Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something I won't link to.

GLE did an interview.  Sadly it was with somebody who's own reputation is so far in the toilet that they are probably more despised in general than the JLU.  So I won't even link to it.  All there was to is is GLE skirting around some issues and doing a piss poor job of promoting a positive image for himself or the JLU.

JLU is changing....

Major drop in the number of members in the JLU.  BUT as was pointed out in the SLU forums they mentioned the League of Heroes would be around for years, not the JLU.

So my pure speculation is this: They started a new group and are only letting in those they trust the most.  What does this mean for the rest of the members?  Probably either kicked to the side or moved to one of their side groups.

Badly done PR article by the JLU

GLE making up a really badly done cover article for the JLU.  Like they are trying to cover their ass with this thing, it covers it about as well as a g-string covers my ass.  Notice they don't bother talking about all their cyberstalking, imitating other people, lieing to the families of dying people they are stalking, keeping tabs on how many people a person has in their household, or any of the other real deal breakers.  They also never seem to mention if the brainiac is still plugged into the PD's system.

This should be a primer on how not to do a PR article.  It fails to challenge most of the allegations at all.  Read it and have a laugh. 

PZ location

Another PZ location to be aware of thanks to the posters at SLU.

[23:20] PhantomZoneNode v0.5.14 BETA: You are banned from Phantom Zone network 'DBDigital Epsilon/SS Galaxy' and are being teleported away. If you believe this is in error, contact the local estate or business manager responsible for this site.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Alphaville Herald article about the JLU

Another article from the Alphaville Herald.  This time the group of sims known as Antiquity speak out, they were listed as part of the JLU's patrol route (posted up on here already).  They also let JLU put up PZ in some test runs around the time the RZ flare up was going on.  Anyways... here's the article... now send me caffeine and pocky.

I'm Batman and I lie to people to get what I want.

Well TheList over on SLU put up another leak from the JLU brainiac.  This time it shows their resident bat-man want to be getting an ego boost off pretending to be somebody else while trying to get action taken against a student at a university.  These folks really like pretending to be other people don't they?  First it was GLE pretending to be a persons friends and calling up that persons sister on the phone just to make sure he was really dying of aids.

They seem to be under the delusion that SL is of a huge importance.  I assume this is because they have accomplished so very little in their own life that escaping to SL to be villians (because they aren't hero's) has become the main point of life for them.

Anyways before I ramble on long.  Let's look at Batman and his pretending problem.

Edit addition:
Okay this didn't go nearly as good for ole Maverick seems to think.  First off he gave them the wrong website that Tizzers was running.  Second the administrator told him somebody had called about the site and even told him what name he used (Bob Wayne).  Third Tizzers took down the site he was running because nobody was using it anymore.  All of this was told over on the SLU thread of doom about the JLU. 

Quick Robin, hand Batman the Batfail trophey, it's the purple one... because this fail is epic.

Monday, August 29, 2011

More JLU information

More off the SLU thread.  A bit of history on what JLU has done in the past including destroying a very large group.  Also a few of their alts to add to your ban lists.

violation of 8.2(ii): End of W-Hat:
On May 17, 2011, Masakazu Kojima the sole owner of W-Hat, was banned from Second Life, leaving the group without an owner. Officers in the group managed to invite members of The Wrong Hands, who quickly overran the group. Kalel Venkman was invited to be an officer, as was GreenLantern Excelsior - both left the group immediately, but Kalel managed to get an alt named Drone1 Resident installed as officer. Drone1 waited about a week, then purged the group of slightly over 880 members, leaving only officers. The group now contains only officers, and Drone1 is still in the group and cannot be removed by other officers. The group remains useful as a means of quickly identifying miscreants and ne'er-do-wells, and Wrong Hands members in specific. It is not known how many of the officers are simply alt accounts of others, but 30% would be a fair estimate.

Another violation of 8.2(ii): Any and all spy alts operated by members of the JLU, such as Emiley Tomsen's alt "Jeenkins Leroy"(missing from search), Kalel's alts used for this purpose, "Pat Harlow" and "Drone1 Resident", Maverick Grunfeld's alt "CommieLover8 Boszormeny" and any other alt made and operated with the express purpose of spying on other residents.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The List

Well with the comments over on the Alphaville Herald I simply have to do something.  You see there are people on there saying all links to the The List have to be deleted or they will drop DMCA's on them.  Really?  I don't think you all have any idea on how the law works.

Anyways here you go folks.  A link straight to the TheList that is chock full of the JLU RL info they don't want you to have (but by god they want yours).

That's a lot...

How many subdomains does a site need?  Evidently a lot.  Thanks for the list GZ users and SLU posters. Krypton Radio

Some needed reading for those not up to speed.

