Monday, April 30, 2012

Fetish art show.

Ohhhh.... a fetish art show. I may have to make some time to get inworld to visit this.

Check out the ad for it.

Here's a list of who they have so far:
Confirmed exhibitors:
Aesthetic Demon
Ainsworth Gastel
Corphaelia Ninetails
CS Ghost
DeNovo Broome
Domino (Sophia Shilton)
Effie Beverly
Jessica Belmer
Kim Dench
Mai Nijan (mariko.demonia)
SєVєη (seven.sharpesworth)
Sacha (sacha.audeburgh)
Sian Pearl
Missy (eddie01nz.florio)
Mija Perfferle

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Post on Monkeys new blog

Monkey Wonder, make of Voodoo products in Second Life, has decided to start up a new blog to further lie about GreenZone on. Here is a quick link to it:

Monkeys laughable second life griefers blog

In this he makes some new unheard of claims of attacks, things that nobody has mentioned before. He also uses some discussion with Unya Tigerfish that are taken out of context with many lines missing. She also told me that these were done in IM's and he never asked for permission to share them. He also goes on to name a couple of names and then provide absolutely ZERO proof to back anything up with. So of course I decided to comment in his little blog post.

That's when he decided to take a page from the JLU handbook. All comments are moderated before being posted up and since it's been twenty four hours since I submitted mine I guess he decided that it won't be shown. So basically attacking people without giving them a chance to chime up in their defense. Yep, typical epeen powered internet bully right there. Oh by the way here is a screenshot of my awaiting approval notice I got when posting:

Oh and what did I say to him you may ask? Well I of course copied that as well because I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be put up.

"Our servers have been DOS attacked, and when traced back originate from inworld objects created by individuals belonging to Green Zone Users group."

"Several bots known to belong to a Green Zone member attempted to brute force their way into Voodoo Anti Bot group to troll in group chat."

"Several bots known to belong to a Green Zone member attempted to brute force their way into Voodoo Anti Bot group to troll in group chat."

...and screenshots of this and proof are where?

You know the stuff that we have in spades on the JLU whom you proclaim to be innocent of any wrong doings.

"Personal and often crude insults are made on an almost hourly basis, lies are fabricated to create fear, and one member "Cyborg Renfold" is known to release real life addresses of their targets. This is a privacy advocacy group?"

At least part of this is an outright lie. The GZ chat goes silent for days on end. Hourly basis my rear end. Finally you name a name on here and lets see the proof of your claims on that as well.

"Individuals hand out defamatory notecards which have been hand crafted by the founder Fart Admiral in a "Fill in the blanks" style, so that anyone can defame products in a coherent and well thought out way."

We warn people of products and objects that could be used for alternative motives. This includes anything that collects and stores IP address connected to an avatar name in an offsite third party database. The HUD is used in the same way.

I also how you completely avoided talking about the many voodoo supporters (many of which were throw away alts a week old or less) who used to pop up in the chat and start tossing accusations out. But I guess it's okay when YOUR supporters invade a group.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monkey Wonder knows little on facts

Okay here is Monkey Wonder's, the maker of voodoo products, latest twitter response to me.

JLU is a security business and doesn't stalk. Well in this case he is completely burying his head in the sand and ignoring any and all facts. They kept a massive wiki collecting people real life info, spent massive amounts of time scouring the web looking for anything and everything they could dig up even listening in on skype conversation and took notes on one persons child they could hear in the background. They continued to stalk a person over the internet long after they left Second Life and even called his family to make sure that he actually passed away. They called businesses and schools trying to get people expelled and fired. Their wiki was chock full of things like this. Complete with discussions on better ways to figure out a persons identity and figure out their alts. Friend or foe got listed in there.

So Monkey Wonder, YES they ARE stalkers. This is not even a question, it is a proven fact beyond any doubt at all. To claim otherwise is to simply admit you are either a liar or an idiot.

Green Zone stalks people all the time. Okay well then prove it. Come on there was tons of info pulled up on the JLU, you can find it on the SLUniverse forums and even some of it here on my blog. Not to mention at least one of the wiki dumps is floating around on pirate bay for download. Besides disagreeing with the way your system works and seeing how it can be exploited by somebody of lower morale's and then warning others about it what have we done? Let's see some actual proof. Wheel it on out here and lets take a look at it. I mean if it's on such a 'massive' scale then there must be tons of documentation to back it up right?

