Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zen has been posting on SLU

Not a lot to report on tonight.  Zenmondo is over on the SLU forums trying to do some public relations work for the JLU.  Now I will admit he is a MUCH better choice than the Green Loser.  But, and here is the real but, it's far to late, to much has been said and everything is still coming around to denial and careful wording.  He seems to think we should trust the JLU on what they say, that all the RL info has been removed from the wiki (or is it's currently not there as he says... currently...).  Trusting is something a lot of people over there are, people on SLU give each other and even those residents who don't talk there a fair amount of trust, JLU is completely and totally out. 

Zen you fail because it's way to late.  Damage done, your reputation is shot to dollrags along with the reps of all your friends in the group.  You aren't trusted, you never will be trusted again and people will always be warning others to not trust you.  Sleeping with the dogs usually leaves you with fleas.

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