Thursday, August 18, 2016

When you find a racist....

I really don't get along with racists, can't stand them actually.  So when I discovered that someone I've been fucking in Second Life was a racist is became a 'no longer happening' situation for me.  Then he happily put his ignorance on full display.

[2016/08/17 11:14] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): Well,,,,,that was disappointing...... I see you keep pretty busy when not with me........ =(...... I never should have looked
[2016/08/17 11:14] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Oh sorry about that.  I do get around.  Although not all of them are with other guys.
[2016/08/17 11:15] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): EVEN MORE DISAPPOINTING IS IT'S A BLACK GUY!!!!!!!
[2016/08/17 11:18] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Well it happens.
[2016/08/17 11:20] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): I mean I know you aren't mine and you do your own thing when not with me.......but obviously you WILL do ANYTHING.......if that's what you do when not with me.......I'll let you suck and fuck me but I won't be kissing you or eating your pussy anymore.......
[2016/08/17 11:21] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): That's your choice I guess.
[2016/08/17 11:24] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Well since it has evidently upset you that badly I will go ahead and leave.
[2016/08/17 11:25] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): As I said, I never should have looked, I ask you not to tell me who and what you do when not with me. Unfortunate for me I scrolled down to far and you bragging about fucking monkeys in dirty rooms and how you can't help yourself......almost gagged on my own vomit.
[2016/08/17 11:25] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): To think I ate your pussy and kissed your mouth after that
[2016/08/17 11:25] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Okay now you refer to black guys as monkey's.  I'm out of here.
[2016/08/17 11:27] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Sorry racists make me want to gag and vomit.
[2016/08/17 11:27] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): The ULTIMATE turn off.
[2016/08/17 11:27] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): Have one rape your sister and see how you feel. They prey on white girls.
[2016/08/17 11:46] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): (Saved Wed Aug 17 13:29:54 2016)It's cuz of sluts like you they do sister was raped ans impregnated by a monkey while she was passed out at a party. So excuse me if I'm a lil fucking racist when it comes to blacks and whites mixing it up.
[2016/08/17 11:46] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): (Saved Wed Aug 17 13:30:38 2016)[11:27] (You): Have one rape your sister and see how you feel. They prey on white girls.  It's cuz of sluts like you they do sister was raped ans impregnated by a monkey while she was passed out at a party. So excuse me if I'm a lil fucking racist when it comes to blacks and whites mixing it up.
[2016/08/17 11:46] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): (Saved Wed Aug 17 13:30:54 2016)[11:30] (You): [11:27] (You): Have one rape your sister and see how you feel. They prey on white girls.  It's cuz of sluts like you they do sister was raped ans impregnated by a monkey while she was passed out at a party. So excuse me if I'm a lil fucking racist when it comes to blacks and whites mixing it up.
[2016/08/18 11:09] MAXIMUS1856 Resident: (Saved Wed Aug 17 15:51:23 2016)Guess I din realize what I was fucking
[2016/08/18 11:09] MAXIMUS1856 Resident: (Saved Wed Aug 17 16:10:51 2016)Yeah, I knew you were a slut.....and I enjoyed fucking you.... I just didn't know I was getting sloppy seconds to monkeys. I'm sorry, but after what happened to my sister and all these other girls i've seen have blacks fuck em just to breed in real life and then just run off on the girl after she was that inter racial shit dun fly for me. I'm not racist I have black friends but there's a diff between a black guy and them stalking ass animal fucks who find nailing white girls is some kind of conquering honor badge to wear. A lil check mark on a list. I've seen it too many times RL and it makes me sick.
[2016/08/18 11:09] MAXIMUS1856 Resident: (Saved Wed Aug 17 16:11:53 2016)And what's the link for??? shows nothing.
[2016/08/18 11:09] MAXIMUS1856 Resident: (Saved Wed Aug 17 16:14:19 2016)My point I was making, is sluts like you letting them fuck you is what makes them believe they can use and abuse any and all what girls cuz you let them stick that cock in your cunt. Makes them believe they can have any one they want and have at em any way they want like they do with you. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU BRAG HOW WONDERFUL IT IS YOU CAN'T GET ENOUGH.
Yeah really wonderful fella all of sudden isn't he?  Used the 'relative assaulted by a black person' excuse for his racism, then used the 'I'm friends with black people' line to say he's not racist.  It's like a textbook case of lovely hatred.

