Tuesday, September 6, 2011

JLU questions

 Well I tried posting a list of questions to Krytonradio.  But it got rejected immediately for being to 'spammy'.   So I'll try again and just direct them back here if they want something to answer.  Here is the list of questions that I have below.


Why did the JLU find it neccessary to keep information on a suspected minor?  In fact going so far as to investigate his youtube friends for their ages and locations? 


Why can the PZ unit over ride an owners own land settings?  If it doesn't why would you discuss it like it does?


Why do you go after anyone who suspects or disagrees with your group like the Alphaville Herald?


Why did your group condone calling up the sister of person who is on his death bed, then GLE lieing to her saying that he is his friend just to make sure that he is actually going to die?


Oh and people are contacting the JLU inworld about all of this:


Of course Kalel gets very aggresive inworld whenever approached by anybody about any of this.  He cuts out of conversations, mutes and has threaten to AR people for asking a question.  This includes questions from 'pubbies' like myself.  Does he feel that he is superior to regular users? 

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