a fool I hit okay for the one time even though the name sat off something in the back of my head.  Because a DJ's stream can feed is basically using the exploit after you approve of letting it do so.  Essentially you could be handing all the information right to a database by your own approval.

Now whether or not they are actually compiling a database from this is unknown.  However seeing as how they used to be in the alt detection business I would sure be cautious of letting them have potential access to all the data that can be scraped via the exploit.

Remember they do make things that allow land owners to spy on people visiting their lands with features like this: "With “RADAR” you will be able to see who is in 96 meters range of your bot, also with NOTIFICATION you will get information of arrival and Departure and with CHAT LISTENER you will know what people are saying, and even if you are offline you will get that on your mail. ". So just because you and another person are the only ones there doesn't mean anything. Also: "Track your friends easily and visualy. Track your enemies when they are online. Track a hot chick that you meet in a club and never accept your friendship ;)." so they are basically telling you outright they sell STALKING tools.

Forewarned is forearmed but ultimately it is up to you.  Are they simply cashing in by providing legitimate streaming services for DJ's... or are they using that service to continue to build and maintain an alt detection database.

Humiliation Games

Humiliation and degradation is sometimes looked upon as a deviant sexual practice by many people.  It's also used in quite a bit of internet porn with a rather unsavory slant to it.  But it can also add another level of excitement to the bedroom for couples.  Now by no means is it for everybody and usually I've seen it work better in relationships where there are clear lines between the Dominate and the submissive.

These are a few sample 'games' that I have been the submissive in personally.  My husband comes up with them, finding many of them online, and then subjects me to his wonderfully perverted ideas.  Now before anybody tries these be sure that you and your partner understand what is about to happen.  That the goal is humiliation of the submissive.  Also be sure to have a safeword and that the trust of your partner is absolute.

Discomforted Cleaning

The sub is dressed in a cleaning maid outfit (a cheap 'sexy' french maid Halloween outfit works perfect) only without panties.  They then spread their legs apart, lean over at the waist and hold onto a piece of furniture.  The Dom should then spend some time rubbing the exposed ass of their sub and slowly lubricating their asshole.  Then insert an inflatable buttplug into the anus.  Let the sub relax for a moment and then start pumping it up until it reaches a size that it will not pull out and is uncomfortable to the sub (but not painful).  They should then be ordered to do various chores around the house while the Dom gets to watch.  Making sure to laugh, mock and make fun of the way the sub now walks, bends over and is restricted in movement.

Writing Out Your Ass

A black magic marker is prepped with black electrical tape, rubber bands or something else to give it some ridges along it's length.  The sub is to be bottomless (fully naked is usually preferred) and bent over.  Insert the marker into the subs anus with the writing tip sticking out.  Then lay a few large sheets of paper on the floor and order the sub to write various demeaning things on it using the marker while it is their ass.

Walking the Dog

This works really well if you have a private outdoor area (which we do!).  The sub is stripped naked and then has to pose like a begging dog as a collar and leash are put on them.  They are then led outside on all fours and walked around the yard.  Or around the inside of you home if you don't have that privacy.  Then the sub is commanded to do various tricks like rolling over, beg, etc.  Usually ending with the Dom taking the sub anally while using the collar to tug on while yelling at the sub to bark like a dog over and over.  After the Dom releases himself in their anus the sub is then led back in, hopefully with their Doms semen dripping out.

I've got a few more but I'll save them for a later post.  Maybe even write up a 'creative humiliating insults' post as well.  Because, you know, calling somebody slut over and over gets a bit boring.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Virtual Creation: One of those days

Latest blog post from my sis, give it a read if you enjoy Second Life fashion!

Virtual Creation: One of those days: Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to throw on a little dress and a pair of tennies and call it done.  Well I have be...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Someone not to be trusted.

Archangel Mortenwold, it had been a while since I had seen that name. He's a known copybotter in Second Life one not to be trusted, though he seems to be blessed with one of those silver tongues that can talk their way out of things. My first sighting of him was during the whole JLU debacle a while back. Somehow he got wrapped up with them and they accepted his presence into their little circle of friends... even though they claimed to be against copybotters and the like. He showed up on SLU ranting about how all the claims against the JLU were lies, claimed we were all griefers and even listed off some griefer groups (some of which were very high standing folks in Second Life, mainly the ones who called him out as a copybotter before). A lot of his anger seemed to be directed over at Victor Mornington who was deep into working with the Dr. Who fandom groups on the grid.

Recently he popped up again on Victors blog, claiming to want to let bygones be bygones and such. Shade over some of the things he has said and yet still back some of it up. It was all a clever little post. Here it is below:

Now this all seems nice and may make you think "Oh he is trying to let the past be the past and move on". Well I didn't think that so I just had to a tiny little bit of looking... I really couldn't help myself. You see Victor has had a falling out with the Dr. Who community leaders in Second Life. It's been pretty public and he hasn't tried to hide anything. But some like to wallow in the misery of others. So what I found is on the day before Archangel Mortenwold made the post above he posted the one below on his own blog:

So there it is pretty obvious that he isn't really interested in shaking hands with Victor after all. Basically this shows just how much of an outright doublecrosser that he is. Some one surely not to be trusted if not based just on his past but on his current two sided stories that he's feeding others.

