Friday, September 2, 2011

JLU objects on land where they don't belong.


Okay folks, especially and land owners out there, it's time to give your area a complete look over.  Take a look at this:

This is a JLU object on land they don't have rights to rez anything on.  So that means they are using and exploit and from what some of the SLU posters are talking about this thing listens in on SIM WIDE local chats.  So 2000 meters in the air in your skybox... Kalel is listening or logging it all to his server.  No clue how long these have been around.

Find one then alert the Lindens immediately and AR the hell out of the JLU for it.  Oh do notice that there is a Linden there looking at it.  May want to drop that specific guy a line if you stumble onto one of these things.  This is totally against so many rules it's unbelievable.

Yeah more and more the JLUs true spying, griefing, stalking, harrassing, listening in, lieing colors come out.  Guess these are to 'protect us' also.


  1. Also it apparently titles itself 'object' and sends out some sort of sensors named s1 - s9. May be hidden under the terrain features and may be on land where you think nobody can rez objects on.

  2. CheerGirl Allen is the one who found this and also mentioned this as well.

    "1 small correction hun, the Scripted object in question was a nano prim sphere... the white cube in the photo was just ressed underneath to make it easier for TJ Linden to see the tiny prim while SHOW TRANSPARENTS was turned on. "

    So this thing is really tiny. Gonna make it a lot of fun to find I think.

  3. More from CheerGirl:

    I found it while using the "GET TOP SCRIPTS" on menu WORLD--> Region\Estate----> Debug Tab ---> GET TOP SCRIPTS button

    I noticed as you can see as well in my photos Kalel Venkman had 11 scripted prims on the sim. I was able to then Create a cube, sit on it and change the X.Y.Z. cordinates so that I was taken directly to his objects.

  4. More info from cheergirl on detecting these, mainly about what WON'T work.

    --I have a question about these objects. they do show up on the region objects list if they're there, don't they? --

    No they do not show up on the ABOUT LAND becuase they are Temp objects. Thats why the (temp) PROBE object was launched every 30 seconds and then rezzed (TEMP) objects s1 through s9.

    The only way to find them is on the GET TOP SCRIPTS function

  5. More finding advice from CheerGirl (who proves that she may be a bimbo but is still smarter than a lot of the rest of us).

    What else you can do is

    Go to the menu

    put a check next to "Scripted objects"

    that will make any scripted prim turn red just like "Show transparent prims" regardless if it is set to Temporary.

    Happy hunting