Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trying a short hair style

Okay so I decided to go for a bit of different look with my hair. Going back through my inventory I found a short hair cut that I hardly ever used and decided to give the short look a try. So what do you all think? Is short hair me? I kinda like it and will give it a try for a while. May drop by Analog Dog Island to see what short hair styles they have.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Second Life on Google +

There are now Communities on Google +. Not sure how well this will all work out but I'm willing to give a few a try (getting my K-pop and J-pop fix has never been easier). Of course somebody has set one up for Second Life on there. So if you are on the plus come on by and check it out.

The Second Life Google Plus Community

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

He loves me... he loves me not...

Well it looks like my wonderful new admirer really can't get enough of me. He decided to go ahead and send me another message in Second Life again today.

Please notice that I haven't responded inworld to his last message. Which means he is thoughtful enough to read my blog! Thank you for the traffic zerosumorez, now the 90's called for you... they want their sad hacker name back. Never was a cutter though nor have I, unlike you, suggested suicide for others. So, really, is this the best you can do? If you want me to post about you again you are really going to have to step up your game a bit. Just reading what your message made me yawn.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh my hateful instant message... what shall I do?

Over on the Alphaville Herald I'll post every now and then. Especially in cases to aggravate somebody like GreenLanter Excelsior who deserves every bit. But I guess one of the JLU folks didn't like it to much and had to jump on one of their spy alts and message me some hate.

So zerosumorez resident decided to send me some hate. Which one of the JLU are you really? Or are you just somebody who thinks they are being especially witty? Anyway about all it accomplishes is giving me something to write about on here. Oh and it's not a 'brony' pic. It's a 'My Little Pony' pic (which my daughter really loves to watch) that I found amusing. At least I am capable of enough thought to actually fill out my profile. I'm sorry and pathetic? Yeah you logged into second life onto what is obviously and alt account because you don't have the actual intestinal fortitude to say that with your main avi. That is sorry and pathetic. All the rest, well lets just say I've heard better insults when I was in grade school.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New home!

Well Mistress has decided that she needed a change of scenery again. That means a new house and fun things to look at. This time I think Her and sis did a little looking around and decided upon a nice little island beach string of sims. So we now have a beach front home, plenty of sand, sun and relaxing. Well as much relaxing as Mistress will allow of course.

What I like best is that it's not some skybox made to look like a beach, but we are at ground level with a LOT of water spreading over several sims. So of course, there in the background, you can see the masts of the several different boats our family has. Not to mention it gives me a chance to try out my scuba gear again.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Conservative named Calypso Jones has a breakdown

Sometimes all I can do is laugh at the seething hate that drips out of conservatives.  They treat others like trash and then wonder why they lost an election.  Here is wonderful case in point that was pointed out to me recently.  Calypso Jones, a moderator at, decided to go on a little spout of hate.

One person stated this:  "And your party has the HATE part down pat, it's the party of hate, and people like you are proving it more and more. When you're willing to dissolve friendships over political differences, you're showing your true colors. It doesn't get any more partisan than that."

To which see responded: "these people are not friends.. They're ENEMIES. They voted for obama and his agenda of destroying the economy, class warfare, skewed justice and corruption in government and business, reduced security and sovereignty and an alliance with pure evil, the islamists. Thanks but no thanks. There are progressives and there are Americans."

He came back with: "I hope you don't mind that I quote you and put your statements on other forums as an example of really hateful downright crazy right wingers. It's hard to get more hateful than what you are towards political differences."

Then what she starts saying next goes into the completely hilarious spectrum of the conversation: "yes i do mind. You're gonna have to pay me for it. And if you do post it without my knowledge and i find out about it, I WILL complain to the site you put it on and get an attorney. Are you independently wealthy? well. doesn't matter really."


"hold it. YOU have USED my material WITHOUT my permission ALREADY?? I am going to be looking for my quotes in your posts and i know some of the places you post at. Trin knows some others."


"Do YOU NEED to write me A CHECK??"

Yeah the 'I'm gonna sue you' defense for people using what she said on a public forum and pointing it out to others.  Some people just don't know how the internet works at all.

Another wonderful quote from her: "he says what he pleases and he lies even better. He slanders. He cannot use my material without my permission."  Where she doesn't know what slander actually means evidently.

So after seeing this entire tirade mentioned a few places I figured I would go ahead and add in with the sharing.  Please get your lawyer because I always do enjoy a really good laugh.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Griefing Alert

Just received a griefing alert warning from my friend gabby Catlyn one of the managers over at the Big Bang Sex Park. Thought I would pass it along to you all.

"WARNING: If you receive an object called “[L4L]-Gestures & Walkers (Freebies) <3″, delete it at once. DO NOT Rez, or wear it! This object will rez replicating micro cubes in YOUR name filling up a sim, which could cause it to crash, inadvertently making YOU the villain and subject to banning, and/or an AR being filed. Those cubes then send the malicious freebie to other avatars in the immediate vicinity, making it a vicious cycle."

So not only does it risk crashing the sim, it does so in your name and tries to send out copies of itself. So please keep an eye out on this and pass along this information.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Larry's Jeans

Every now and then I'll review a product, service or something along those lines. It's been quite a while since I've done that so I decided that it's high time that this blog saw another post like that. So without further delay let's talk about jeans. Larry's Jeans to be exact.

Here is the SLURL for their location.

I must say that these folks produce some of the best jeans that I've seen in Second Life. Seems to be a case of taking one concept and building your business around it as much as possible. Which of course allows you to get very good at that one thing instead of just okay at several things. With plenty of variety in styles to choose from along with multiple colors of each style you just can't go wrong shopping for you denim here.

It ranges from full good looking pairs to ripped, torn and dang near x-rated displaying versions to pick from. Along with some denim swimwear, shorts and a few odds and ends. Plenty to shop around on. Even I like the way they look on me, although I went with a properly covered up pair with a few tiny rips and worn places. But I did pick up their camouflage pack also which displays a bit more.

