Sunday, October 30, 2011

passing on the note

May wish to avoid this person:

For the reasons stated here:
Forceme's post about her

Just passing the note along.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Now this needs to be permanent

Nothing like checking my email and getting a link to this. Maybe the bully is getting shoved back. Hopefully it's a permanent shove OUT of SL.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Okay I'm done.  Logging off of this blog for the last time.  Posting on it for the last time.  I'll be deleting my bookmark to SLU and calling that quits as well.  Time to move on.

I'll be inworld maybe two or three more times and then after this weekend I'll be gone.

Tired of the drama, tired of certain people allowed to do whatever they want in SL, hell I'm just about completely tired of the internet itself.  It has come to a point in my life where things need to change and it needs to happen now.

So with this I say goodbye to anyone who still checks in here.  It's been a series of ups and downs with Second Life.  Really high highs - My Mistress, my sis  and the life we've had together, my good friends Lore, Why, Brit and to many others to mention.  Low lows - Scumbags in bag fulls, the zFire with his RedZone and all his followers, the JLU the cyberstalking group of power hungry freaks, Prokofy the most delusional person in SL who thinks everything is about her and that everyone is out to get her.

Goodbye all.

Prokofy Neva ever the fool

Really this just made my day.  In Second Life there is this person who is just stone cold crazy and absolutely idiotic.  She clearly had some intellegence at one point of her life but, alas, I think she is slowly going senile.  Her tinfoil hat theories and off the cuff accusations with little or no proof are just on the borderline of complete useless nonsense.  Currently they are about 98 percent nonsense and hate driven drek.  She goes by the name Prokofy Neva in Second Life, out in the real world she is Catherine Fitzpatrick.  Oh look... there she is now....

Her latest claim is so far out there she is really showing how much of grasp she DOESN'T have on reality.  The Pink Hands in Second Life are now covertly attached to the whole Occupy Wall Street campaign.  Here is a link to the article she wrote on this:

Sorry Prokofy, I don't think anybody is going to buy this one.  You also just lowered any sort of reputation you did have any further down into the mud than it already was.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saying goodbye...

Well sometime this next weekend will be the end of my time in Second Life.  I've already went through and emptied my Linden home and I'm getting ready to transfer my account from premium to free.  Went through and pruned some of my groups and my friends list.  Sent off a few goodbyes to some whom I haven't seen on in quite a while just in case they may get the message.  This next weekend I will be spending some last moments with Mistress before logging off.

Now to answer some questions that I've already been asked.  No, I'm not being bullied out of SL by somebody or some group.  Trust me backing down from a bully is not something that I do.  No, I'm not moving to another grid or to another game.  I'm actually cutting back on a LOT of my internet time.  Yes, it has to do with real life, the internet has become an addiction and I'm trying to cut myself back on it along with a few other private reasons that I'm not sharing with everybody.  No, I'm not giving you all my stuff.

It's been a wonderful time.  Keep up the good fight.  Don't back down to anyone.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yeah... it's about time.

-Holding my hands up in a T shape like football folks do for timeout-

A while back I took a break from SL for a few months.  Had to get some things straightened out and stop spending to much time inworld.  Well I haven't been inworld nearly as much but the temptation to 'over indulge' has been there in high gear.  Not to mention the issue of obsessing with some things.  So a few more trips into the grid to spend some time with those I hold near and dear and then I'm pushing off into self induced exile again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Privacy advice for new residents

So here recently I sat down and started work on a notecard with some privacy advice for new residents.  Mainly on keeping your private RL information away from prying eyes.  I don't name and names or call out any groups with it so nobody should be able to AR me for it.  Hopefully this weekend I'll make a dispenser for the notecard along with something to give out the dispenser itself for any residents who want to set one up on their own land.  Below is the notecard, let me know what you think.

Privacy advice for new residents.

First off is a simple warning. There are people in Second Life who want your Real Life information. They will do anything they can to get it then use and distribute that info in any way they want. Now why some people don't have a problem with this other do. If you plan on getting involved, in any way, in the adult areas of Second Life than it is a good idea to keep your Real Life information to yourself at every turn.