To get those up to speed.  There are TWO MUST READ posts by the thelist on this page.  Also it got my mind up to speed.  I kept thinking PZ and the PDs system were linked.  I was wrong it's brainiac and the PD's system that are linked.  Of course I believe they said PZ was linked to Brainiac....

Here are some real charmers from that discussion.

History of The Justice League:
October saw the integration of the Brainiac database and the **Police Department**'s alt detection system, much to the dismay of some of the members of the League
Also in February on the 25th, Linden Lab changed the Community Standards to make revealing of alternate accounts to others without the consent of the owner into a violation of the Terms of Service as "Disclosure". Brainiac was modified to make it ToS-compliant when accessing records in-world, though the information remains intact in our database and can still be accessed outside of Second Life from the web interface built into the BrainiacWiki. I also added a chatroom to the BrainiacWiki so that we could maintain secure communications completely outside of the Linden Lab service. Conversation there, by definition, is not constrained by the Linden Lab end user license agreement or the Terms of Service.

Incident Reports:
2010-10-22 10:37:59 Emiley Tomsen Usurippo Davros Resident Jeanie Zeurra has made claims that resident Usurippo Davros is stalking and defaming her in SL and RL. Complainant alleges Resident Davros uses main and alternate accounts to carry out this harassment, Linden Lab contact information provided to complainant will allow her to follow up on complaint and handle it external to SL, with appropriate RL authorities. Currently no evidence has been presented to investigating officer to confirm these claims, complainant is however listed in PD database as having 20 identified alternate accounts, as tagged by PD alt detection system.
2010-10-22 10:36:46 Emiley Tomsen Jeanie Zeurra Resident Jeanie Zeurra has made claims that resident Usurippo Davros is stalking and defaming her in SL and RL. Complainant alleges Resident Davros uses main and alternate accounts to carry out this harassment, Linden Lab contact information provided to complainant will allow her to follow up on complaint and handle it external to SL, with appropriate RL authorities. Currently no evidence has been presented to investigating officer to confirm these claims, complainant is however listed in PD database as having 20 identified alternate accounts, as tagged by PD alt detection system.

[09:06] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: We're going to have to start being careful about calling out people's alts. Next time the wiki is stolen it could cause problems

[09:30] Remote Brainiac Access: Fitty Tison
Roles: Known Griefer
Articles: 6822
Article #6822, 2011-02-02 20:59:23 by Maverick Grunfeld
This entry identifies one or more alts and cannot be displayed or conveyed in-world.
[09:31] Kal-El [Kalel Venkman]: Alt of Fitty Tison.
[09:31] Remote Brainiac Access: Article #6915 created.
[09:31] The Dark Knight [Maverick Grunfeld]: FAG, the group, seems to be tied to the WU goons
[09:31] Kal-El [Kalel Venkman]: We can still record this in Brainiac.
[09:31] Kal-El [Kalel Venkman]: We just can't retrieve it.
[09:32] Kal-El [Kalel Venkman]: Not in-world, anyway.

Three more JLU ops

Three more additions to the JLU list.  These folks were tagged as operatives in a recent leak so watch out for them creeping around with their brainiac log books out.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

why so serious

Tonight I have met some of the crazies of SL... and... they were pretty funny.  All they did was set around and tell stories and jokes.  Laughed about some of the stupid stuff they did years ago in SL had a few 'those were the days' remarks and that's about it. 

Seriously if JLU feels threatened by these people, or think we need protection from them... then JLU are the ones with the issues.

Look I take SL a somewhat seriously depending on who I'm with.  I've made some great friends whom I love dearly.  But I also realize that you can't take anything in SL as life threatening or OMG horrible.  Somebody is griefing a sandbox...o ...m... g... I still remember how that teleport button works and I can leave.  Even when people show a complete disconnection from reality and understand, such as comparing furry avi right to the civil rights movements of MLK, I still manage to just shake my head a bit and walk off.  I may toss a line or two in but I'm not even going to try and argue.

Some people just get to deep into SL and fail to realize that it isn't everything.  Those folks need to unplug.

PD using alt detection huds

From the SLU.  This was just posted up by TheList moments ago.  I had to share, it feels like RZ all over again with their stalker huds.

This shows the PD's system using alt detection and the fact Emiley Tomsen wears one.

JLU, the Alphaville Herald and Pete Linden. Very interesting....

Two really good links about the Herald and the JLU's opinion of the Pete Linden.  Looks like JLU wants the herald out of the picture... imagine that.  Thanks to the folks over at SLU who posted these up.

Someone to drop these off to the staff in charge of the Herald?  I'll try but suddenly I can't post comments there anymore.
Now for something away from the current drama.