Guess he got mad I unfriended him, left his groups and walked away.  Of course I promptly went and found a black guy to wash that racist taste from my mouth with a nice load of jizz and let him sodomize me afterwards.... only proper thing to do.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Storytime - At the mercy of my sister

My hands were cuffed in front of me. Not so tight that they cut off my circulation but enough so that I could not get them free. Face down onto the bed with my fingers holding onto my collar ring as I was ordered. A spreader bar kept my legs apart while my rear was in the air. Asshole and pussy open and vulnerable to anyone and anything. Blindfolded and all I could here was the 'click, click, click' of the camera.

“Oh she is so delightful like that isn't she?” The voice of my Mistress, the voice that could make me do anything. She was off to the side near the sounds of the camera. She must be the one taking pictures this time.

“Very lovely, so submissive and so vulnerable, I just want to open her up right now. Like a present.” My Sis. Right behind me. On the mattress. Chills ran down my spine as I knew which part of my backside she liked to use the most.

“Well I'm sure you will be able to fit many presents up inside there the way you like to open your toys.” They shared a bit of laughter, almost menacing.

“Now that I've got this all lubed up and nice it is time to play a while in her.” I trembled as I felt her hand slide over my asscheek. She was wearing gloves, latex, smooth and slick with lubricant. The warmth of her leg pressing against the back of mine as she positioned herself. But I winced up when I felt something, something large, press up against my little rosebud asshole. “Don't worry my lovely little slut. This is will sting a lot but we all know you love it that way.”

With a slow firm push it began to go in. Clenching my teeth tightly as my poor hole got stretched open, to the limit. So big, like the time Mistress had been drinking and decided to fist me on the bar in front of everyone. A whimper escaped my mouth as the head of it suddenly popped all the way in. A momentary relief as the widening shaft kept pushing in.

“The girth of that thing. Watching it is almost mesmerizing. I knew my girl was a bit of whore but she really is surprising me by taking that.”

“She does get around a bit.” Sis replied with a laugh. I feel her fingers reach down around the stretched circle of butthole. Rubbing around that stinging edge, either spreading the lube some more or getting a feel of the work she is doing. I shudder suddenly as she pushes a few more inches in, getting wider still. My whimper now almost turning to a sob as I feel my eyes tearing up. “Oh I do so love getting to be the one to wreck her backdoor. Little filthy thing.”

“Hold it right there my love. Put your hand up on her ass, lean back a bit and look at me.” Click, click, click. “Mmmm... perfect you can see her stretched so well like that and you look so dom like in that picture as well. Now just take her like you mean it.”

“Squeal time you little slut,” her words made me tremble as I felt the huge rubber cock slide back out of me. Popping out of my asshole for a moment and then suddenly shoving back in rapidly. She was right it was squeal time and I was squealing like a pig as she hammered that thing back and forth in my poor rear end.

Then came a loud stinging hard slap to my ass cheek. Sis had put a lot of swing into it and it made my little cinnamon ring clench up even more. By sheer instinct I yelled out. “One! Thank you Mistress Gina!”

My actual Mistress howled with laughter for a moment. Then with a chuckle still in her voice, “Mistress Gina? Oh I see you've been playing with her like this more often than I thought. Such a cute well trained little thing isn't she?”

“Oh yes she is.”

A second loud resounding slap, “Two! Thank you Mistress Gina!” The humping continued until my butt was stinging, numb and well worn. At the fifteen mark she finally stopped. Slowly I felt that last thrust pull out of me leaving my asshole gaping wide for them to see. Click, click, click.

“But that in her mouth so she can clean it up for you. I'm going to go get the cane, a nice little red ass like that needs some lines down the back of it's legs. Doesn't that sound like fun?”

“Yes Mistress.” was my reply with a sob in my voice. As much as I ached and burned right now I was just as wet and horny. They knew it and would make me suffer before giving in and giving me a bit of pleasure. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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