So here are a few helpful tips on how you can protect your privacy in Second Life.

1 – Do not put anything in your profile you don't want others to know. Either keep your real info tab blank or put up a note that you don't share your Real Life information with anyone.

2 – Do not, under any circumstance, connect your Second Life name with your Real Life name outside of Second Life. Not on facebook, google +, Twitter, forums, anything. If you do a simple Google search can pull everything up for anybody that tries to look.

3 – Do not discuss your Real Life information in local chat. So if you find that special somebody and you have decided to share some details do it in Instant Messages to each other. There are to many devices that can listen into local chat from nearly any distance away. Some folks make quite a bit of money selling spying devices just for this.

4 – Do not drop clever little hints about your Real Life. No matter how smart you may think you are when you do this it's been proven over and over again that nobody is.

5 – Do not associate with any of the self appointed police or vigilante groups. Linden Labs does not support any of these types of groups, they completely act on their own. Some of them have been caught, multiple times, storing any information they can find on people and using it at their own discretion.

6 – If you want to share a certain level of Real Life info then set a limit and do not go over that. For example when somebody asks where you are from only tell them the country but nothing else.

7 – Finally the last bit of advice is to simply stay alert. Pay attention to the questions people ask you and how they react when you won't tell them answers. Also be sure to pass this notecard onto other new residents as you find your way through Second Life.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Long live the Zebra Queen

Now for something nonSLdrama related.  I may start making a habit of posting up videos that I like just so people can see how my mind works a little bit.  Starting of with the intro song from ZebraMan 2.  Love the black and white look of this video.  In the movie it gets cut up a bit with some credits rolling over it and going back and forth to one of the main characters getting chased down by the secret police.

New state of affairs post for Second Life.

Rod Humble (aka Rodvik Linden) made a state of affairs post about Second Life today.  Here is the link and my thoughts on some of it are below.

The post on SLU.

First off, seeing the CEO admitting the customer support needs more work is a wonderful thing.  This is a huge issues with a lot of people.  A wonderful breath full of honesty.

New and updated policies.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for some new rules against cyberstalking and taking things that are SL based outside of the grid (the JLU stalking people they call griefers in RL).  At least some more privacy policies as well, along with the ability to enforce them and punish those who break the rules.

New AI things.  Can't wait to see this start going into effect.  I just want to set back and be a onlooker as the bugs and kinks are worked out of this system.  There should be some very humorous aftereffects of this to say the least.

Of course new premium stuff is mentioned as well.  I'm all over this as I've been making a few suggestions to Rodvik over on his feed about small ideas for it.  It has really been nice to see a CEO that listens, sees good ideas and hands them off to the people that can take of those ideas.  So unless one of the announcements is the JLU becoming Lindens I'll likely be premium for life.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Couple interesting notes today.

Couple of interesting notes.

Went to the JLU park in Taber today and my GZ hud didn't go off at the Phantom Zone node there.  Discussed it in the GreenZone chat for a bit and somebody else went out there and tested it and it came up for them.  Maybe it was a glitch in my hud so I'll redownload it and try again later. 

But while I was there, and once I started talking in GZ chat, another avi showed up.  It was on the edge of the park and it almost immediately dropped into the bot sitting position.  It stayed like that for a while until I mentioned it's presence in the GZ chat.  Very shortly (like less than a minute) after that it got up, walked across the park and flew over to the Ivory Tower and landed on the edge of that sim and stood there for a while.  Found this little encounter interesting.  Especially with some other folks spotting bots watching their areas recently after they came out against the JLU.  Keep your eyes open for these, grab a screenshot and lets start comparing notes.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just because news may be slow....

Well the Justice Lords fiasco is slowly grinding down to a slower speed.  Now that doesn't mean I'm going to stop talking about anything that happens to come up, just saying that new info may be bit sparse for a while.  They have managed to get a bit smarter here lately and most of them have finally zipped their lips.  However with the way their ego's rage that won't last long, they'll slip up more.  Just the main thing now is that there are a lot more people watching for it.

Don't give up, don't stop.  Keep your eyes, ears and radars open.  Pay attention.