Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Krypton Radio, GLE and another leak.

Well over on Krypton Radio they suddenly did a flood of like three articles in a row in order to push their article of lies off the main page.  Remember folks refer to Krypton Radio in your blogs and sites by name, that way it shows up in search and people can find out what the site is really like.  Over on the Alphaville Herald GLE said people could come over there and make comments on it and was promptly reminded of his stupidity that people have been leaving comments and they aren't getting through the censors.

Plus a new little leak.  Thanks to the Fred over on SLU for it.  The Justice Lords have now added a 'Troll' designation to their PZ stalking system.  Guess they want to classify the people who do stuff out of world on forums as well.  Ah well, I've got a friend or two who may get the PZ one day and if I'm scanned and show up as 'Troll' to them I'll AR the Justice Lords for defamation.  Probably do that a few times a day... at least.

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