Sunday, September 25, 2011

More folks to add to the ban lists

Well these are the types of folks that suddenly showed up to offer their 'love' on Kalel Venkman and GreenLanter Excelsior 's posts over on Rodviks feed.  Bunch of alts, many created on the same day.  Thanks to the SLU posters for the pic.


  1. MY is he getting an earful there. :)

  2. Well I think Kalel Venkman and company are suffering from one of the same delusions that zFire suffered from with RedZone. He thinks there is just a small group out there against him and they are group X. This time Kalel thinks it's just some of the griefers that they've managed to get banned when it's really not. He's not considering people like you or I, or us going out and talking to people on our friends lists about it. Telling land owners, club owners, people who run groups, etc and spreading the word. He's not considering the fact that a growing portion of the general user base of residents is standing up to him and saying they don't like what is going on.