Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cheering up a friend part one.

Part one of the short story 'Cheering up a friend'

 I pulled the long coat up around myself tightly. It was pretty chilly out in the evenings now and it seemed to be really cold currently. The only sound I could hear was the clacking of my boot heels on the walkway leading up to the door. Smiling to myself I gave a knock and waited for a few moments before hearing the knob turning.

“Oh hey Potosi... what are you doing here?” Edward had obviously been drinking and was well on his way to a good drunk, he still had the half empty bottle of whiskey in his hand.

“I just came by to see how you were doing after you break up. You seemed to be taking it pretty hard when I talked with you over the phone.” Walking past him into his apartment and giving it a quick glance, most of the lights off the ones that were on are set on dim. A wadded up picture in the floor and a shot glass on his coffee table. The door shut behind me.

“Yeah.... I wasn't to happy about it. Not my idea I guess she just didn't like the way things were going.” He walked over to his chair and flopped into it as he took another swig off the bottle. “Not sure why I even try anymore.”

I walked around in front of him and stared down into his eyes and then let my coat fall to the floor. Standing before him wearing nothing but boots, collar and a grin. “I think somebody needs to let out a little stress, maybe even some pent up aggression.”

“Pots really, I'm not sure if this is the right time. I'm sort of not in the mood.... “ His voice stopped as I kneeled down between his legs and slid my hands up over his crotch. Without hesitation or losing eye contact I undid his pants button and pulled the zipper down. No underwear, god how I love it that he doesn't wear any. Slipping his still soft cock out into my hands and giving it a good rub as I felt it starting to throb to life. “Holy hell, I want to fuck you so badly right now.”

That long thick cock that I have enjoyed a few times in the past pulsed to life as I stroked it. Leaning down I run my tongue over the head and catch a bit of precum for a taste causing me to start salivating instantly. “I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, talk to me, treat me like you hate me. I want you to let out all your anger straight into me.”

Letting out a grunt he pulled himself to his feet as that cock pushed up against my face. Then his hand pushed my head back a bit as the other guided his manhood towards my mouth. “Well then grab your heels bitch and open your mouth.”

My back arched a bit as I wrapped my fingers over the heels on my boots and immediately he pulled my head down onto his cock. Shoving it into my mouth with a great deal of force. Almost choking me as he pulled it back out a bit and then pushed in again. Within seconds he was face fucking me with a good deal of speed. I gagged and spit as he ran it into my throat causing thick streams of throat slime to come up and spray from my mouth. “Choke on that cock you fucking slut! All the way down I want those balls on your chin every damn time!”

Tears streamed from my eyes as I lost to my gag reflex. Squirming and choking as his thickness ran in and out of my throat. Pulling out only to let me breath for a moment as he wiped his slobber covered dick over my face and glasses and then shoving it back in to pump my mouth like it was just another hole. I never once let go of my heels as I held them in a white knuckle grip. “Now that's a sloppy and proper face fuck. You look good when I turn your face into a fucking mess. Better hope you got it messy enough cause I'm about to shove it someplace else.”

He pulled out with a quickness and I gasped for air as he pushed me over face first into the floor. Straddling my rear as it now waved in the air he reached down and pulled my ass cheeks apart exposing my little butthole. Spitting onto my crack he pushed the head up against my cinnamon ring and shoved in hard. I couldn't help but to let out a little yell as he opened me up so roughly. “Yeah that's it nothing but spit and ass. Surprisingly tight considering how much you get around.” He pounded into my rear hard. Squealing out under him as my poor ring burned from being opened up and stretched like that. Feeling every rock hard inch that drove up into me over and over again.

“Damn your sad as whimpering makes me want to fuck you harder.” He screamed as his hand landed across an asscheek hard. Then another across my other cheek and soon he was slapping them every couple of thrusts as I sobbed under him now. Getting pounded into oblivion while my ass got beat. Then suddenly he pulls out and grabs my hair pulling hard. “Back on your knees fuck socket and get that mouth open really wide.”

Soon as I was up and my lips parted his shoved that asshole fresh cock right back into my mouth. Screaming for me to clean it as the face fucking resumed. I slurped and slobbered sucking every bit of my ass off of him as I could while he ran it down my throat. Then he pulled back out and gave a loud grunt as his cock popped onto my face. Thick streams of cum splattering across my already messy face, over my glasses and in my hair. Some spraying into my mouth as my tongue squirmed for him to see.

He stood back for a bit gasping for air. I sat there also gasping after swallowing down what had gotten in my mouth. Unable to see with the mess across my lenses. Then his voice came in a growl. “Shit I'm still hard. Get ready to ride this fuck stick for a while so I can wreck that ass some more and use it like a cum dumpster.”

Part two coming soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

When you find a racist....

I really don't get along with racists, can't stand them actually.  So when I discovered that someone I've been fucking in Second Life was a racist is became a 'no longer happening' situation for me.  Then he happily put his ignorance on full display.

