Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saying goodbye...

Well sometime this next weekend will be the end of my time in Second Life.  I've already went through and emptied my Linden home and I'm getting ready to transfer my account from premium to free.  Went through and pruned some of my groups and my friends list.  Sent off a few goodbyes to some whom I haven't seen on in quite a while just in case they may get the message.  This next weekend I will be spending some last moments with Mistress before logging off.

Now to answer some questions that I've already been asked.  No, I'm not being bullied out of SL by somebody or some group.  Trust me backing down from a bully is not something that I do.  No, I'm not moving to another grid or to another game.  I'm actually cutting back on a LOT of my internet time.  Yes, it has to do with real life, the internet has become an addiction and I'm trying to cut myself back on it along with a few other private reasons that I'm not sharing with everybody.  No, I'm not giving you all my stuff.

It's been a wonderful time.  Keep up the good fight.  Don't back down to anyone.

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