So please drop by their mainstore and take a look around. If you like the way jeans look then I'm sure you'll find a set to fit you. Oh and there are some mens versions also, didn't really look at those much so I can't comment on their quality.

United States citizens need to stop this

Folks in the United States with me need to pay attention to this one.

The Senate is looking to pass a bill that will allow the feds access to your emails without a Judge issued search warrant or the probably cause needed to get that warrant. It is giving way to much power into the hands of law enforcement agencies, the same agencies that are already reaching outside of their power and abusing the public. This needs to be stopped and stopped now.

Please contact your senators and tell them that you don't want this bill to pass. You are against the idea of the search warrant being taken out of the steps necessary to bypass your rights. I have already contacted mine, I hope many others do as well. Please share this link and let everybody know what is going on.

Here is a LINK to an article about the bill. Give it a read.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twinkies aren't dead you fools.

I’m amazed at how stupid people are that they think Twinkies will be gone forever. Really are you all that dumb? It’s a brand, the creditors who now own Hostess will sell it and the recipe to the highest bidder and you will see Twinkies, along with almost all the other Hostress brands, on shelves again soon enough.

Guess some people can’t understand how capitalism works, branding works, or anything else they claim to support.

Remember the order of things

The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is freaking out. The third step is pretending you don't have a problem.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fundraiser for Eku Zhong

Just found out about this. I've been a bit busy offline and haven't been keeping up with other things in Second Life or just online in general.

Eku Zhong is having some pretty severe medical problems and could really use a bit of financial aid for specific stuff. Mainly, from what I've read, a replacement jawbone. There is an indiegogo page sat up for non-SL donations and there will be events inworld as well. I'm planning to at least make it to one and push some Lindens towards the cause.

Pass this information along and let other know. Here is the link to the fundraising project (known as 'Unhinged') main page. From there you can get more details.

Unhinged Information

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Old landmarks

Went inworld for a bit tonight just to trim up my over flowing landmarks folder. I've gathered quite the collection of them that's for sure. So starting off with some of the oldest I began taking a few fast tours. What I discovered was that I had quite a few that were to places that no longer existed. Shouldn't be surprised by this but I was.

So the trimming was made pretty easy at points. Teleport in and find myself standing next to a rental sign. Time to clip that one. Sometimes it led to new ones, the old place it went is gone but a new really nice looking store is in it's place. Other times it got a bit awkward, y'know when it's supposed to be a shoe store and you arrive and it's an interracial themed rape alley... that just happens to be busy at the exact time you arrive.

Also found a couple of stores that have been running 'going out of business everything 25L or less' sales for probably over a year now. Makes me wonder if they just abandoned the land but left everything there and the store is collecting money for... nobody.

So I managed to get through about forty landmarks. Got rid of over half of them easily. Now only a few hundred more to go....

Oh and all these places I visited. Still haven't ran into any place running that one system that is supposed to have me on their 'griefer' list. Imagine that.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

mini skirt and a tail.

Did your parents, loved ones or even spouse ever tell you "No, you may not wear a black mini skirt and cat ears and tail in public." If so then maybe Second Life is where you need to go. This is the kind of advertising there would be for Second Life if I was in charge.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Farewell Forceme Silverspar

A few days back Forceme Silverspar shut down her blog. Which I find rather saddening. I like giving it a read and seeing what she had to say. Sometimes I agreed with her, other times I didn't, I even posted comments a few times and even linked to her posts a couple times from my blog. She spoke her mind and didn't try to sugar coat it like so many others do. Hopefully she is happy with her decisions and goes on merrily about her ways. Her blog was one of the first ones I discovered when I started getting into Second Life and although I never managed to meet her inworld or attend one of her classes I wish her nothing but the best.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

sandvich JLU updates

Okay a few updates. First Sandvich wasn't a steam punk themed sim it was a Steam themed sim. My brain evidently filled in the blanks on me there. Also it was evidently set up to get banned by Tizzers just to rile up some more anti Linden Lab sentiment. Interesting, and expensive, way to go about it. Also now the JLU are mixing their words a bit and saying they didn't have anything to do with it, then are saying they did, and then they didn't. Usual mix of words from them. Also they seem to think, just like Prok, that anybody with Tux in their avi name is actually Tux. Same goes for anybody having Tizzers in any shortened form like Tiz, Tizzy, etc. Leave it to the wannabe super villains to be this lacking in the critical thinking department. Thinking of changing my user name to TuxOrTizzers just for the heck of it now. Probably won't though. I do like my own actual avi name just fine. So anyways continue to watch for the costumed clowns on your sims. Ask them to leave before they start harassing your visitors. If they don't report them and then eject/ban them. It's the only way to be safe. Just remember that they will also send in their alts to get all up in your business so keep that eject button ready.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

JLU still creepy....

JLU claims another victim... er I mean victory. Well they see victims as victories so it all works out. This time they are claiming to have been behind the deletion of a popular steampunk sim because they detected 'griefer alts' there. One of which belonging to a person who doesn't even log into SL anymore. So yes the delusion crew who see ghosts behind every prim are still in operation getting you banned for your protection.

Read the article on the Alphaville Herald

Why the hell does anybody trust this group of spandex clad sociopaths is beyond me.

Oh and please note they are also claiming to have detected these alts. Which means they must still be running some sort of alt detection system which is supposed to be against Linden Lab rules.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

IP logging and alt detection AGAIN

Hey look I'm still here.

Well it appears that Forceme Silverspar (love or hate her... personally I love her) has come across another sim where people are calling out alts and claiming to be logging IPs. You can find her blog article on it here:

IP logging @Austin Story of O

Which means there is probably a new system out there to track alts. Also using such a thing at a BDSM sim is pretty low, like a honey trap waiting to happen. The BDSM community usually prides itself on giving people privacy and respect of others. Guess these people don't hold themselves up to those standards.

