Saturday, October 18, 2014

#GamerGate is a movement of the lazy

I'm sure most have probably seen or experienced the latest internet crusade on Twitter.  If not, it is basically a group of gamers who have banded together to harass and intimidate anyone they don't like (women, anyone they think of as a SJW and anyone who does not like them) and go after sites that write articles about them in a negative light.

Now they claim to be all about ethics in gaming journalism.  Even though the crowning push that started the entire thing was based on a review that never existed.  They still go about touting this as their primary goal.  If it was one would think they would do more to actually prove this.  Instead they really don't do anything.

See their 'enemy', as they see them, has wanted change in the video game industry for a while.  But they went out and did actual work.  They got crowd funding, talked to people, did interviews, started up their own sites.  They went out and hustled, spent their money, their time and really put full on effort into it.

GamerGate does very, very little of this.  They set up a chan site which is not tough feet, using old outdated forum coding and really bad looking design.  Then they rage on Twitter... a lot... usually on multiple alt accounts.  Then use anonymous throw away accounts to threaten others (mostly women) with rape, mutilation, death and even bombings.  Yeah like so much for 'ethics' there.

They are too lazy to be the change and instead think they can force others to change.

If they really wanted ethics in game journalism they would do more.  Like pooling their resources and setting up an actual devoted and modern website.  Going out, doing research and writing the kind of articles they think the gaming world is missing.  Make a full on site devoted to the 'vision' of ethics and integrity they claim is their goal.

But they do not do this... and will probably never do this.

Because that requires effort and all they want to do is threaten and harass folks over Twitter.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Second Life update

This weeks Second Life update:

Prokofy Neva is still crazy as ever.

That is all.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Segarra Estates Virtual Real Estate LLC and a reason to avoid them

Recently over on SLU a conversation has been going on about problem places that seem to cater to the age play and pedophile crowds.  Some of this has included digging up information on who is renting them the sims they are based on.  One of which is being rented by Serarra Estates.

Now this in itself is not the big issue.  The owner, 'Hottie Something', asked that people go through the regular Linden Lab channels of reporting people to get them banned from SL.  Also saying that she hasn't seen anything going on there (really you would have to be blind not to).  Basically a business person trying to split themselves from the actual problem and wanting others to take care of it.

But the real problem came when she said this little bit:

Yes she is one of those who equate bestiality and homosexuality.  Something I think most would find offensive.  Although she doesn't seem to have much of a problem with pedophilia..... and the places people use to hook up for things like that.

Here is a link to the SLU thread, very long and quite a read at this point.

Here is a link to Hottie's My Second Life page.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Some people...

Sometimes some of the people I know in Second Life just don't understand me.  Conversations tend to go like this at times.

ME: "Last night some guy started hitting on me and said he didn't want a relationship just a good blowjob"

THEM: "Guys are such jerks some times.  So what did you do after he said that?"

ME: "Well... I gave him a really good blowjob of course."

THEM: "What the hell Potosi!?"

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My new place in Second Life

Well I finally went premium again.  They have a really big discount running for the quarterly level so I decided not to pass it up.  Seeing as how I was currently homeless and LL has a new selection of Linden Homes up I  saw this an opportunity.

Unpacked some essentials first as you can see. Although my much loved frame may have to go to make way for more stuff as it's prim heavy.  Now I need to find a few friends, or lucky strangers, to help make my new home official.

So now I'm going to attempt to work my way back into Second Life a bit more.  Including posting more stuff up here on the blog.  Although it will probably be a bit more adults only than before.  Well until I find some more jerks that just beg to be exposed.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I need to update

I really need to start updating my little blog here again as it's gathering so much dust.  Not sure what to write about though, maybe I'll stand here and ponder for a bit.