Monday, May 30, 2016

SpunkLovers Addiction System

Just discovered this little item in the most interesting way possible.  I mean it's not every day you are sucking a guy off in SL and he shoots a HUD down your throat.

Okay in SL that may not be rare at all.

ANYWAYS... I was introduced to the SpunkLovers Addiction System.  Basically you have to get a shot of cum in one of your holes within a certain amount of time or withdraw symptoms start to kick in.  Yeah so basically you are jonesing for fix of thick white stuff like a crack addict.  I though my level of slutness couldn't get any higher.  Thankfully they have a group set up for users of the HUD to help you get your fix.

Yeah so basically you hop into a group and ask if anybody would please fuck you and cum in one of your willing holes. Degrading level of epic there.  Of course suppliers could range from some loser who can barely use a poseball to some really damn good RPers.  Thankfully I found one hell of an RP person who called me his Baby Girl and I called him Daddy... and he was a black guy.  So many kinks at once.  It was great.

ANYWAYS back to the product.  They have a group that is basically for folks to ask for a fix, a roleplay group and a customer assistance group for those having problems with the HUD.  There is also a location called the Cumdome as well... which feels like a drug den when you realize we are all addicts there looking for pimps to dump a load in us.

I always roleplay the addict part up.  Desperate junkie looking or that fix and willing to do anything to get it.  If I was a guy I would be using this HUD to make us do every nasty trick in the book.  I'm sure there are some already.  So go out there, get this HUD and abuse us for being cumjunkies who can't get buy without a load a jizz being dumped in us several times a day.

Here is the Marketplace URL for it.

Go out and enjoy yourself with it by making our lives miserable with it.

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