Or are you just a liar with a raging epeen hard on?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Monkey Wonder using an alt

Well had a friend do a bit of a test for me. They joined the GreenZone group after Monkey Wonder put up the membership list on his site. Then she hid the group on her profile and basically didn't do anything else. Sure enough today her name shows up listed on his site. So this means that Monkey Wonder is using an alt to gather the membership list. I think there is an AR for alt abuse and I'm sure going to use it in this case. Amazing how a person, who claimed before to hate people with alts, uses them himself. Monkey Wonder ever the hypocrite.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Watch the Monkey dance

Oh my, Monkey Wonder has put all of the GreenZone group member names up on his voodoo site. What ever shall we do? Oh... well... considering that not nearly as many people use his products as he claims (kinda like zFire with RedZone) I doubt there is much to worry about.

Here is the list of names on his site if you are interested.

He also claims that it will sound it's warning if it detects an object created by one of us 'griefers'. But then again that was part of his poorly thought out blackmail attempt to get us all to run away from the group. To bad for him several of us are content creators, only a small handful may actually be griefers and none of us bow down to a bully swinging his swollen epeen around.

So tonight I'll be emailing Linden Labs and asking if his notecard is okay and not an infringement on the TOS or a bannable offense. Because if it's okay, then I'll be passing around one of my own warning folks of his products, how he enters whoever he wants to just because he doesn't like them and of his poor track record on handling problems with his product (which is verified in his marketplace reviews).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reviews of Monkey Wonders Voodoo products.

Okay so Monkey Wonder likes to act like he is oh so great with his attempted blackmailing and all of that. Truth is his products aren't nearly as popular as he suggests, nor are all of his customers happy with them. Here are some various reviews on his Voodoo products off of the marketplace.

Yes the Voodoo works as it says it does but they don't tell you to be careful with your sim wording. I had 'student highschool' in the land description and I was banned. The funny part was, the sploder was running on the land for three weeks prior to the ban and we also had one of the Voodoo Support members attend the sim, assist with the land description wording and stayed an hour enjoying the sim. Now they have an issue with the wording???? Ridiculous!!

The item works as advertised but their full disclosure of the terms left alot to be desired. It worked the first day I placed it on my land. Then it stopped working. My manager and I ran around for 1/2 a day trying to figure out the problem. We finally were able to contact someone at support who was very ignorant and angry with us. Apparently you cannot have the word 'young' in the title or description of your land. I was banned from group without explanation or warning and my Sploder was removed from the server. Be careful of the words you use that may be offensive, because the creator of this item has rules of his own apart from those set by LL and their TOS. Who would have thought that 'young' would be an issue. I asked to be reinstated on the server as I have complied, and still nothing two days later. I ended up purchasing another type of Xploder, which is much more user friendly. I do agree that we need to be diligent in our pursuit of socially acceptable terminology and behaviour, but their self created terms should be clearly stated on their advertisement of the product before they arbitrarily take your money and slap your hand later. An IM to fix the issue could have and would have been sufficient. If I could have entered a rating of 0, I would have.

Yep, 1000L$ in total down the drain.
Bought the item here on the marketplace, didn't work, thought I bought a scam-item so I looked for the in-world store.
Notecard and landmark that came with this item here are bogus, leading to an empty parcel for sale by someone else.
Spent about 10 to 15 minutes asking around and searching before finding the actual in-world store.
Tried the update-board there, it said I didn't own one of their sploders... so I figured I had been scammed here on the marketplace.
Then I figured, I want a working Voodoo sploder, I've seen them work, so I've bought one in the in-world store for 500L$ - and... blammo, didn't work.
Went to the update-board again, again to be told that I didn't own one of their sploders.
Joined the group thinking I'd get support there, but decided to check their notices first.
And there was one, in Spanish, which I had to run through a lousy online translator to find out that it said "sorry, the sploder isn't working, others outside SL are working on it".
That notice was dated two weeks ago.
Here's an idea, for the creators/sellers:
When you know your item is broken... STOP SELLING IT UNTIL IT'S FIXED!
Or at least put a message out in front of your store and here on marketplace and on the sploder website that the item currently isn't working, not just in your group.
Many people buy without joining groups.
I'm down 1000L$ now, which I bought using real money, for something which isn't working.
That's 1000L$ which I bought with real money.
I wanted a good sploder to draw in people which would possibly generate income in L$ so I could pay the rent for my land and maybe have a few L$ pocketmoney, instead I'll now have to find a way to cut my losses without losing my land because I won't be able to buy more L$ in time... thanks a lot Voodoo, I hope you are actually refunding people who buy a broken product from you.