Finally late last night I got some time inworld to spend with my Mistress and my sissy.  We are quite the odd pair of submissives, Mistress says I'm the revolutionary and sis is the capitalist.  I'm the pale skinned one on the left of the pic.  I had on my latex camo from Duce but it got quickly stripped away except for my berret.  We were being a bit snarky and Mistress decided it was time for us to stop.  The night later turned out to be a very, very, good one.

Finally a thread is staying....

I guess finally somebody properly worded a post over on the official LL SL forums and it's staying.  (yeah SEVERAL threads started up about this whole thing have been deleted without any notification about it at all... makes you wonder who the moderators really work for over there)  Anyways here it is and this time it's about the leaked DB of the JLU.

On the second page Imnotgoing Sideways questions why she is on the list and what she was doing that day.  Turns out she has photographic proof.  She was at a shoe fair.   The same shoe fair that was running CDS last year.  Looks like there is a probability of some more database sharing going on there.

Anyways go support that thread and show LL that we are interested and concerned about this situation.

PD and IPs

A SLU poster put up the introduction note card for the PD, putting the text up down below.  Now the important part is down there at the bottom.  Very last thing.  Basically it's them admitting 'oh hey we have a database of user names and their IPs'.  So what makes you think they don't compare your IP to their database without your consent if they deem you as a threat?

I may have to make a JLU and PD tag for my posts on here now.  I think I'll start that now.  Just remember that Kalel said that his PZ system was hooked up with the PDs stuff.  So that means the JLU has access to this as well.

Name:Welcome to PD

Thanks for taking time to visit Police Department.

Feel free to look around, take in all we have to offer you. Our facility is equipped with an orientation area, freebie area, as well as much more informative items all over. Please take your time and ask questions if you have them.

While here we ask you follow a few simple rules. Failure to comply with said rules will result in your ejection from the sim for a period no shorter than 9 minutes and up to 7 days.

1. You must remove all weapons, decorative, invisible or otherwise. You'll be warned 2 times and then sent home. We ask that much respect on our own sim.

2. You must remain fully clothed while here. Please dress and behave as if you were in a RL Police Department.

3. Remove all bling, particles, and HUDs that may create lag. We maintain a lag free environment and plan on keeping it that way.

4. Respond to staff members. No AFK time while here, especially if you've not been contacted yet by an officer. Due to recent activities by visitors, Away from keyboard time will not be accepted. You'll come back and find yourself at your home location. Being AFK is fine if you've told someone you'll be right back.

If you are looking for employment here you'll need to note the following:

1. You need to be 180 days old or older.
2. You need to be age verified. You can do this by visiting the account verification tab on your second life account page.
3. You need to be well spoken and have a sparkling clean profile.
4. You will be required to consent to a background check that may or may not include cross referencing your IP against other known accounts.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally GZ is getting their gears really going...

A notecard is being handed out by GreenZone Users officers.  About damn time.  I really need to get some more inworld time and get back to getting some things done.  Look up the GZ group folks, sign up and help get some more people organized and spreading the word about JLU and what they are doing.

Here is a copy of the notecard.

The JLU are a group known for collecting and harvesting RL data (family, children, medical history etc.) and general completely inacceptable behaviour.

Much evidence exists for their behaviour, eg. the stalking of a dying man's family and friends:
JLU Leaks - The List: JLU discuss the death of Deadlycodec

This JLU group has developed a security device named "Phantom Zone". It may be that this device is completly ToS compliant and no threat to privacy. We do not know yet.


In the hands of the JLU, it adds more information to their pool.

Because of the system's inseparable association with the JLU, not because of the system's own (so far unknown) capabilities, in consensus with the group I strongly recommend to fight this threat to all our privacy (= the JLU) where ever we can ( and that includes Phantom Zone ).

I will advise it to be added to the GZ detection in the next update.

And on a personal note:
"Again, we have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I will say: It is to wage war, by HUD, and AR, with all our might and with all the strength that we can muster; to wage war against the JLU tyranny which stands unreached in the dark, lamentable catalog of SL crime.
That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be!"
(Kudos to Winston!)

- Unya Tigerfish

Database leak and some Linden news.

Big leak time from TheList.  This time it's the 5000+ database of people who are listed as either friend, member, personage, JLU or griefer.

This is a huge list so hit ctrl+f to search the page for your name.

Now one interesting thing is the sheer amount of Lindens listed. Most are listed under the Linden title, however some are listed as Friend.  Kaylee Linden is listed as Friend. Trinity is also, Plexus of course, Michael and Michaelfrancis, Hermia, Lexia, Frontier, spike, socrates, Jose, Torley, Teeple, Lucy, George, Nicole...

