Friday, September 16, 2011

Early morning update.

Last couple of days have been busy for me.  Not much time for my blog or SL at all.  But RL comes first and foremost, something that Mistress and I both agree on completely.

However this weekend I should get some free time.  Going to need to find a scripter and ask them some questions about a security and/or scanning device that I've thought about.  Basically I want it to mimic another device that I've seen inworld along with running a check on the number of scripts being ran off of an individual in the immediate area. 

Also want to see if there is a security orb that is notecard driven with it's ban list.  One that allows you to keep your list of banned avi's on a notecard that you drop into the security device.  Then you can also replace it with an updated one whenever you need to.  This allows for the sharing of notecards among like minded people instead of the easier to abuse method of linked global bans.  But I'm not a script writer so I'm not sure anything like this would work at all.  One can hope.

Another thing I need to do is write up a Phantom Zone warning card to pass around land owners that I know.  Basically talking about the way five local bans lead to a global ban idea, which is very abusable and I can see the JLU having 'local ban parties' just like they have 'AR parties'.  Mention that the JLU folks have been caught talking about overriding a persons PZ unit and using it how they want, including banning the land owner from their own land.  Plus the global whitelist, something that seems to be tap danced around.  I'm sure it includes all the JLU folks and some of their trusted devotees.  I'm sorry but GLE is one person I don't even want near me and the ability not to ban him would be a big reason not to use their system.

Ah well.  More ramblings later I am sure.

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