Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cheering up a friend part one.

Part one of the short story 'Cheering up a friend'

 I pulled the long coat up around myself tightly. It was pretty chilly out in the evenings now and it seemed to be really cold currently. The only sound I could hear was the clacking of my boot heels on the walkway leading up to the door. Smiling to myself I gave a knock and waited for a few moments before hearing the knob turning.

“Oh hey Potosi... what are you doing here?” Edward had obviously been drinking and was well on his way to a good drunk, he still had the half empty bottle of whiskey in his hand.

“I just came by to see how you were doing after you break up. You seemed to be taking it pretty hard when I talked with you over the phone.” Walking past him into his apartment and giving it a quick glance, most of the lights off the ones that were on are set on dim. A wadded up picture in the floor and a shot glass on his coffee table. The door shut behind me.

“Yeah.... I wasn't to happy about it. Not my idea I guess she just didn't like the way things were going.” He walked over to his chair and flopped into it as he took another swig off the bottle. “Not sure why I even try anymore.”

I walked around in front of him and stared down into his eyes and then let my coat fall to the floor. Standing before him wearing nothing but boots, collar and a grin. “I think somebody needs to let out a little stress, maybe even some pent up aggression.”

“Pots really, I'm not sure if this is the right time. I'm sort of not in the mood.... “ His voice stopped as I kneeled down between his legs and slid my hands up over his crotch. Without hesitation or losing eye contact I undid his pants button and pulled the zipper down. No underwear, god how I love it that he doesn't wear any. Slipping his still soft cock out into my hands and giving it a good rub as I felt it starting to throb to life. “Holy hell, I want to fuck you so badly right now.”

That long thick cock that I have enjoyed a few times in the past pulsed to life as I stroked it. Leaning down I run my tongue over the head and catch a bit of precum for a taste causing me to start salivating instantly. “I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, talk to me, treat me like you hate me. I want you to let out all your anger straight into me.”

Letting out a grunt he pulled himself to his feet as that cock pushed up against my face. Then his hand pushed my head back a bit as the other guided his manhood towards my mouth. “Well then grab your heels bitch and open your mouth.”

My back arched a bit as I wrapped my fingers over the heels on my boots and immediately he pulled my head down onto his cock. Shoving it into my mouth with a great deal of force. Almost choking me as he pulled it back out a bit and then pushed in again. Within seconds he was face fucking me with a good deal of speed. I gagged and spit as he ran it into my throat causing thick streams of throat slime to come up and spray from my mouth. “Choke on that cock you fucking slut! All the way down I want those balls on your chin every damn time!”

Tears streamed from my eyes as I lost to my gag reflex. Squirming and choking as his thickness ran in and out of my throat. Pulling out only to let me breath for a moment as he wiped his slobber covered dick over my face and glasses and then shoving it back in to pump my mouth like it was just another hole. I never once let go of my heels as I held them in a white knuckle grip. “Now that's a sloppy and proper face fuck. You look good when I turn your face into a fucking mess. Better hope you got it messy enough cause I'm about to shove it someplace else.”

He pulled out with a quickness and I gasped for air as he pushed me over face first into the floor. Straddling my rear as it now waved in the air he reached down and pulled my ass cheeks apart exposing my little butthole. Spitting onto my crack he pushed the head up against my cinnamon ring and shoved in hard. I couldn't help but to let out a little yell as he opened me up so roughly. “Yeah that's it nothing but spit and ass. Surprisingly tight considering how much you get around.” He pounded into my rear hard. Squealing out under him as my poor ring burned from being opened up and stretched like that. Feeling every rock hard inch that drove up into me over and over again.

“Damn your sad as whimpering makes me want to fuck you harder.” He screamed as his hand landed across an asscheek hard. Then another across my other cheek and soon he was slapping them every couple of thrusts as I sobbed under him now. Getting pounded into oblivion while my ass got beat. Then suddenly he pulls out and grabs my hair pulling hard. “Back on your knees fuck socket and get that mouth open really wide.”

Soon as I was up and my lips parted his shoved that asshole fresh cock right back into my mouth. Screaming for me to clean it as the face fucking resumed. I slurped and slobbered sucking every bit of my ass off of him as I could while he ran it down my throat. Then he pulled back out and gave a loud grunt as his cock popped onto my face. Thick streams of cum splattering across my already messy face, over my glasses and in my hair. Some spraying into my mouth as my tongue squirmed for him to see.

He stood back for a bit gasping for air. I sat there also gasping after swallowing down what had gotten in my mouth. Unable to see with the mess across my lenses. Then his voice came in a growl. “Shit I'm still hard. Get ready to ride this fuck stick for a while so I can wreck that ass some more and use it like a cum dumpster.”

Part two coming soon.