I think this may be a hint at how they get things done, why posts on the LL official forums are being deleted and why some of our ARs are being ignored.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

two more JLU related links.

I'm not going to get any sleep.  Turned up two more older articles in the Herald about JLU in the editorial section.  Links are below and my eyes are getting heavy.

Very interesting reading on both of them.  Especially on the first one which links back to some stuff that's been discussed over on SLU.

New article on the Alphaville Herald

Just getting ready to finally goto bed.  When suddenly....

Yeah even my discussion post that I started on Rodvik Lindens wall got a picture on there.  Well three actually since it's grown so long.

Thanks to the posters of the SLU for pointing this out.

The SLPD database of IPs.

There is some interesting discussion going on over at SLU about the SLPD and their IP/name gathering orbs and database.  Now remember in one of the older posts of the giant thread a leaked chat log shows that Kalel said their system was linked to the SLPD's system.  Now this would mean they were telling the truth that PZ does not log IPs but they never said it doesn't link to a database that already existed of IPs.

If you are interested here is a link to a nice meaty chunk of the convo... I'm up to my elbows in it of course.

Displays of Kalel Venkmans mental instability.

Okay here's part of the wiki link that has been slowly draining through over on SLU.  This is simply showing the mindset of the JLU and how they don't care if they are banned or not, that they want on your land to 'patrol'.  Even after the sim owner has banned them.

Another one from over on the Alphaville Herald displaying the insanity of trying to talk to Kalel Venkman about anything that does not fit into his narrowminded world view.  Really this shows the level of which his delusions reach.

I'm sure his precious PZ has her listed as a griefer now. Even without any proof what so ever.  Might just ask thelist over on SLU what her entry says.

Where not to go since the JLU are there.

More from the SLU posters

The Justice League Unlimited (JLU)
Official Patrol Routes

This is a list of sims for regular JLU patrols. This list is in three sections - Linden Land, Private Land, and JLU Office. For a listing of "Off Limit" regions, refer to the BWiki.

Linden Lands
Help Areas
*Help Island Public
*Help Island Public 2
*Orientation Island Public

*Sandbox Island
*Sandbox Island Extension
*Sandbox Cordova
*Sandbox Goguen
*Sandbox Newcomb
*Sandbox Wanderton
*Sandbox - Weapons Testing

Vehicle Sandboxes:

Welcome Areas

*Mahulu (Note: ran by NCI)
*Ross (Note: ran by Prokofy Neva)

International Areas

Private Lands
Private Sandboxes/Business/Community Estates
*Dublin 2
*Dublin 3
*Dreamland - (Mature Sandbox)
*Center of Gravity (A'den Station)

Special Interest Regions
*ROF Coalition Island
*ROF Coalition 2
*Four Bridges Project
*Four Bridges North

Roleplay Regions
*Fluger (Bespin Spaceport, wear OOC tag)
*Bespin (Bespin Spaceport, wear OOC tag)

Steeltopia Empire
*Obsidian Sea
*Obsidian Bay
*Steeltopia Anchorage
*Steeltopia Seacliff

*Antiquity Port Salute
*Antiquity Malta
*Antiquity San Andres
*Antiquity Port Safi
*Antiquity MarieGalante
*Antiquity Oceania
*Antiquity Eden
*Antiquity Meadows
*Antiquity Dominica
*Antiquity Laconia
*Antiquity Keys
*Antiquity Texas
*Antiquity Township
*Antiquity Westminster
*Antiquity HalfMoon Bay
*Antiquity Charon Abyss
*Antiquity Lagoon
*Antiquity Shores
*Antiquity MontegoBay
*Antiquity Britannica
*Antiquity Finlanda
*Antiquity Oasis
*Antiquity Tejas
*Antiquity Sea of Cortez
*Antiquity Dunkerque
*Antiquity Tortuga
*Antiquity Harbor
*Antiquity Cove
*Antiquity jamaica
*Antiquity Port Royal
*Antiquity Gardens
*Antiquity Arboretum
*Antiquity Aruba

JLU Offices
Antiquity Texas

About the Justice League Unlimited:
The Justice League Unlimited (JLU) in Second Life (SL) is a public service organization who pattern their avatars after classic comic book heroes. While JLU members may model their avatars after these fictional personas, the JLU is not a super-hero role-playing group. The mission of the JLU is to provide mentoring and render aid to SL residents in need, primarily new residents, in such areas as building, scripting and security. The JLU often acts as a neighborhood watch organization. We also hold seminars and conventions on public safety, and help estate managers learn effective techniques for keeping their own lands safe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PZ users list

And another fun dump of information from SLU.  Edited twice to remove sims that received (without asking for it by the looks of things) but did not use phantom zone.

