Monday, August 29, 2011

More JLU information

More off the SLU thread.  A bit of history on what JLU has done in the past including destroying a very large group.  Also a few of their alts to add to your ban lists.

violation of 8.2(ii): End of W-Hat:
On May 17, 2011, Masakazu Kojima the sole owner of W-Hat, was banned from Second Life, leaving the group without an owner. Officers in the group managed to invite members of The Wrong Hands, who quickly overran the group. Kalel Venkman was invited to be an officer, as was GreenLantern Excelsior - both left the group immediately, but Kalel managed to get an alt named Drone1 Resident installed as officer. Drone1 waited about a week, then purged the group of slightly over 880 members, leaving only officers. The group now contains only officers, and Drone1 is still in the group and cannot be removed by other officers. The group remains useful as a means of quickly identifying miscreants and ne'er-do-wells, and Wrong Hands members in specific. It is not known how many of the officers are simply alt accounts of others, but 30% would be a fair estimate.

Another violation of 8.2(ii): Any and all spy alts operated by members of the JLU, such as Emiley Tomsen's alt "Jeenkins Leroy"(missing from search), Kalel's alts used for this purpose, "Pat Harlow" and "Drone1 Resident", Maverick Grunfeld's alt "CommieLover8 Boszormeny" and any other alt made and operated with the express purpose of spying on other residents.

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