Yeah... looks like it may be time to brush the dust off the ole' GreenZone badge again.

Friday, June 1, 2012

More Voodoo information coming to light.

You all may want to go read the latest post on Treminari's blog. It demonstrates on how Voodoo is collecting information on you without you hitting the 'accept' button. Just click on a sploder and you're in the system.


Add to this the mention on the SLU thread that one of the voodoo managers told somebody how many alts where connected to their IP and you get the idea. That of course goes against the claims that it collects and then dumps the info shortly there after. Monkey Wonder does seem to like to lie about what his product does.

Friday, May 18, 2012

RL Neko gear!

A device that detects your brainwave patterns and determines what mood you are in. Then that mood is represented by the position of a pair of robotic cat ears! Oh I want! I want! I want!

See the page for them HERE!

Currently they are only available in Japan... which means they should be all over ebay for sale here in the states. So it's off to ebay I go.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The PD is coming back...

Oh wonderful.... the *** Police Department *** ran by cdurd is back in action. They broke apart last time after we found absolute proof that they were harvesting IPs and avi names and storing them on a database used to determine alts. I wonder how soon before they are up to some form of this again. Be warned when dealing with these folks. They are another one of those groups that want to know who you are and the names of all your alts. The only thing he didn't like about RedZone was the fact that anybody could buy and use it. He never stated that he was against the actual alt detection at all. Plus they were also working with the JLU to hook their database into the Brainiac database so they could do alt scans also. This was stated by Kalel himself in the leaked chat logs of the JLU wiki.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monkey Wonder cries 'JIRA attack'

Real life took some priority over the last few days and I haven't had much time to dedicate to a new post here. But now I've got a bit of time on my hands so here I go.

The other day Monkey Wonder posted something new on his blog about greenzone invading his JIRA he posted up.
You can see his post here.

One of the funnier comments he made is this: "Although the Second Life JIRA is a tool to be used strictly for reporting bugs and feature suggestions, the Green Zone members hijacked the JIRA to make personal attacks, insults and other unhelpful comments." It's funny because he is guilty of this himself on older JIRA's back when RedZone was still around and we were informing folks about that. I actually link to a bit of his attacks in one of my last few posts if you want to have a look. So he is telling us not to do what he does himself....

Anyways he also makes some screenshots (about time) of the attacks. First off the bottom one from somebody named 'orejo' isn't even a greenzone member. Two of the posts are from Re Sorbet who is one of the 'bots' that he 'caught' in his screenshot of greenzone griefer bots in one of his previous posts. Again I have a previous post all about that mess of a shot he put up. Cyborg Renfold is somebody he has been making accusations about but has never posted any sort of proof to back it. Last is RareDiamond String who I really don't know anything about.

So a GreenZone attack is now three people, none of them officers or moderators, bashing you on a JIRA? Really? How the hell is that an attack that represents a group. More delusions of importance on his part.

For the record I support the JIRA, I voted and watched it to show my support. If something is doing what he claims it is then it needs to be stopped. I completely agree. I also like the fact that the screenshot posted has absolutely nothing to do with GreenZone, the person who made the objects is not in the group and a few folks I have talked to have never even heard of him. So yes it shows that somebody may be using those devices as a form of DDOS attack coming from inside SL. If it's true then the Lab needs to drop a fix on it.

Another thing I have noticed a lot lately is a single URL
THIS ONE to be exact.

It has started to show up on a lot of peoples web tab of their profile. Mainly on folks who are opposed to Voodoo Sploders and Anti Bot system. It appears that it could be a rival sploder company doesn't it? So this has me thinking in another direction something that I will probably be bringing up to some of the mods of the group.

Is our group being used by some of the people behind tmyentertainment to go after Voodoo? Basically a small handful of people are joining the group flashing up the GZ title and then actually going and doing what he is saying? Something to think about.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ranting a bit here....

North Carolina has just took a step backwards in human rights. Remember this is one of the states where it is legal to marry your first cousin. Amazing how willing people are to hurt others and deny them rights they deserve all in the name of some bullshit religion. Most of them have probably never read the so called 'good book' or realize some of the rules it says should be enforced. All that stuff they say is bad out of the Muslim religions.... yeah most of those rules are in their book as well.

Also as a side note. On Monkey Wonders site he says he supports anonymous yet he has also claimed to support the JLU in SL who in turn support the government crackdowns on anonymous. Hypocrite much?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kicking another Monkey Wonder claim to the curb

One of the many claims that Monkey Wonder loves to make is about people 'forcing' their way into his Voodoo Anti Bot group. He uses that word 'forced' like it actually has some meaning here where it does not. The Voodoo Anti Bot group is an open enrollment group (just like Green Zone) and anybody is able to join it at the simple press of a button. So all he is doing here is trying to make it look somebody is doing some underhanded trick to get into that group when they are not. Also, just like Green Zone, he has no control over who signs up or the ability to keep people out if they've been kicked out before. Just a simple look through some of the profiles of members and you can see a few that look like obvious bots themselves. So much for an anti bot group.

As I mentioned in a previous post one of the bots he called a 'green zone bot' was actually in his own voodoo anti bot group. Again, like I just said, so much for an anti bot group.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Monkey Wonder continues his usual attacks on GreenZone. While I have three or four blog posts in the works covering various claims of his or some the web that surrounds him I decided to make a quick look at the one he made today. Over on his new blog he said that Green Zone griefer bots were cheating traffic in some areas. First let me give you a link to his post:

Monkeys so called griefer blog.

First off don't worry about commenting there. He is so afraid of having his absolute bull crap claims proved false that he won't let comments through. Now he claims that green zone is using bots to help cheat for traffic. Evidently he isn't a very smart one this because a lot of bot makers actually have their bots join an open group or two when they are made. This way they look less like a bot and more like a possible normal avatar. So just because some of these have signed up to the Green Zone group that must mean we support this....