PhantomZone users and installations

JLU Leaks - The List: PhantomZone Users

Please keep in mind these are owners who may or may not have them out now!

Avi Arrow/Ivory Tower
Avi Arrow/Tumble Arrow
Mechagliel Gears/Ambrosia
Kara Foley/TARDIS Security
Aizur Zessinthal/AZREtest
Smitty Boyau/Dublin
Theo Adonide/Metazone
Oronde Glass/Sailor Senshi
Hewee Zetkin/testing1
Cdurd770 Halfpint/PD
victoria paule/Happy Hippo
David1 Broadmoor/Aftershock
Thomas Shikami/Surreal
DBDigital Epsilon/SS Galaxy
B0bby Baxton/D2A
LaraCroft Akula/VBucharest
Emiley Tomsen/Phantom Zone
Emiley Tomsen/ThisIslandEarth
Vagabond Carter/StarkReality
Melody Regent/Regent Estates
Glitch Braess/Gotham City
Trevor Capelo/Capelot
Ntanel Swordthain/IFT
Phoenixflames Kukulcan/pknet
Mahala Bing/Overcomers
Atlwolf Blabbermouth/BadWolf
Jack Abraham/Atlantis
Gillian Snowbear/Happy Hippos
Tensai Hilra/Steelhead
BamBam Rockin/Beautiful Sin
hujack Dastardly/My Lair
Zania Turner/UFS
Mal Goldfarb/Rock A Bye
KaneHusky Landar/Husky Inc
Kalel Venkman/HumbleBeginnings
Kalel Venkman/League of Heroes
GreenLantern Excelsior/Dark City
SteelCobra Calamari/Steeltopia
Theopneustos Silverweb/GenesisZone
any1 Gynoid/Any1
Jacon Cortes/Antiquity

JLU list updated

Updated list of JLU members via the posters over on the SLU!

Founded by Kalel Venkman
Group Key: cc7d8ee6-cc07-8f11-193b-8544514143f3
Kalel Venkman
Kara Timtam
J.L.U. – Officers
Hewee Zetkin
Rodimal Axon
Fenix Harbinger
Maverick Grunfeld
KaraZorL Resident
Samantha Lowell
Melanippe Karas
GreenLantern Excelsior
Kalel Venkman
Kara Timtam
J.L.U. – Recruit
Fierce Galewind
Sumalee capelo
Baht McMahon
Kaemilla Sutter
Elaine Fairport
Jetta Bentham
Razor Indigo
Dezdemona Xenno
Tensai Hilra
J.L.U. Full Members
Gawyn Philbin
Jaedeen Niles
Phillip Beeswing
Dawg Shatzkin
Kara Timtam
Hewee Zetkin
Cdurd770 Halfpint
Walden Mannonen
Eugenia Burton
MartianManhunter Resident
Emiley Tomsen
Rodimal Axon
Vagabond Carter
Sam Brautigan
Bobkoe Nirvana
Glitch Braess
Elaine Fairport
Fenix Harbinger
Piper Craven
Maverick Grunfeld
Jetta Bentham
KaraZorL Resident
Siobhan McCallen
Razor Indigo
Ookamisuke Babenco
Searra Weatherwax
Dash Curry
Kohaku Owatatsumi
Ginrai Yamabushi
Heidi Stiglitz
Samantha Lowell
Melanippe Karas
Tsu Goodliffe
Zania Turner
Jewelsy Walsh
Ta Moxie
Kalel Venkman
ZenMondo Wormser
GreenLantern Excelsior
Selene Hudson
J.L.U. Mentor
Emiley Tomsen
Fenix Harbinger
GreenLantern Excelsior
J.L.U. Green Lantern
Jeadeen Niles
Phillip Beeswing
KaraZorL Resident
GreenLantern Excelsior
J.L.U. Lantern
Jeadeen Niles
Emiley Tomsen
Glitch Braess
KaraZorL Resident
Siobhan McCallen
Melanippe Karas
GreenLantern Excelsior
J.L.U (Zarathustra)
Hewee Zetkin
Vagabond Carter
Glitch Braess
Carigorp Matzerath
Kalel Venkman

Oh crap, did I accidentally on purpose post that?

My new stalker friend

[10:22]  Dieandra Resident: this is good stuff from the SLUniverse.  glad to see a little of everything entering the "record" over there:
[10:22]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): Cam Mitchell
The Wrong Hands

Join Date: Aug 2011
Posts: 14  Quote:
Originally Posted by zip paz 
Attempt at implicating Cam Mitchel? Check.

Attempt at smearing The Wrong Hands? Check.

bravo! brilliant! you win the prize for least amount of internet trivia evar! I smeared the wrong hands by implicating us in the very act the group was created for. turn on the lightbulb and tell me where the ip list and the (fucking incomplete!) wiki dump came from then.

