Saturday, November 12, 2011

landland Ansar and lighthouse Bruh of Lighthouse Real Estate are scum

Here are some folks to avoid completely in SL. Just judging by the way they treat and talk to people they are complete pond scum. landland Ansar or lighthouse Bruh of Lighthouse Real Estate. Yes these two folks are in the job of renting out land... evidently by treating people like trash. The link to the thread with plenty of copy/pasted discussions with these two is below.

Here is the SLU thread.

So when looking for rental land Lighthouse Real Estate is on the 'DO NOT RENT FROM LIST'.


  1. Awww... guess I made him mad.

    [18:47] lighthouse Bruh: you know you make me laugh we will meet a year from now and if im an asshole you are what the shit i drop LOLOL
    [18:48] lighthouse Bruh: and be assured that every action have a reaction its life
    [18:52] lighthouse Bruh: if you just knew LOLOLOL have a lovely night

  2. Mentioned this over on the SLU forums as well. Said I may AR him. So by the time I made it inworld he had added this. Guess he lacks courage to actually make an account there and just lurks. But yeah... AR sent.

    [19:32] lighthouse Bruh: lol AR u did what i want
    [19:32] lighthouse Bruh: thx
    [19:32] lighthouse Bruh: lol

  3. Hi ^^ Found this post accidently and i totally agree! I made some very bad experiences with these two idiots / scammers. I sooo agree, if you ever need land do NOT rent it from them or you will regret it. I wrote down my experience on my website if you are interested

  4. Thanks for the extra info Adora.

    These folks are not at all worth even dealing with for anything. Not only do they lie about how many sims they own they also lie about how long they have been in business. Be sure to pass along the warning to everybody you know.

  5. Well in page 28 of the thread about these folks over on SLU we have another person coming forward about their abuse.

    Really folks DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. If you do rent from somebody do a google on their SL name and Business name before you agree to it.

  6. I only wish I had known ahead of time if I had I wouldn't have had a rental with their company for sure :(

  7. Awww sorry to hear that :(
    But thanks for sharing your experience. (and thx for letting me know on my website since im not so often around on SLU).
    Im just surprised about the Abuse Reports. I mean from what I have seen so far, this guy must be one of the most reported “residents” ever and im sure there are many more ARs to come in the future if nothing changes. So I wonder how many ARs will be tolerated? In my opinion its NOW time for the LL to react and kick them at least out of their “estates” because of repeated and never-ending abuse and fraud. I cant believe that a permanent violation of the Community Standards will be tolerated such a long time. That’s soo ridiculous. They must not deal with land any longer.