Saturday, September 24, 2011

Really... Nimh21... is that all you can think of....

 Yeah fun stuff today, this person showed up at Blue in some short avatar uttered a couple of lines I responded to and flew off.  Didn't think fast enough to do a screen grab of their sad little self though.  Chances of them being JLU are pretty slim.  Most likely just someone who thinks they are being creative.  Here's the chat from Blue.

 Now of course I couldn't leave it alone at this.  Had to open up an IM chat with the fellow.  Here is a copy paste of the short little convo.

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[09:41]  You: So did you verify that I'm in there?  Hopefully they put up a nice pic of me capturing my good side.
[09:42]  Nimh21: Don't worry about that
[09:42]  You: Did they get the URL to my blog right at least?
[09:43]  Nimh21:
[09:44]  You: Yep that's it.  Tell Kalel hello for me.
[09:44]  You‧: How's Ireland?
[09:45]  Nimh21‧: Its still there i presume
[09:46]  You‧: Have you ever thought of a new approach.  The 'JLU for life' line is pretty used, ever think of something original to use?
[09:47]  Nimh21‧: no
[09:47]  You‧: Ah okay.  Wasn't sure you were capable of originality, guess that answers that.

Now you see what I did there with my blog?  So when this person hit myit I got that he was from Ireland and using windows with chrome.  Not much but gave me something to ask him.  Of course after that last remark he stopped responding. 

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