Friday, September 30, 2011

The Pink Hands are being called trolls for no reason.

Well GreenLantern Excelsior is now calling another group trolls BEFORE there have been any contact with them.  Guess they don't like the Pink Hands idea at all over there in Justice Lords land.  Later I'm going to AR this for defamation of character I think.  Might as well do to them what they are doing to others, of course they would probably see it as griefing then wouldn't they?  Would you Justice Lords folks consider it griefing, might as well go ahead and say in my comments since a few of you have been reading my blog quite a bit here lately.


  1. Oh no, pretty sure they're being called trolls because they're the Wrong Hands in pink dresses.

  2. Well actually I would have to disagree quite a bit. Considering that many of the members were never Wrong Hand members at all. Besides most trolls are folks who start up blogger profiles just to make posts on other peoples blogs and never have the courage to say who they really are in SL. Oh look you're one.

  3. @Krypton ... Whoever you are. (=_=)

    What... One layer of anonymity isn't enough for you? Post in blogs with a 3rd Life account? At best, you're just a horribly weak minded fraud. At worst, you're in legal trouble and we should be turning you in. (^_^)y

  4. Potosi,
    I seriously doubt that this person Krypton is a JLU member. It is most likely someone who is pretending to be to make the JLU look bad.To start up the SLU thread again since it has been dead and people have moved on from the topic. So this is I am sure to just try to cause more issues and stir it up. I wouldn't assume its a JLU member my bet its one of the people who dislike the JLU.
    Not all the members of TPH are TWH but unless the group profile has changed it still is listed as a feminist sister group of TWH.