Saturday, August 27, 2011

why so serious

Tonight I have met some of the crazies of SL... and... they were pretty funny.  All they did was set around and tell stories and jokes.  Laughed about some of the stupid stuff they did years ago in SL had a few 'those were the days' remarks and that's about it. 

Seriously if JLU feels threatened by these people, or think we need protection from them... then JLU are the ones with the issues.

Look I take SL a somewhat seriously depending on who I'm with.  I've made some great friends whom I love dearly.  But I also realize that you can't take anything in SL as life threatening or OMG horrible.  Somebody is griefing a sandbox...o ...m... g... I still remember how that teleport button works and I can leave.  Even when people show a complete disconnection from reality and understand, such as comparing furry avi right to the civil rights movements of MLK, I still manage to just shake my head a bit and walk off.  I may toss a line or two in but I'm not even going to try and argue.

Some people just get to deep into SL and fail to realize that it isn't everything.  Those folks need to unplug.

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