Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Current Status of the PD.

Well the **Police Department** seems to have pretty much vanished outside of the grid.  Their second and third websites are gone with only the first remaining and it's pretty much empty.  Their facebook page is a ghost town and anything else I find that they are supposed to have is dead as well.  I'm not entirely sure on their status inworld either, but I haven't heard a thing about them for a few weeks.

So the question is are they falling apart and slowly disbanding or is there some rebranding going on that we don't know about?  They got busted collecting alt names connected to IPs on their main sim a few weeks back.  Including the ability to look to see what other avi names are connected to another by IP address.  Then their log page got passed around quite a bit and it really made their system look like a stalker tool.  None of these would have been noticed if it wasn't leaked that the Justice Lords had connected their brainiac database to the PD one.  Therefore giving them ability to detect alts.  Then people started noticing some crossover of membership between the two and well, they got tossed under the magnifying glass.

So it's pretty interesting to suddenly seem them pulling back like this.  But only time will tell what is really going on.  But they've put a lot of time and effort into their infrastructure, system and database.  So I don't see them going away.

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