I dont give a shit about the jlu or your opinion. but the stupidity and lack of reason here is worth a lot of lulz, especially as you continue your terrified hysterical lynch mob behavior. oh, it would be very fun to see it accomplish anything like the CERTAIN JLU DESTRUCTION you are all so sure of, but its never going to happen because some idiots decided to show the hand long before it could be made useful so instead we just have a bunch of people raving over shit they dont understand and have half made up right out of their puny little imagination
[10:22]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): s.

it would be beautiful if it werent so pathetic. but I dont mind now. the damage has been done. please continue
[10:23]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): Citing public domain btw, thought it worth mentioning.
[10:23]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): in case it didnt compute.
[10:23]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): :  )
[10:23]  You: Um why are you sending me this?
[10:25]  You: Seriously you think I'm going to listen to anything an alt of a JLU person has to say?  Be a man and use your actual SL name.
[10:25]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): there you go again, JLU this, JLU that.  get out much?
[10:26]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): have fun with that
[10:26]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): and to answer your question
[10:26]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): Linkage is Everything!
[10:26]  You: Yeah you have fun with it.
[10:26]  You: I'll just notecard this and drop it straight to rodvik, maybe now he'll do a machine ban on you.
[10:28]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): paranoid delusions?
[10:28]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): "Seriously you think I'm going to listen to anything an alt of a JLU person has to say?"  sound paranoid. isn't that what you and The Wrong Hands folks are going on & on about in that JLU direction?
[10:28]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): seems to be the same behavior to me
[10:28]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): are you officially part of The Wrong Hands now?
[10:28]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): behavior dictates that you are
[10:30]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra): Potosi is typing.......... honestly, don't bother.  you've said way too much as it is.
[10:30]  You Can Call Me Cat (dieandra) waves bye
[10:30]  You: Notecard sent to rodvik linden and I'm writing upthe AR now.
[10:30]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

what Phantom Zone does

[07:37]  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx: (xxxxxx.xxxxx): Phantom Zone page:
 A prism detects an avatar and transmits the avatar name and UUID to the base station. The base station uses the UUID to gather more information about the avatar itself. The base station, functioning as a HTTP-in server, first calculates a unique hash code based on the avatar’s detected properties and a pass phrase known only to the base station, generated at random. The base station then forces the avatar to access its URL, appending the hash code to the URL so that it comes back as a parameter. That allows the base station to collect other information about the avatar that cannot be obtained by LSL alone, including the IP address being used. As one of the ingredients in the production of the hash code would be time, the hash code is guaranteed to be unique from one detection to the next, making it impossible to predict (or synthesize).
 The base station then relays all the information gathered about the avatar and relays it to the Phantom Zone server, but only if the correct hash cod

The thread of damning evidence

Okay here is the summary thread that pretty much brings the everything together from the mega epic long thread at SLU about the JLU.  It's really pretty damning, especially after two of their members and pretty much confirm some things as legit.  Bad mistake on their part because then a lot of the chat logs start getting dumped.

Anyways here is the short thread with plenty of links back to the juicier parts of the main thread.  I don't think it's complete yet but bronxelf is working on it as she can.

Give it a it a read and be warned. 

Don't forget to keep your rl info under lock in key in SL and anywhere else on the web.  Especially if you link it with your SL avi names.  JLU wants it and they will go looking.  They are very adept internet stalkers at this point.

People to beware

Okay with JLU proving themselves to be even lower than I could have imagined I've decided to get my blog back into more usage.  Like I did with for RedZone, I'm going to do for JLU.  So expect a lot of posts, sometimes multiple posts in one day

First lets start up with the list of known JLU members.  If there are any mistakes or misspellings let me know and I'll correct them.  I would suggest adding all of these to your banned lists but be warned they do like to go around bans using alts and in some cases throwing AR parties on the landowner.  I would like to thank Tux for this list.

Baht McMahon
Bobkoe Nirvana
Brainiac Hax
Caladon Rae
Carigorp Matzerath
Cdurd770 Halfpint
Dash Curry
Dawg Shatzkin
Dezdemona Xenno
Elaine Fairport
Elie Braveheart
Emiley Tomsen
Eugenia Burton
Fenix Harbinger
Gawyn Philbin
Glitch Braess
Heidi Stiglitz
Hewee Zetkin
Jeadeen Niles
Jetta Bentham
Kaemilla Sutter
Kalel Venkman
Kara Timtam
KaraZorL Resident
Kohaku Owatatsumie
MartianManhunter Resident
Maverick Grunfeld
Melanippe Karas
Ookamisuke Babenco
Phillip Beeswing
Piper Craven
Razor Indigo
Rodimal Axon
Sam Brautigan
Samantha Lowell
Searra Weatherwax
Siobhan McCallen
Tensai Hilra
Tsu Goodliffe
Vagabond Carter
Walden Mannonan

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Party... of bots and one person....