Exactly. But what is funny is that one of them that he mentioned doesn't have Green Zone listed in as its groups but has another one listed instead. One that made me laugh quite a bit when I saw it. Here is the screenshot of that profile.

Yes a bot is actually in his Voodoo Antibot group. So I guess he needs to blacklist his own group then. Also his group is and open group that anyone can join even though he likes to claim people 'force' their way into it. Guess he can't handle the truth of that situation very well.

Anyways I decided to go and take a look for myself. So I searched up the region and teleported there. First thing off the bat that I noticed was that my Green Zone hud started telling me that Voodoo Antibot was running in the region. Imagine that, an area where he says we are cheating traffic is actually using his product. So then I popped up the radar and went looking for this group of bots. I found them at a completely different level than his shot showed, not only that they were all invisible even when I was right next to them in the air.

So how did he get that shot? Why were they all someplace else? Why are they here when the region is supposedly protected by his own service? Also, as somebody over on SLU pointed out, why in that original shot is his Linden dollar balance at an absolute zero? Everybody I know runs around at least with a hand full of Lindens in the pockets. Maybe he was using a bot of his own, even those are supposed to be so bad.

So it looks like a set up shot. A really bad set up to 'frame' Green Zone for having a few bots that happened to join their group. Well try again Monkey Wonder you may eventually do something right but today wasn't it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monkey Wonder has been on this for almost a year

Okay Monkey Wonder you've had almost a year to show us some proof of this DDOS attack that you claim to be carried out by GreenZone. Also for those who think that the maker of Voodoo products has just recently started his attack on GreenZone this post should clear all that up quite well for you. For my evidence that he's been doing this for some time now I use Linden Labs very own JIRA logs. This one just happens to be about RedZone (imagine that) where Monkey very loudly claims his views of GreenZone.


Here is a screen grab of his post for those who don't want to dig through that mess or know how to use 'Find'.

So we are looking at almost a year ago. In that time we've seen zero proof to his claims. None, zip, nadda, big zero. I mean he has his own website, why doesn't he simply post up all the proof there? That would be the simple way to do it. At least one would think. So evidently he has no proof that GreenZone is anyway responsible for a DDOS attack on his site.

What I found though was another JIRA started by Monkey. This one where he is having trouble with his sploders connecting to his website. So apparently he was having problems already that were technical and not hackers or griefers. Imagine that.


So now it looks like he has been blaming GreenZone for technical issues that he was having.

Oh and for a final bit from the JIRA I mentioned up top. After Monkey talks smack about others a few more return it right back to him and then he makes the wonderful ironic post below. This shows he can dish it out but cries when he has to take it.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Fetish art show.

Ohhhh.... a fetish art show. I may have to make some time to get inworld to visit this.

Check out the ad for it.

Here's a list of who they have so far:
Confirmed exhibitors:
Aesthetic Demon
Ainsworth Gastel
Corphaelia Ninetails
CS Ghost
DeNovo Broome
Domino (Sophia Shilton)
Effie Beverly
Jessica Belmer
Kim Dench
Mai Nijan (mariko.demonia)
SєVєη (seven.sharpesworth)
Sacha (sacha.audeburgh)
Sian Pearl
Missy (eddie01nz.florio)
Mija Perfferle

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Post on Monkeys new blog

Monkey Wonder, make of Voodoo products in Second Life, has decided to start up a new blog to further lie about GreenZone on. Here is a quick link to it:

Monkeys laughable second life griefers blog

In this he makes some new unheard of claims of attacks, things that nobody has mentioned before. He also uses some discussion with Unya Tigerfish that are taken out of context with many lines missing. She also told me that these were done in IM's and he never asked for permission to share them. He also goes on to name a couple of names and then provide absolutely ZERO proof to back anything up with. So of course I decided to comment in his little blog post.

That's when he decided to take a page from the JLU handbook. All comments are moderated before being posted up and since it's been twenty four hours since I submitted mine I guess he decided that it won't be shown. So basically attacking people without giving them a chance to chime up in their defense. Yep, typical epeen powered internet bully right there. Oh by the way here is a screenshot of my awaiting approval notice I got when posting:

Oh and what did I say to him you may ask? Well I of course copied that as well because I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be put up.

"Our servers have been DOS attacked, and when traced back originate from inworld objects created by individuals belonging to Green Zone Users group."

"Several bots known to belong to a Green Zone member attempted to brute force their way into Voodoo Anti Bot group to troll in group chat."

"Several bots known to belong to a Green Zone member attempted to brute force their way into Voodoo Anti Bot group to troll in group chat."

...and screenshots of this and proof are where?

You know the stuff that we have in spades on the JLU whom you proclaim to be innocent of any wrong doings.

"Personal and often crude insults are made on an almost hourly basis, lies are fabricated to create fear, and one member "Cyborg Renfold" is known to release real life addresses of their targets. This is a privacy advocacy group?"

At least part of this is an outright lie. The GZ chat goes silent for days on end. Hourly basis my rear end. Finally you name a name on here and lets see the proof of your claims on that as well.

"Individuals hand out defamatory notecards which have been hand crafted by the founder Fart Admiral in a "Fill in the blanks" style, so that anyone can defame products in a coherent and well thought out way."

We warn people of products and objects that could be used for alternative motives. This includes anything that collects and stores IP address connected to an avatar name in an offsite third party database. The HUD is used in the same way.

I also how you completely avoided talking about the many voodoo supporters (many of which were throw away alts a week old or less) who used to pop up in the chat and start tossing accusations out. But I guess it's okay when YOUR supporters invade a group.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monkey Wonder knows little on facts

Okay here is Monkey Wonder's, the maker of voodoo products, latest twitter response to me.

