Sunday, September 4, 2011

today in the thread

Well the copybotter who I mentioned earlier hopped into the JLU thread and 'announced' that the lid had been blown off our den of lies.... yeah.  For one he even admitted later on to not reading any of the thread and just came over after reading the post of lies that went up on the JLU's website.  Then he said we should go after real griefer groups and mentioned a few.

This is where it got really funny to me.  One of the groups he called griefers was the Doctor Who group that caught him copybotting.  Yeah they must be griefers because they don't like their content STOLEN by lowlife folks who can't be bothered to create their own content when it gets a bit tough.

Then another JLU sockpuppet showed up, got a bunch of crap wrong, refused to acknowledge proof when it was pointed out.  Ah well.  The JLU's line of defense in the last few days.  Prok, who is probably one of the most disliked people in SL, a copybotter with a reputation in the toilet who is still pissed at getting caught and a handful of sock puppets.

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