Saturday, September 3, 2011

JLU and Krypton Radio are not members of the press.

Oh and by the way for those who have been asking about this.  Is the JLU or Krypton Radio a member of the press?  From reading around about the requirements I would have to say no.  Krypton Radio is not an official news organization, nor does anybody (but themselves) classify them as such.  I've looked at several locations and could find nothing.  Simply running a site with a built in blog to put up news articles (most of which are copy pasta) does not meet any requirements that I have seen listed on any site about this.

If they are I would like to see their proof of this.  Besides just mumbling from Kalels mouth who thinks he is working hand in hand with police organizations... REAL police organizations at that.

Just like their definition of a griefer, their definition of a press organization is just as shady.

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