JLU is a security business and doesn't stalk. Well in this case he is completely burying his head in the sand and ignoring any and all facts. They kept a massive wiki collecting people real life info, spent massive amounts of time scouring the web looking for anything and everything they could dig up even listening in on skype conversation and took notes on one persons child they could hear in the background. They continued to stalk a person over the internet long after they left Second Life and even called his family to make sure that he actually passed away. They called businesses and schools trying to get people expelled and fired. Their wiki was chock full of things like this. Complete with discussions on better ways to figure out a persons identity and figure out their alts. Friend or foe got listed in there.

So Monkey Wonder, YES they ARE stalkers. This is not even a question, it is a proven fact beyond any doubt at all. To claim otherwise is to simply admit you are either a liar or an idiot.

Green Zone stalks people all the time. Okay well then prove it. Come on there was tons of info pulled up on the JLU, you can find it on the SLUniverse forums and even some of it here on my blog. Not to mention at least one of the wiki dumps is floating around on pirate bay for download. Besides disagreeing with the way your system works and seeing how it can be exploited by somebody of lower morale's and then warning others about it what have we done? Let's see some actual proof. Wheel it on out here and lets take a look at it. I mean if it's on such a 'massive' scale then there must be tons of documentation to back it up right?

Or are you just a liar with a raging epeen hard on?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Monkey Wonder using an alt

Well had a friend do a bit of a test for me. They joined the GreenZone group after Monkey Wonder put up the membership list on his site. Then she hid the group on her profile and basically didn't do anything else. Sure enough today her name shows up listed on his site. So this means that Monkey Wonder is using an alt to gather the membership list. I think there is an AR for alt abuse and I'm sure going to use it in this case. Amazing how a person, who claimed before to hate people with alts, uses them himself. Monkey Wonder ever the hypocrite.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Watch the Monkey dance

Oh my, Monkey Wonder has put all of the GreenZone group member names up on his voodoo site. What ever shall we do? Oh... well... considering that not nearly as many people use his products as he claims (kinda like zFire with RedZone) I doubt there is much to worry about.

Here is the list of names on his site if you are interested.

He also claims that it will sound it's warning if it detects an object created by one of us 'griefers'. But then again that was part of his poorly thought out blackmail attempt to get us all to run away from the group. To bad for him several of us are content creators, only a small handful may actually be griefers and none of us bow down to a bully swinging his swollen epeen around.

So tonight I'll be emailing Linden Labs and asking if his notecard is okay and not an infringement on the TOS or a bannable offense. Because if it's okay, then I'll be passing around one of my own warning folks of his products, how he enters whoever he wants to just because he doesn't like them and of his poor track record on handling problems with his product (which is verified in his marketplace reviews).

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reviews of Monkey Wonders Voodoo products.

Okay so Monkey Wonder likes to act like he is oh so great with his attempted blackmailing and all of that. Truth is his products aren't nearly as popular as he suggests, nor are all of his customers happy with them. Here are some various reviews on his Voodoo products off of the marketplace.

Yes the Voodoo works as it says it does but they don't tell you to be careful with your sim wording. I had 'student highschool' in the land description and I was banned. The funny part was, the sploder was running on the land for three weeks prior to the ban and we also had one of the Voodoo Support members attend the sim, assist with the land description wording and stayed an hour enjoying the sim. Now they have an issue with the wording???? Ridiculous!!

The item works as advertised but their full disclosure of the terms left alot to be desired. It worked the first day I placed it on my land. Then it stopped working. My manager and I ran around for 1/2 a day trying to figure out the problem. We finally were able to contact someone at support who was very ignorant and angry with us. Apparently you cannot have the word 'young' in the title or description of your land. I was banned from group without explanation or warning and my Sploder was removed from the server. Be careful of the words you use that may be offensive, because the creator of this item has rules of his own apart from those set by LL and their TOS. Who would have thought that 'young' would be an issue. I asked to be reinstated on the server as I have complied, and still nothing two days later. I ended up purchasing another type of Xploder, which is much more user friendly. I do agree that we need to be diligent in our pursuit of socially acceptable terminology and behaviour, but their self created terms should be clearly stated on their advertisement of the product before they arbitrarily take your money and slap your hand later. An IM to fix the issue could have and would have been sufficient. If I could have entered a rating of 0, I would have.

Yep, 1000L$ in total down the drain.
Bought the item here on the marketplace, didn't work, thought I bought a scam-item so I looked for the in-world store.
Notecard and landmark that came with this item here are bogus, leading to an empty parcel for sale by someone else.
Spent about 10 to 15 minutes asking around and searching before finding the actual in-world store.
Tried the update-board there, it said I didn't own one of their sploders... so I figured I had been scammed here on the marketplace.
Then I figured, I want a working Voodoo sploder, I've seen them work, so I've bought one in the in-world store for 500L$ - and... blammo, didn't work.
Went to the update-board again, again to be told that I didn't own one of their sploders.
Joined the group thinking I'd get support there, but decided to check their notices first.
And there was one, in Spanish, which I had to run through a lousy online translator to find out that it said "sorry, the sploder isn't working, others outside SL are working on it".
That notice was dated two weeks ago.
Here's an idea, for the creators/sellers:
When you know your item is broken... STOP SELLING IT UNTIL IT'S FIXED!
Or at least put a message out in front of your store and here on marketplace and on the sploder website that the item currently isn't working, not just in your group.
Many people buy without joining groups.
I'm down 1000L$ now, which I bought using real money, for something which isn't working.
That's 1000L$ which I bought with real money.
I wanted a good sploder to draw in people which would possibly generate income in L$ so I could pay the rent for my land and maybe have a few L$ pocketmoney, instead I'll now have to find a way to cut my losses without losing my land because I won't be able to buy more L$ in time... thanks a lot Voodoo, I hope you are actually refunding people who buy a broken product from you.

For all the trouble they cause, 1L$ would be too much. I wasted 500L$ on this piece of #(*@&!!

Wel i bought this system some weeks ago and you get no support at all,This creator just ignoring all your im´s and notecards.
I would say buyers better go look for another system this aint workin.