I drop in on this place I have a LM for.  Can't remember why I have it.  One I get there I remember very well it's a big bot farm called The Party.  That's all there is there are bots, they've been there for months, running up the places traffic rating.  So I simply say in local, after getting bot spammed offering me gestures and landmarks over and over, "Nice to see the bot farm is still running".  Then I tp'd home.

Well evidently the owner was there and he got pissed.  Here is the IMs that insued.

[2011/08/21 09:04]  Miki Legend: you care?
[2011/08/21 09:04]  Miki Legend: this is my land and i pay
[2011/08/21 09:04]  You: I just think its funny
[2011/08/21 09:04]  You: Especially the ones up top in the little corral with the vote box near them.
[2011/08/21 09:04]  Miki Legend: you care?\
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: thats my friend stupid bish
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: hehehehe
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: you even help me or what?
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: i pay every month
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: you dont
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: this is my land
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: i do what evert i eant
[2011/08/21 09:05]  You: Yeah, does she know the little vote boxes don't even work anymore.
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: want
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: so?
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: you care?
[2011/08/21 09:05]  You: LL no longer collects info from them, they haven't for years.
[2011/08/21 09:05]  Miki Legend: why you care?
[2011/08/21 09:06]  Miki Legend: you care?
[2011/08/21 09:06]  You: Again, I think it's funny.
[2011/08/21 09:06]  You: Is that hard to grasp?
[2011/08/21 09:06]  Miki Legend: who are you act  like you care?
[2011/08/21 09:06]  Miki Legend: no i want to know why you care?
[2011/08/21 09:06]  Miki Legend: just come here act like griefers
[2011/08/21 09:06]  Miki Legend: you are griefer?
[2011/08/21 09:06]  You: lol
[2011/08/21 09:06]  You: Okay what griefing did I do?
[2011/08/21 09:07]  Miki Legend: you have no life
[2011/08/21 09:07]  Miki Legend: disturbing peace in my place
[2011/08/21 09:07]  You: I have no life.... I'm not the one with a ton of bots in my place.
[2011/08/21 09:07]  Miki Legend: get a life
[2011/08/21 09:07]  Miki Legend: and f off from my land
[2011/08/21 09:07]  You: Try again that's not griefing ask a linden
[2011/08/21 09:07]  Miki Legend: i will report you
[2011/08/21 09:07]  You: I came in said one thing and left
[2011/08/21 09:07]  Miki Legend: save all and report to LL
[2011/08/21 09:07]  You: Go ahead.
[2011/08/21 09:07]  You: I'll save also
[2011/08/21 09:07]  Miki Legend: i will
[2011/08/21 09:07]  Miki Legend: wait and see
[2011/08/21 09:07]  Miki Legend: i save it all
[2011/08/21 09:08]  Miki Legend: and get a life
[2011/08/21 09:08]  You: Go head.
[2011/08/21 09:08]  Miki Legend: i will report you to LL
[2011/08/21 09:08]  You: Go ahead do it.
[2011/08/21 09:08]  Miki Legend: i will mute you and ban you
[2011/08/21 09:08]  Miki Legend: from my land
[2011/08/21 09:08]  You: You are the one who started IMing me after I left.
[2011/08/21 09:08]  Miki Legend: dont you ever coem back
[2011/08/21 09:08]  You: Guess I hit a raw spot on your ego or something.
[2011/08/21 09:08]  Miki Legend: you are the one who disturbing my peace in my land
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: you care?
[2011/08/21 09:09]  You: Um nothing in your land covenant about not saying anything
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: get a life
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: i wonder you care?
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: get a life
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: in rl and sl both
[2011/08/21 09:09]  You: You're the one without a life.  I mean really look at yourself here.
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: dont you  ever come here again
[2011/08/21 09:09]  You: I said one thing and you go off the deep end.
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: you do firtst
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: and stay your land
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: stay your land
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: dont come to mty land
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: dont come to my land
[2011/08/21 09:09]  You: stay your land.... um you left out a word there.
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: stay your lan
[2011/08/21 09:09]  Miki Legend: land
[2011/08/21 09:10]  Miki Legend: i never go to your land and say stupid things
[2011/08/21 09:10]  Miki Legend: bitch
[2011/08/21 09:10]  You: Gonna go put this on my blog
[2011/08/21 09:10]  You: This is funny
[2011/08/21 09:10]  Miki Legend: i will
[2011/08/21 09:10]  Miki Legend: this is funny
[2011/08/21 09:10]  Miki Legend: i will post this all my sorcses
[2011/08/21 09:10]  You: Go ahead
[2011/08/21 09:10]  Miki Legend: twitter
[2011/08/21 09:10]  Miki Legend: face book
[2011/08/21 09:10]  Miki Legend: LL
[2011/08/21 09:10]  You: Please do so
[2011/08/21 09:10]  Miki Legend: i will wait and see
[2011/08/21 09:11]  Miki Legend: dont you ever come to my land and  disturb my peace
[2011/08/21 09:11]  You: May want to ask a Linden for what constitutes griefing why you are at it.
[2011/08/21 09:11]  Miki Legend: i never go to your land and say things
[2011/08/21 09:11]  Miki Legend: i will
[2011/08/21 09:11]  Miki Legend: disturbing peace
[2011/08/21 09:11]  Miki Legend: thats it
[2011/08/21 09:11]  You: I didn't.  I said one thing and left.
[2011/08/21 09:11]  Miki Legend: you have no life .. go around disturb peace
[2011/08/21 09:12]  Miki Legend: that s enough to laugh about
[2011/08/21 09:12]  You: Wow you really don't have a clue do you
[2011/08/21 09:12]  Miki Legend: we were all talking about you
[2011/08/21 09:12]  Miki Legend: how stupid you are
[2011/08/21 09:12]  Miki Legend: hehehehhehe
[2011/08/21 09:12]  You: What you and the bots
[2011/08/21 09:12]  Miki Legend: you stay your land
[2011/08/21 09:12]  Miki Legend: i stay mine
[2011/08/21 09:12]  You: The same ones that were there when I found that place months ago
[2011/08/21 09:12]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:13]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:13]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:13]  You: I didn't.  You don't know what disturbing the peace is.
[2011/08/21 09:13]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:13]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:13]  You: You have the internet go and educate yourself about what you say.
[2011/08/21 09:13]  Miki Legend: if you dont have anything nice to say
[2011/08/21 09:13]  Miki Legend: just shut up dont say anything
[2011/08/21 09:13]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:13]  You: Yeah I touched a nerve.
[2011/08/21 09:13]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:13]  You: I don't either.
[2011/08/21 09:13]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:14]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:14]  You: Traffic faking is against the TOS though.
[2011/08/21 09:14]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:14]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:14]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:14]  You: Unless everyone of those bots is listed as a bot with LL.
[2011/08/21 09:14]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:14]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:14]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:14]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:14]  You: Guess you don't have anything intellegent to say at all do you?
[2011/08/21 09:14]  Miki Legend: i mute you and ban you  FOREVER
[2011/08/21 09:14]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:15]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:15]  You: Oh my I won't get to come and dance with the bots anymore?
[2011/08/21 09:15]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:15]  You: What ever shall I do?
[2011/08/21 09:15]  Miki Legend: do not go around and  distrub peace
[2011/08/21 09:15]  You: I can't go on.....
[2011/08/21 09:15]  Miki Legend: GONE
[2011/08/21 09:15]  You: Really this has been pretty funny.
[2011/08/21 09:15]  You: Especially once you IM'd me after I left.
[2011/08/21 09:15]  You: Pure comedy gold.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Premium User extras

