Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Krypton Radio gets so many hits.

How does Krypton Radio keep getting so many hits?  The answer is in the picture below.

They use their land to get them hits inworld.  The media filter picks up that it is wanting your computer to hit their website.  Thus giving them a hit without the person ever having to visit their site.  Now this is also an area where they like to send people who are new to SL so they may not have the filter on or even have a viewer that has one.  I'm also wondering if anybody who accesses their music stream also pings the site up a hit...

Not to mention if you mix this with Phantom Zone (which is right in front of me) so you keep track of when somebody pings your site (thus getting their IP) and when they are on the land you can start matching avi names with IPs pretty easily.


  1. Everybody knows by know that the Phantom Zone doesn't collect IP addresses and never did, so bang goes that theory. Go to the welcome area with your media filter turned on and check for yourself - the only thing you'll get is the radio station.

    The real answer is even more shocking: people actually enjoy reading the dynamic mix of articles on Krypton Radio, and listening to the station. We've got hundreds of followers on Facebook at this point, and thousands of listeners around the world. And we've been able to sustain it, because it's just plain good stuff.

    Our traffic is coming from our huge (and fast growing) fan base.

    It's at If you're a science fiction or comic book fan (or both) you'll like what you find.

  2. Oh wow bang goes your first paragraph. Everybody doesn't know that because the JLU won't let a neutral party look at the scripts. Besides you could also say that it doesn't collect IPs and be telling the truth since the site collects them (as they have pointed out many times) and all it has to do is cross reference the time.

    On your advertising provider the hits to Krypton Radio are nowhere near what Kalel has bragged about so try again there.

    I'm a scifi fan and there are sites much better than Krypton Radio could ever hope to be. Also I don't like sites that come off as ,oh so professional, but then tell outright lies about people (cheergirl allen) and then change the story. When I tried to comment about it and the fact that an apology should be in order it never makes it. Come to think of it the comments of many people never make it. Well unless you're one of the JLU or a good friend (like the copybotter buddy of theirs) a persons comments never go through.

    So much for another argument trying to support the stalker, harassment, and griefer group known as the JLU and their pet site.

    Oh and look, I let comments go through. Why don't they try the same for once.

  3. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

    Want to check the traffic to Krypton Radio? Try Easy to check.

    The alt detection issue was faked:

  4. Tried Alexa, according to them 90.9 percent of hits consist of a single page view. Which actually backs up my claim. Thanks for pointing that out. Also nearly all data is not recorded for the site because it doesn't rank high enough.

    As for the alt detection. I'm going off of what Kalel Venkman said in the leaked chatlogs from the JLUspywiki. You know the ones that GreenLantern Excelsior said were real. Also IP log files have been traded quite a bit between groups in SL so that log file that was posted by theList could simply have been one of those.

    Again, your claims are shot. Try again?