So yeah some wonderful customer service there. So remember to look up products before you buy them and hopefully you found this post by doing just that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GreenZone response to Monkey Wonder attempting to blackmail us.

Below is one of the responses to Monkey Wonder from GreenZone. I was unaware that he was working on some of the privacy issues there were with his products. But evidently he really doesn't give a damn anyways.

GreenZone and it's members will stay strong and we won't do nothing while you attempt to blackmail us.

Dear members of the GZ group!

Recently I have revisited the Voodoo products, and to my positive surprise I noticed that Monkey Wonder has in fact adapted many privacy features and thereby relieved a lot of the concerns regarding privacy that were the reasons for this group to fight against the products.

Therefor, I personally contacted Monkey Wonder and we agreed that I should give him a list of the remaining few items that we think were still in violation of privacy. Were those addressed, we would be happy to clear Voodoo products from our "Bad" list. Our talk ended cordially in a truce.


Only a week after this talk, before I was finished compiling this list, members of the Greenzone group are receiving a blackmail: "leave GZ group within 12 hours or you, your items, and your creations will be blacklisted"

I personally feel betrayed! We as the GZ group have pride!

And we will not bow to blackmail!

The GZ group is no griefer group! Therefor, I would like to suggest that everyone of you who is subject to the blackmail of Monkey Wonder, AR him, and whoever is subject to his announced griefing in local chat, AR the person owning the offending device.

Monkey Wonder, consider our talks cancelled. You have shown that you are no man of honour, but instead a blackmailing criminal.

For GZ,

Unya Tigerfish

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monkey Wonder turns Voodoo against people

Monkey Wonder - the maker of voodoo products in Second Life, has decided to start threatening the Green Zone group even more. This is the notecard we all received yesterday.

Dear Greenzone griefing group member,

Following mass defamation, griefing, propoganda, scamming and false abuse reports initiated by members of Greenzone griefing group recently on a scale never before seen in SL, Voodoo has taken the decision to protect our customers and other residents of Second Life from your activities.

Greenzone once had a legitimate purpose in Second Life, protecting the privacy of residents from systems such as Red Zone.
Red Zone is long gone, and Greenzone now operates more like the Anonymous hacking collective. The moderators have lost control, and the group is now a leaderless organisation that anyone with a grudge can join to attack others in the name of Greenzone.

Voodoo produces an extremely popular free Sploder tracking HUD which is owned by thousands and used everyday by many people, we have a user base of over 40,000 avatars. The next version of these HUDs, to be released imminently, will announce any nearby Greenzone griefers in local chat by name, along with any land owned by these griefers and any objects created by them. We believe your creations and land are not safe as you are a member of a group well known for griefing.

We do however understand that there is a minority of legitimate business owners currently in the griefing group, who joined long before Greenzone was hijacked by trouble makers. Due to this, we are allowing 12 hours for you to leave the group and avoid any damage to your business.

Voodoo has been at the forefront of SL security for many years and we take it and peoples privacy very seriously.
We do not wish to become ememies of any group, but we simply cannot tolerate people who choose to attack or scam others.

Thank you for your understanding and please make the right decision.

Monkey Wonder
Owner of Voodoo SL

This guy has been running his mouth off about Green Zone dating all the way back to when RedZone was still around. Basically a few of our members started asking him questions when it was discovered that his products were logging IPs and avi names. Instead of responding in a calm tone and explain any of it he went on the aggressive side and started verbally attacking anybody who questioned his products.

There were also the rumors that he was one of the folks selling the IP and avi name lists. Something that a few people were doing right after the whole RedZone debacle started to come to a close. Again any questions were responded to with hostility.

He then added some of us into his 'anti-bot' system as bots. Not because we are, but because he doesn't like us. Which of course made us wonder how many others were entered into his system just because he or his so called 'bot hunters' didn't like them. Bet he doesn't tell that to his customers. Of course whenever we encountered the system and it was showing our members as bots we told them about it. That must be the griefing part, we informed his customers of how he was really coming up with names to put into that system.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

French Maid

Got a new outfit. A nice little French Maid one that I am sure Mistress will enjoy. Even the feather duster is scripted so I can go around the house cleaning :). Best off all it's completely free on the Marketplace. Lots of options including some sexy naughty ones.

You can find it on the Marketplace here.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beginners Guide to Bondage part one

Okay this is the first in what I hope will be a short series of articles. The topic they are covering is basically a beginners guide to bondage. I am NOT an expert writer and I have rarely tried anything like this. So don't expect perfection.


This is the first installment of a series of articles on the subject of bondage for couples. Now I'm not talking about the tricked out dungeon that some people are already thinking about or the rows of torture devices and many of the other BDSM trappings. No I am talking about private intimate bondage between two lovers, one giving control up while the other taking control. The idea of letting ones self go into the realm of complete trust of another, while that person shows that they are fully capable and deserving of that trust.

My husband and I have been very much into bondage since before we were married. I've spent time online looking into the subject, talking with others, receiving and giving advice and sharing experiences. So hopefully by summing it all up in a few postings I will be able to help a few other couples out there dip their toes into the area of sensual bondage and decide if the water is for them or not without either getting hurt in the process.

First off a warning. Something I've heard others talk about but I never ever see anybody saying until it's to late. If you are the victim of a sexual assault in the past then you will want to tread very carefully into this area. The feelings of helplessness and physical discomfort are something that come along hand in hand with being tied up. These feelings can be highly erotic and create experiences unlike anything you've had. BUT at the same time they could awaken what has happened in the past when those feeling weren't welcome and were not consensual. So be prepared to use your safeword (covered below) at a moments notice if you start to emotionally head into the wrong direction. Make sure you partner is aware of this situation and is ready to help you quickly get out of any restraints.

Okay not onto the first two most important things you must have before embarking into the field of bondage. Those would be trust and a safeword. You cannot have one without the other.

