Thursday, June 27, 2013

Someone not to be trusted.

Archangel Mortenwold, it had been a while since I had seen that name. He's a known copybotter in Second Life one not to be trusted, though he seems to be blessed with one of those silver tongues that can talk their way out of things. My first sighting of him was during the whole JLU debacle a while back. Somehow he got wrapped up with them and they accepted his presence into their little circle of friends... even though they claimed to be against copybotters and the like. He showed up on SLU ranting about how all the claims against the JLU were lies, claimed we were all griefers and even listed off some griefer groups (some of which were very high standing folks in Second Life, mainly the ones who called him out as a copybotter before). A lot of his anger seemed to be directed over at Victor Mornington who was deep into working with the Dr. Who fandom groups on the grid.

Recently he popped up again on Victors blog, claiming to want to let bygones be bygones and such. Shade over some of the things he has said and yet still back some of it up. It was all a clever little post. Here it is below:

Now this all seems nice and may make you think "Oh he is trying to let the past be the past and move on". Well I didn't think that so I just had to a tiny little bit of looking... I really couldn't help myself. You see Victor has had a falling out with the Dr. Who community leaders in Second Life. It's been pretty public and he hasn't tried to hide anything. But some like to wallow in the misery of others. So what I found is on the day before Archangel Mortenwold made the post above he posted the one below on his own blog:

So there it is pretty obvious that he isn't really interested in shaking hands with Victor after all. Basically this shows just how much of an outright doublecrosser that he is. Some one surely not to be trusted if not based just on his past but on his current two sided stories that he's feeding others.

So forewarned is forearmed. Be careful when dealing with this person, associate with him at your own risk.