Monday, November 26, 2012

New home!

Well Mistress has decided that she needed a change of scenery again. That means a new house and fun things to look at. This time I think Her and sis did a little looking around and decided upon a nice little island beach string of sims. So we now have a beach front home, plenty of sand, sun and relaxing. Well as much relaxing as Mistress will allow of course.

What I like best is that it's not some skybox made to look like a beach, but we are at ground level with a LOT of water spreading over several sims. So of course, there in the background, you can see the masts of the several different boats our family has. Not to mention it gives me a chance to try out my scuba gear again.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Conservative named Calypso Jones has a breakdown

Sometimes all I can do is laugh at the seething hate that drips out of conservatives.  They treat others like trash and then wonder why they lost an election.  Here is wonderful case in point that was pointed out to me recently.  Calypso Jones, a moderator at, decided to go on a little spout of hate.

One person stated this:  "And your party has the HATE part down pat, it's the party of hate, and people like you are proving it more and more. When you're willing to dissolve friendships over political differences, you're showing your true colors. It doesn't get any more partisan than that."

To which see responded: "these people are not friends.. They're ENEMIES. They voted for obama and his agenda of destroying the economy, class warfare, skewed justice and corruption in government and business, reduced security and sovereignty and an alliance with pure evil, the islamists. Thanks but no thanks. There are progressives and there are Americans."

He came back with: "I hope you don't mind that I quote you and put your statements on other forums as an example of really hateful downright crazy right wingers. It's hard to get more hateful than what you are towards political differences."

Then what she starts saying next goes into the completely hilarious spectrum of the conversation: "yes i do mind. You're gonna have to pay me for it. And if you do post it without my knowledge and i find out about it, I WILL complain to the site you put it on and get an attorney. Are you independently wealthy? well. doesn't matter really."


"hold it. YOU have USED my material WITHOUT my permission ALREADY?? I am going to be looking for my quotes in your posts and i know some of the places you post at. Trin knows some others."


"Do YOU NEED to write me A CHECK??"

Yeah the 'I'm gonna sue you' defense for people using what she said on a public forum and pointing it out to others.  Some people just don't know how the internet works at all.

Another wonderful quote from her: "he says what he pleases and he lies even better. He slanders. He cannot use my material without my permission."  Where she doesn't know what slander actually means evidently.

So after seeing this entire tirade mentioned a few places I figured I would go ahead and add in with the sharing.  Please get your lawyer because I always do enjoy a really good laugh.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Griefing Alert

Just received a griefing alert warning from my friend gabby Catlyn one of the managers over at the Big Bang Sex Park. Thought I would pass it along to you all.

"WARNING: If you receive an object called “[L4L]-Gestures & Walkers (Freebies) <3″, delete it at once. DO NOT Rez, or wear it! This object will rez replicating micro cubes in YOUR name filling up a sim, which could cause it to crash, inadvertently making YOU the villain and subject to banning, and/or an AR being filed. Those cubes then send the malicious freebie to other avatars in the immediate vicinity, making it a vicious cycle."

So not only does it risk crashing the sim, it does so in your name and tries to send out copies of itself. So please keep an eye out on this and pass along this information.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Larry's Jeans

Every now and then I'll review a product, service or something along those lines. It's been quite a while since I've done that so I decided that it's high time that this blog saw another post like that. So without further delay let's talk about jeans. Larry's Jeans to be exact.

Here is the SLURL for their location.

I must say that these folks produce some of the best jeans that I've seen in Second Life. Seems to be a case of taking one concept and building your business around it as much as possible. Which of course allows you to get very good at that one thing instead of just okay at several things. With plenty of variety in styles to choose from along with multiple colors of each style you just can't go wrong shopping for you denim here.

It ranges from full good looking pairs to ripped, torn and dang near x-rated displaying versions to pick from. Along with some denim swimwear, shorts and a few odds and ends. Plenty to shop around on. Even I like the way they look on me, although I went with a properly covered up pair with a few tiny rips and worn places. But I did pick up their camouflage pack also which displays a bit more.

So please drop by their mainstore and take a look around. If you like the way jeans look then I'm sure you'll find a set to fit you. Oh and there are some mens versions also, didn't really look at those much so I can't comment on their quality.

United States citizens need to stop this

Folks in the United States with me need to pay attention to this one.

The Senate is looking to pass a bill that will allow the feds access to your emails without a Judge issued search warrant or the probably cause needed to get that warrant. It is giving way to much power into the hands of law enforcement agencies, the same agencies that are already reaching outside of their power and abusing the public. This needs to be stopped and stopped now.

Please contact your senators and tell them that you don't want this bill to pass. You are against the idea of the search warrant being taken out of the steps necessary to bypass your rights. I have already contacted mine, I hope many others do as well. Please share this link and let everybody know what is going on.

Here is a LINK to an article about the bill. Give it a read.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twinkies aren't dead you fools.

I’m amazed at how stupid people are that they think Twinkies will be gone forever. Really are you all that dumb? It’s a brand, the creditors who now own Hostess will sell it and the recipe to the highest bidder and you will see Twinkies, along with almost all the other Hostress brands, on shelves again soon enough.

Guess some people can’t understand how capitalism works, branding works, or anything else they claim to support.

Remember the order of things

The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is freaking out. The third step is pretending you don't have a problem.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fundraiser for Eku Zhong

Just found out about this. I've been a bit busy offline and haven't been keeping up with other things in Second Life or just online in general.

Eku Zhong is having some pretty severe medical problems and could really use a bit of financial aid for specific stuff. Mainly, from what I've read, a replacement jawbone. There is an indiegogo page sat up for non-SL donations and there will be events inworld as well. I'm planning to at least make it to one and push some Lindens towards the cause.

Pass this information along and let other know. Here is the link to the fundraising project (known as 'Unhinged') main page. From there you can get more details.

Unhinged Information

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Old landmarks

Went inworld for a bit tonight just to trim up my over flowing landmarks folder. I've gathered quite the collection of them that's for sure. So starting off with some of the oldest I began taking a few fast tours. What I discovered was that I had quite a few that were to places that no longer existed. Shouldn't be surprised by this but I was.

So the trimming was made pretty easy at points. Teleport in and find myself standing next to a rental sign. Time to clip that one. Sometimes it led to new ones, the old place it went is gone but a new really nice looking store is in it's place. Other times it got a bit awkward, y'know when it's supposed to be a shoe store and you arrive and it's an interracial themed rape alley... that just happens to be busy at the exact time you arrive.

Also found a couple of stores that have been running 'going out of business everything 25L or less' sales for probably over a year now. Makes me wonder if they just abandoned the land but left everything there and the store is collecting money for... nobody.

So I managed to get through about forty landmarks. Got rid of over half of them easily. Now only a few hundred more to go....

Oh and all these places I visited. Still haven't ran into any place running that one system that is supposed to have me on their 'griefer' list. Imagine that.