Trust is an absolute key. Your chosen partner has to be somebody you trust completely, after all you will be literally putting your body into their hands. Do not try this with a random person you picked up at a bar or off the internet. You don't know anything about them, what they are capable of or if they actually care enough about you to stop when you tell them. Some of the stories I have heard of where people have done this: A woman screaming her safeword over and over again and the guy not stopping because he said he was 'to into it', a guy tied a woman down to a bed, ball gagged her and then called over his friends to let them have a go at her telling them 'oh she's into this', and a man getting tied down and then the woman taking all of his belongings and leaving. So choose a partner that you have a standing relationship with and that you know will act in your best interest.

Safewords. This is a word chosen before anything starts up at all. If you say this word at any point during the activity the partner is to immediately stop what they are doing, asking you what is wrong and taking every action necessary to solve the problem. Be it something simple as loosening up a restraint or completely stopping all sexual activity, undoing all restraints and taking calm, good care of them. When a safeword is used it means there is a physical or emotional problem so be ready for anything. Also be clear as you can about the problem when you use it. Example: one time when my husband rolled me over to adjust positions of entry when I was heavily bound it suddenly felt like my shoulder was being pulled out of socket. So I yelled my safeword twice very quickly and then followed it up with 'My shoulder it hurts bad'. He very rapidly pulled out, sat me up and started undoing everything on my upper body.

Pick a safeword that you would normally never say during sex. Igloo, giraffe, grandmother, your favorite television show, all these are good examples. Currently my safeword is my maiden name.

Okay that's all for this first installment. Yes I know I didn't get to the actual bondage part but there is ground that has to be covered before you put somebodies hands behind their back and lock handcuffs on them. Next time I will talk about how to talk to each other during the activity because not everybody is into humiliation or degrading comments. Also there will be some talk on picking your first restraining device.

So until then remember, being kinky is a good thing when your being really bad.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New blog to watch

My lovely and wonderful sis has started up her own blog. She is looking to cover more alt fashion than most other fashion blogs do, something I'm all for. So please give it a look and check back for some updates!

Fashion on the Virtual Edge

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bot hunting for fun

So today after reading a bit on the SLU forums about how to spot bot heavy regions I decided to try it out. So I blew the dusty layer off my poor little neglected alt and got her moving. Then I hit up the search function to find them. Find them I did. These places where loaded with bots, nearly all up in the sky with some sort of script running that hides them from showing up if you get anywhere near them.

Some places I visited had over 70 of them running, most of the time in little clusters up in the sky. Others had them spread out all over the sim. Freaking crazy way of getting traffic scores, especially considering most didn't have any real reason to attract actual visitors or keep them.

Here are a few pics.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Jumping for joy at one of my best friends and favorite DJ is going to be coming back soon! Just got this notice from her group:

Group Notice From: Lorelei Live, Lorelei Eberhardt

Hi everyone! I know I promised to come back sooner, but as luck would have it, I broke my wrist. Now, just as my wrist has healed, I have finally had a jaw surgery I've been waiting on for a long time.

(This means I can't talk right now!) While I recover, I'm getting my music together and scoping out some places to DJ. I promise I will be back soon.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support me in my absence!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

inworld sales

Every so often you see people talking about how the Marketplace has led to a pretty large decline of inworld sales. Thus causing traffic numbers to drop drastically at the malls and sales regions. Which leads to businesses pulling up their stores since they aren't cost effective anymore. That of course leads to even less traffic and more empty sims and so on.

I'm wondering if there is way to reverse a little bit of that. Of course this would require the cooperation of a few creators and business owners to work. But here is my idea.

See if some creators would be willing to make a small line that is only available inworld, no marketplace listings for them. Get them all together in one smaller sized mall or around a club or some such. Then actually advertise what is going on. Make sure people know about the 'inworld only' store. Get some bloggers to push it, maybe have a dance party at the location with a couple of the more popular DJ's, talk about it on the forums, things like that.

This is just a musing of course. Just thinking out loud about if it would actually work a little bit. Ah well, maybe if I ever get time to get inworld as much as I used to I could get a few folks to try it out.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

For those very few of you who know me will most likely get a smile out of this. Those who don't will probably find it funny as well.

It's Valentines Day. Had a wonderful dinner with my husband, so much flirting, very public about it also. He also had quite the case of 'roving hands' as well. Currently he's getting ready to put our daughter down to sleep while I take care of some stuff on my computer. I can't resist getting on here and bragging about how spoiled I am today.

Tonight is going to be a really, really good night. So for those who know me I thought I would put up a picture that describes what tonight is going to be like.

Twitter fun

BDSM Valentine Cards words up on my Twitter. Lets hear your ideas! If you have twitter please share them and add to the hashtag!

Twitter me @PotosiAbonwood

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Google never lets me down anymore.

Okay I couldn't help myself this morning. I logged in and checked to see what keywords in search engines had led people here... alt detections, sl alt detection, y'know the usual ones. Then I saw one that made me laugh a little bit.

"sl pussy business"

So I just had to do it. I pulled up google and typed in those words and well how do you like that. There was a link to my site near the bottom of the first page. Okay I can understand it somewhat as it links to a post that has those words in it, just not in that order.

But I noticed another link in the google search from 2006. An article with the title of 'The Best Little Whorehouses in Second Life".

Here it is

A nice little list of the best escort services in Second Life at that time according to the author. So now I have a little mission the next time I log in. I'm going to search out each one just to see how many on this list still actually exist inworld. Something tells me I'll be lucky if two are still there. Longevity of businesses in SL doesn't seem to favor anything lasting more than a couple years.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Started a Twitter account and Lighthouse Bruh is still scum

Okay here is a quick note. In case anybody checking this blog hasn't looked back at one of my older posts it appears that Lighthouse Bruh is back to being a dick again. Really I have no idea how this person stays in business. I'll most likely be doing another full post about him and Lighthouse Rentals here soon. Until then here is a link to the old post, be sure to read the comments for the latest updates.