Okay at the annual SL convention (I can't remember the name for it) Rodvik Linden (CEO of LL for those who do not know) gave a good speech and answered some questions.  Now I haven't seen footage of the speech but have only read some keynotes on it.  One thing he was going to do is make more benefits for premium users.

Being a premium user I liked this bit.

Now what he didn't say is what the new benefits would be.  So I have a few ideas, one I posted on Rodvik's profile feed and he liked it and forwarded it on to his team.  Another of them I just posted up a bit ago but have gotten no  response, but seeing how he is at a convention I can't blame him.

- On our new profiles the Lindens have a little icon and really old users have one as well.  Why not give premium users one also.  This is the one he seemed to really like.

- Create a Linden ran sandbox that is premium users only.  Considering that most sandbox griefers are the freebie throw away made today accounts this would give us some nice peace to work in.  This is the one I posted a bit ago.

- Give us a choice of Residential or Retail land.  Basically cut an unused section of each continent into a little Linden mall and give us space in it.  Not sure how this would go over, I would ditch my home in a few minutes to get a little store space without having to depend on some moody landlord who may not be there tomorrow.

- Knock the premium user monthly cost off the monthly tier cost of owned lands.

- More Linden $ but I don't see that happening... but a girl can wish.

- Give us a lot more room to type stuff in on our profiles.  Double the character count would be really nice.

- All sorts of profile bonuses.  Two profile pics, profile skins, etc.

That's about all I can think of right now.  Maybe I'll just send him this link instead of posting it all on his feed.