Sunday, November 27, 2011

Surrogate is Second Life.

Watched the movie Surrogate the other night. All I could was keep thinking that it was Second Life in Real Life. Especially at the beginning when they find out the controller of the woman who is killed. I laughed for quite a bit at that, I don't think anybody else who was watching with us knew why I found it so funny.

The new pledge

I pledge allegiance to the ads of the Retail States of America
And to the profits for which they stand
Many Corporations, too big to fail
With cellphones and big screen TV's for all.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To the JLU

To the somebody special out there from the JLU who decided to drop a few comments onto my forum I have to say.... thank you for the traffic. It's been a bit slow on fun things to post about for a while and you provided me a nice little dab for today. I also appreciate you checking back up on me as well.

Next time you could you maybe summon up a little bit of the super hero courage and actually use your Second Life name? Maybe even get a little more brave and allow comments to get through on your forums like I do mine? I know you have control issues, I understand that but sometime you have to give a little in order to get.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

landland Ansar and lighthouse Bruh of Lighthouse Real Estate are scum

Here are some folks to avoid completely in SL. Just judging by the way they treat and talk to people they are complete pond scum. landland Ansar or lighthouse Bruh of Lighthouse Real Estate. Yes these two folks are in the job of renting out land... evidently by treating people like trash. The link to the thread with plenty of copy/pasted discussions with these two is below.

Here is the SLU thread.

So when looking for rental land Lighthouse Real Estate is on the 'DO NOT RENT FROM LIST'.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Smitty Boyeau - another for the ban lists.

Info from the SLU forum posters. This guy needs to be on ban lists and once I get ahold of that note card I'm going to AR him for defamation.

Actually the in world stuff is being fought by their one solitary supporter, Smitty Boyeau. He's been passing out this big set of notecards about the "greenzone griefers" and other "fools the griefers have tricked". The notecards sound like Kalel wrote them because in IMs smitty comes across as someone with English as not his first language or a drunk. They have a whole page of "reference links" and they all lead to prok's blog or krypton radio. I found out all about this the other day when my friend got ejected via phantom zone for associating with "known griefer" Robble Rubble, which is pretty dumb, she has no marks on her record and we talk about cooking and gossip, what a dangerous person. The funniest thing about the Dublin notecards though is how they are trying to just claim that everything is a trick that the "griefers" are pulling so they will be able to crash beloved Dublin.

Oh hey, the name I mentioned earlier, Smitty Boyeau, popped up. It seems like he went to SLCC and followed people around. My friend House was at SLCC, I'll page him to the thread to talk about interactions with Smitty.

I ran into him a few times over the weekend with Tizzers, but Smitty was all smiles and laughs when we did see him. On friday night me and few other friends headed to the outside seating are next to the hotel bar. Smitty was sitting at a table by himself and called me and Tizzers over to talk with him. He of course had a few drinks in him, and was slurring on about making the world a better place with a cigar in his mouth. He first off made the impression of being quite nice,but later on that sort of changed. He began to talk like he was there to keep things "safe", and went on about how he was a cop once. To be honest he started to give me the creeps the more we talked.He even began at one point hitting on zip paz's girlfriend; who was that just sitting with us minding her own business. Which probably made her want to jump off the hotel roof, if that ment saving herself from another word that dripped from his mouth.

The Next day while I was sitting in the lounge I noticed him time to time walking around the hotel doing god knows what. He wasn't hard to pick out of a crowed either most of the time. Not because he had a cape around his neck or anything, but the pleasant little beret that sat on top of his creepy little head. The rest of that night I did not see much of him anywhere around the lobby where he usually prowled around. However the next night I had to step out from the convention to tend to some business in sacramento. While driving back to SLCC I receive a text message from Tizzers talking about how "Mr. Smitty" is wasted in the hotel bar, and telling people that rembrant is a pedophile. Now at the time I really did begin to laugh to the thought of some half irish poser, who used to be a cop. Telling everyone in a bar publicly that he has never met outside of this convention I mind you. With a little cute leprechaun voice "Rembrant is a pedophile hah tee ta tie ta tow!" dancing on tables hiding buckets of gold under chairs ect....

However it does confuse me, because it was to my understanding that Smitty and Rembrant did have a chat earlier that night and were quite nice to each other. Now where in that 30 minute conversation do you think Rembrant decided to share his "deep dark secretes" with a total stranger? Rembrant happens to be a pretty good guy and it is pretty shocking to see what some people wil say about each other just for a little attention and even an excuse to label other human beings as greifer's or reasonable dangers to society. In which people like smitty, and the JLU have so selflessly decided to take this heavy burden off the rest of the worlds hands.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


An amazing movie, nicely done fan made trailer... of course I'm still crushing on Leonardo after all these years.