Lighthouse Bruh and his scummy actions.

On a completely separate note I finally broke down and got a Twitter account. I'll be posting there when I do blog posts on here or when something catches my eye that I want to share real quickly. @potosiabonwood is my name on there, please give me a follow and I'll probably follow you back in a day or so (I don't check everything everyday).

Friday, January 27, 2012

No privacy

I checked to see what search terms are referring people to this blog lately and found an interesting one.

"how can i see an avi on a parcel when they have privacy set"

It just amazing me how people try to get around every little bit of privacy that a person has in Second Life. So they are already looking for ways around the latest parcel privacy settings that the lab put in not to long ago. Who am I kidding? They were most likely looking for that the hour it went into effect.

Of course the top search term is "Lighthouse Bruh". Hopefully people wondering if they should rent from him... and then rapidly changing their minds.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bully way of doing bussiness

Well lets take a look at some really crappy business folks in Second Life. Lets take a look at Similar Footwear.

Recently they lost a competition to N-Core Designs over who was the best store in the 'Avi Choice Awards'. So they did what any reasonable store would do, they threatened to start stealing their designs. Oh wait that's not what a reasonable store would do. That's what a bully would do. Then started up and not only copied the design but also the name of the shoe.

Here is a link to the thread started over on the Second Life Universe forums.

Bad Competition

Started by the owner of N-Core and showing the threat she received and the proof of Similar going through with it. Later the owner of Similar shows up and tries to show proof that N-Core stole from them. Later those are shot down, one very easily since it is the basic stilleto shoe design that you can find everywhere, even in freebie boxes.

Also Similar seems to be using a 3D rendering program to get the pictures for their products. So what they are showing in the marketplace as their shoes is NOT how they will look in Second Life. Basically you will not get what you are looking at. At least N-Core uses actual pics from Second Life to sell their products.

So my advice would be this. Don't support the bully by not shopping at Similar Footwear. Instead take a trip to N-Core and browse their offerings.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm a good girl

Every now and then I need a post that shows there is a reason that I have the adult warning up for this blog. This is one of them.

The other night I finally got some extra free time to get online and spend with Mistress. My RL has been busy lately and I've also had to step back a bit from SL because I was getting obsessed with some things. So when I do get some prime spots of opportunity I use them.

It turned out that Mistress was in a rather frisky mood that night. Showing up in my latex Katt outfit that I reviewed a couple posts back probably just spurned it on a bit further. In very short order she had me stripped with my face between her legs fulfilling my submissive duty of servicing her. Now we did all of this in an adult area in local chat so anybody walking nearby was quite privy as to what was going on. So we had an occasional observer. Once she got herself off on my face she asked a nearby stranger to come over. She offered him the opportunity to use me to get himself off with.

Well this was the first time she has done this with me (but she has done it with my sisters) so I was a bit nervous. But I did not waiver. Soon I was face down on the ground and he had straddled me from behind and was giving me a rough work over. All the while talking with Mistress and observing me more as a useful tool to get off with than an actual person. Not to mention, for added humiliation, we had an occasional person wander up to watch for a bit.

Soon I was begging to cum and was allowed to after I held back for some moments. Then the stranger finished himself off in my mouth. After swallowing his rather large load of semen down I received the wonderful compliment of 'good girl' from Mistress. She was so proud of me!

My Mistress is wonderful and I don't think anything could ever drag me away from her. Below is a shot of the event with her standing right beside the stranger and I. Watching to make sure I did not disappoint him.

Something I thought I would never say.

Okay if you have followed my blog be prepared to be stunned. Your jaw will drop at what I am about to write. Okay here goes....

Thank you Krypton Radio.

Thank you for going black in solidarity with many other sites across the net in opposition to the SOPA and PIPA bills. While I may be opposed to the JLU on many levels I am agreement with them on this topic, completely.

SLUniverse also went black today. Big props to Cris for doing so. Support for this has been from all across the spectrum of the internet.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The blackout has started. Listen... you here that shout of joy? That's the revolutionary in me showing a little. to see a blacked out site.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pussy Katt outfit review

It's been a while since I've put anything up here talking about other peoples stuff. Well I guess now is as a good time as any. So I picked up a new outfit from a shop called Beach Bunns called 'Pussy Katt'. It's a nice little latex number with a good little selection of ways to wear it like zipped up and unzipped, plus a few tail options also. Here is a shot of me with it on.

It doesn't include the chastity belt, that's a little something that Mistress isn't letting me take off at the moment. Maybe she's afraid I may get a little frisky with my sisters. Anyways the entire outfit has a really nice look to it. There is also a guitar and microphone included as well for when you want the whole 'Josey and the Pussycats' look going on. You can find Beach Bunns in search by their name amazingly easy (almost an unknown for Second Life) and below is a link to their blog.

Beach Bunns Swimwear and Clothing

At their store are several boards to buy from with a wide selection of outfits. I've already got my eyes on a couple more that they have. May have some pictures of those in the future.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Second Life Alt Detection is still of interest apparently

Well apparently people are still pretty interested in detecting alts in second life. One of the most common search terms that sends people to my blog here is 'Second Life alt detection' or some variation thereof. Mostly leading back to some of the old RedZone and JLU posts. Even since I hardly even post here anymore I still get a pretty steady flow of traffic based just off that search criteria.

Of course with this much interest that means there is money to be made. Which, of course, there are plenty of people out there trying to find new means of linking avatars to each other. So be aware and watch out.

Also if anybody does find any supposed alt detectors out there please drop me a note about it at or just a comment on this post if you want. I will be sure to pass it onto Linden Labs, Green Zone, SLUniverse and make any information about who is doing it as public as possible. Best way to stop the detectors is by calling out those who make them.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Misc post

Pizza Rolls with chili and cheese on them. Something only my husband would come up with. But I will admit they were pretty tasty.