So forewarned is forearmed. Be careful when dealing with this person, associate with him at your own risk.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two off the friends list...

I wish Linden Labs would build in a system into our friends lists.  So that when somebody gets their account deleted it notifies you about it.  Going through the 'My Second Life' online profile thingy and started clicking on some of the names on my friends list.  People I hadn't seen in a while and all that.  Two of them were gone.  One of them didn't really mean much to me but the other did.  Don't even know how long ago their account was deleted but she is missed that's for sure.

Strange how things change in the virtual world.  Things happen at a higher rate of speed with less affect and almost zero notification.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Latest hair I bought this time from (red)Mint

Found a new hair maker that I like. Picked up a few demo's and have bought one so far. (red)Mint has some rather unique styles in the hair category and I foresee myself buying a few more over the next few weeks. Below is a shot of the one I've bought so far.

I'm still looking for more short cut hair styles. They seem to be a rarity inworld as people like the long hair, ponytails and such. Although Mistress likes it when I have a ponytail for her to grab on and yank while she... oh wait... that's not what I'm posting about this time. Anyways I really like their hair and they have plenty of other items that I'll be looking at as well. Below is a link to their Marketplace section HOWEVER I strongly suggest finding their store inworld. Actually I suggest shopping inworld as much as possible, helping their traffic rating, more Linden dollars go in their pockets, etc. That and I'm tired of shopping in empty stores. So look them up on search and tp there please.

(red)Mint Marketplace store.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Finding me other places

I really don't get much time to think up blog posts anymore.  Well I also don't have a lot to write blog posts here lately either.  Hopefully that will change soon.

But until then you can find my random small talk ramblings and a few shared articles and pics on various social media.  Y'know if any of you are interested.

On facebook and Google+ you can find me as Potosi Abonwood under a name search.  On Twitter I'm @PotosiAbonwood.

So you can friend, circle, follow, whatever me if you wish.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Discover sweet love....

I couldn't help but to laugh a little bit at the ad running along side my SL dashboard tonight.  There have been quite a few odd ones since LL opened up the top and sidebars for outside advertisers.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A few updates on various things.

First off I am so happy that Curio is back in Second Life.  I prefer her skins to anybody else's for some reason, just like the way they look.  Had been wanting to get a more 'normal' colored skin instead of all my pale ones for some time but I waited for Curio to return.  So now my skin tone is a much more healthy shade which also makes more since now that I live on a beach front.

In other news the JLU seems to be pretty much a fading memory of their past 'glory'.  Had a report today that the Phantom Zone system has been inactive for quite some time.  Basically when they lost their sim the whole thing went down as well.  Now they have their meetings in public, consisting on some patting on the back to each other for... well doing nothing really.  Kalel Venkman talks about himself for a bit... which is nothing out of the ordinary.  GreenLantern Excelsior then complains about non-americans coming to america... which again isn't anything out of the ordinary.  So it appears that their days in the sun are over and they are quickly falling into obscurity.

To this date I have still only ran into Voodoo running at one place on the grid.  Which considering how much I drift around and explore is pretty telling of how few actually have it running.  I wasn't banned or ejected from the place either even though I'm on their evil scary griefer list.

That's all I have to say for now.  Nothing really important at all.  Well except for my new skin.  Because that's about me and of course I am important.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Relaxing on the beach

Relaxation on the beach is what it's all about.  A little bit of dancing as well.  Really liking the Gypsy outfit from Ho Wear.  Sadly I was the only one at home when I was there for a little bit today.  Hopefully I'll have some time to get inworld later tonight.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mystical Rentals, be careful dealing with them.

It's been a while. So why not start up with a warning about some bad practices by another land baron? Okay sounds good to me.

Over on SLUniverse somebody has put up a warning about a rental that ejected her, removed her from the group and returned all her stuff while there was still over twelve hours to go on her rental time. So Mystical Rentals evidently hates it when you decide to leave them. Even after talking with one of their staff named Sandro Halasy they were completely uncooperative and were to dense to understand the complaint. That or they just didn't care (which is more of what I am thinking).

So be warned of Mystical Rentals, if you leave gather up all your belongings before telling them, or the rental box, that you are. Otherwise you get ejected with a big pile of jumbled object shoved into your lost and found folder. Oh and below is the link to the conversation about this on SLUniverse.

Warnings about Mystical Rentals

If anybody from Mystical Rentals wishes this post to be taken down.... well it's not going to happen. Please move along, be nicer to people and have a good day.