Sunday, September 25, 2011

Victor1st declared fair game by the JLU

One of the latest comments over on the SLU forums:

"Originally Posted by Yoshiko Fazuku View Post
Also rumour on the street is that victor has been declared fair game by the JLU ala Scientology style so watch your back victor some one has it in for you and if i find out who for sure ( i have my suspicions) i will let you know. Any one who screws with victor1st is gonna end up on my shit list unless he breaks my heart about what he claims to stand for"  

Of course this prompted my reply on this:

They are probably mad at him over the fact that he showed proof that one of their supporters was a copybotter. Showing them all friendly with one of those types would really make some of the content creators in SL very nervous about trusting the JLU and their PZ (as I've wondered before.. who is on the global whitelist for PZ). Even though he apparently paid for the sculpts after he was caught it still means that he is using a copybot viewer or some such, and probably still has it.

Now I've actually been running under the assumption that a lot of us are getting the 'free to harrass and stalk' designation from Kalel.  Mainly for being vocal and anti JLU.  Especially any of us who are also anti Krypton Radio since that seems to be his favorite little baby at the moment.  Well this isn't going to stop some of us at all and if anything it may make a few more of those who know us follow in our footsteps.  

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