Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kalel's super bullshit story.

Here's another convo somebody had with Kalel, it was posted over on SLU.  I'll have my comments at the end.

[2011/08/23 15:18] Erinyse Planer: may i have a list of all JLU members please?
[2011/08/23 15:18] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2011/08/23 15:26] Kalel Venkman: It's not our policy to release this information, but as I understand it a full list has already been released.
[2011/08/23 15:27] Erinyse Planer: where at. I want to protect my shoppers from any group that feels they have the right to research medical issues of anyone and publish them to a wiki in direct violation of hippa and various laws, or to publish details like children and the names of those children
[2011/08/23 15:27] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2011/08/23 15:30] Kalel Venkman: It wasn't published. The information was acquired via a phished account, and the person who extracted the information removed it using stolen credentials.
[2011/08/23 15:30] Kalel Venkman: The IP list they have was also forged.
[2011/08/23 15:30] Erinyse Planer: it doesnt matter if it was published or not. it matters you thought you had a right to publish it and share it with your members in the first place
[2011/08/23 15:31] Erinyse Planer: don't even try to justify it.
[2011/08/23 15:31] Kalel Venkman: You need to understand something Erinyse. The reason we have this information is that we were gathering it at the direct request of Scotland Yard and other law enforcement agencies. We have the right to collect information on people who are directly attacking us.
[2011/08/23 15:31] Erinyse Planer: funny scotland yard, the fbi etc do NOT ask you to gather that kind of info
[2011/08/23 15:32] Erinyse Planer: never once would a law enforcement agency ask civilians to gather medical data or kids names about anyone
[2011/08/23 15:32] Kalel Venkman: Actually, they want everything you can find. It saves them work, and they asked for whatever we had.
[2011/08/23 15:32] Erinyse Planer: kalel youre lying.
[2011/08/23 15:32] Kalel Venkman: I never lie

Okay not only is Kalel lying through his teeth... or with his fingers... whatever, but he is lying badly.   The police don't need a civilian to gather this info.  They have it at easy access, already at their fingertips.  How can this part of his lie get any bigger.  Now also think of the problem with somebody going around SL claiming to work for the real life law enforcement community... especially around minors.  Yeah he's as shady as they come.

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