For all the trouble they cause, 1L$ would be too much. I wasted 500L$ on this piece of #(*@&!!

Wel i bought this system some weeks ago and you get no support at all,This creator just ignoring all your im´s and notecards.
I would say buyers better go look for another system this aint workin.

So yeah some wonderful customer service there. So remember to look up products before you buy them and hopefully you found this post by doing just that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GreenZone response to Monkey Wonder attempting to blackmail us.

Below is one of the responses to Monkey Wonder from GreenZone. I was unaware that he was working on some of the privacy issues there were with his products. But evidently he really doesn't give a damn anyways.

GreenZone and it's members will stay strong and we won't do nothing while you attempt to blackmail us.

Dear members of the GZ group!

Recently I have revisited the Voodoo products, and to my positive surprise I noticed that Monkey Wonder has in fact adapted many privacy features and thereby relieved a lot of the concerns regarding privacy that were the reasons for this group to fight against the products.

Therefor, I personally contacted Monkey Wonder and we agreed that I should give him a list of the remaining few items that we think were still in violation of privacy. Were those addressed, we would be happy to clear Voodoo products from our "Bad" list. Our talk ended cordially in a truce.


Only a week after this talk, before I was finished compiling this list, members of the Greenzone group are receiving a blackmail: "leave GZ group within 12 hours or you, your items, and your creations will be blacklisted"

I personally feel betrayed! We as the GZ group have pride!

And we will not bow to blackmail!

The GZ group is no griefer group! Therefor, I would like to suggest that everyone of you who is subject to the blackmail of Monkey Wonder, AR him, and whoever is subject to his announced griefing in local chat, AR the person owning the offending device.

Monkey Wonder, consider our talks cancelled. You have shown that you are no man of honour, but instead a blackmailing criminal.

For GZ,

Unya Tigerfish

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monkey Wonder turns Voodoo against people

Monkey Wonder - the maker of voodoo products in Second Life, has decided to start threatening the Green Zone group even more. This is the notecard we all received yesterday.

Dear Greenzone griefing group member,

Following mass defamation, griefing, propoganda, scamming and false abuse reports initiated by members of Greenzone griefing group recently on a scale never before seen in SL, Voodoo has taken the decision to protect our customers and other residents of Second Life from your activities.

Greenzone once had a legitimate purpose in Second Life, protecting the privacy of residents from systems such as Red Zone.
Red Zone is long gone, and Greenzone now operates more like the Anonymous hacking collective. The moderators have lost control, and the group is now a leaderless organisation that anyone with a grudge can join to attack others in the name of Greenzone.

Voodoo produces an extremely popular free Sploder tracking HUD which is owned by thousands and used everyday by many people, we have a user base of over 40,000 avatars. The next version of these HUDs, to be released imminently, will announce any nearby Greenzone griefers in local chat by name, along with any land owned by these griefers and any objects created by them. We believe your creations and land are not safe as you are a member of a group well known for griefing.

We do however understand that there is a minority of legitimate business owners currently in the griefing group, who joined long before Greenzone was hijacked by trouble makers. Due to this, we are allowing 12 hours for you to leave the group and avoid any damage to your business.

Voodoo has been at the forefront of SL security for many years and we take it and peoples privacy very seriously.
We do not wish to become ememies of any group, but we simply cannot tolerate people who choose to attack or scam others.

Thank you for your understanding and please make the right decision.

Monkey Wonder
Owner of Voodoo SL

This guy has been running his mouth off about Green Zone dating all the way back to when RedZone was still around. Basically a few of our members started asking him questions when it was discovered that his products were logging IPs and avi names. Instead of responding in a calm tone and explain any of it he went on the aggressive side and started verbally attacking anybody who questioned his products.

There were also the rumors that he was one of the folks selling the IP and avi name lists. Something that a few people were doing right after the whole RedZone debacle started to come to a close. Again any questions were responded to with hostility.

He then added some of us into his 'anti-bot' system as bots. Not because we are, but because he doesn't like us. Which of course made us wonder how many others were entered into his system just because he or his so called 'bot hunters' didn't like them. Bet he doesn't tell that to his customers. Of course whenever we encountered the system and it was showing our members as bots we told them about it. That must be the griefing part, we informed his customers of how he was really coming up with names to put into that system.