[2016/08/17 11:14] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): Well,,,,,that was disappointing...... I see you keep pretty busy when not with me........ =(...... I never should have looked
[2016/08/17 11:14] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Oh sorry about that.  I do get around.  Although not all of them are with other guys.
[2016/08/17 11:15] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): EVEN MORE DISAPPOINTING IS IT'S A BLACK GUY!!!!!!!
[2016/08/17 11:18] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Well it happens.
[2016/08/17 11:20] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): I mean I know you aren't mine and you do your own thing when not with me.......but obviously you WILL do ANYTHING.......if that's what you do when not with me.......I'll let you suck and fuck me but I won't be kissing you or eating your pussy anymore.......
[2016/08/17 11:21] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): That's your choice I guess.
[2016/08/17 11:24] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Well since it has evidently upset you that badly I will go ahead and leave.
[2016/08/17 11:25] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): As I said, I never should have looked, I ask you not to tell me who and what you do when not with me. Unfortunate for me I scrolled down to far and you bragging about fucking monkeys in dirty rooms and how you can't help yourself......almost gagged on my own vomit.
[2016/08/17 11:25] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): To think I ate your pussy and kissed your mouth after that
[2016/08/17 11:25] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Okay now you refer to black guys as monkey's.  I'm out of here.
[2016/08/17 11:27] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Sorry racists make me want to gag and vomit.
[2016/08/17 11:27] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): The ULTIMATE turn off.
[2016/08/17 11:27] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): Have one rape your sister and see how you feel. They prey on white girls.
[2016/08/17 11:46] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): (Saved Wed Aug 17 13:29:54 2016)It's cuz of sluts like you they do sister was raped ans impregnated by a monkey while she was passed out at a party. So excuse me if I'm a lil fucking racist when it comes to blacks and whites mixing it up.
[2016/08/17 11:46] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): (Saved Wed Aug 17 13:30:38 2016)[11:27] (You): Have one rape your sister and see how you feel. They prey on white girls.  It's cuz of sluts like you they do sister was raped ans impregnated by a monkey while she was passed out at a party. So excuse me if I'm a lil fucking racist when it comes to blacks and whites mixing it up.
[2016/08/17 11:46] SIR MAXIMUS (maximus1856): (Saved Wed Aug 17 13:30:54 2016)[11:30] (You): [11:27] (You): Have one rape your sister and see how you feel. They prey on white girls.  It's cuz of sluts like you they do sister was raped ans impregnated by a monkey while she was passed out at a party. So excuse me if I'm a lil fucking racist when it comes to blacks and whites mixing it up.
[2016/08/18 11:09] MAXIMUS1856 Resident: (Saved Wed Aug 17 15:51:23 2016)Guess I din realize what I was fucking
[2016/08/18 11:09] MAXIMUS1856 Resident: (Saved Wed Aug 17 16:10:51 2016)Yeah, I knew you were a slut.....and I enjoyed fucking you.... I just didn't know I was getting sloppy seconds to monkeys. I'm sorry, but after what happened to my sister and all these other girls i've seen have blacks fuck em just to breed in real life and then just run off on the girl after she was that inter racial shit dun fly for me. I'm not racist I have black friends but there's a diff between a black guy and them stalking ass animal fucks who find nailing white girls is some kind of conquering honor badge to wear. A lil check mark on a list. I've seen it too many times RL and it makes me sick.
[2016/08/18 11:09] MAXIMUS1856 Resident: (Saved Wed Aug 17 16:11:53 2016)And what's the link for??? shows nothing.
[2016/08/18 11:09] MAXIMUS1856 Resident: (Saved Wed Aug 17 16:14:19 2016)My point I was making, is sluts like you letting them fuck you is what makes them believe they can use and abuse any and all what girls cuz you let them stick that cock in your cunt. Makes them believe they can have any one they want and have at em any way they want like they do with you. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU BRAG HOW WONDERFUL IT IS YOU CAN'T GET ENOUGH.
Yeah really wonderful fella all of sudden isn't he?  Used the 'relative assaulted by a black person' excuse for his racism, then used the 'I'm friends with black people' line to say he's not racist.  It's like a textbook case of lovely hatred.

Guess he got mad I unfriended him, left his groups and walked away.  Of course I promptly went and found a black guy to wash that racist taste from my mouth with a nice load of jizz and let him sodomize me afterwards.... only proper thing to do.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Storytime - At the mercy of my sister

My hands were cuffed in front of me. Not so tight that they cut off my circulation but enough so that I could not get them free. Face down onto the bed with my fingers holding onto my collar ring as I was ordered. A spreader bar kept my legs apart while my rear was in the air. Asshole and pussy open and vulnerable to anyone and anything. Blindfolded and all I could here was the 'click, click, click' of the camera.

“Oh she is so delightful like that isn't she?” The voice of my Mistress, the voice that could make me do anything. She was off to the side near the sounds of the camera. She must be the one taking pictures this time.

“Very lovely, so submissive and so vulnerable, I just want to open her up right now. Like a present.” My Sis. Right behind me. On the mattress. Chills ran down my spine as I knew which part of my backside she liked to use the most.

“Well I'm sure you will be able to fit many presents up inside there the way you like to open your toys.” They shared a bit of laughter, almost menacing.

“Now that I've got this all lubed up and nice it is time to play a while in her.” I trembled as I felt her hand slide over my asscheek. She was wearing gloves, latex, smooth and slick with lubricant. The warmth of her leg pressing against the back of mine as she positioned herself. But I winced up when I felt something, something large, press up against my little rosebud asshole. “Don't worry my lovely little slut. This is will sting a lot but we all know you love it that way.”

With a slow firm push it began to go in. Clenching my teeth tightly as my poor hole got stretched open, to the limit. So big, like the time Mistress had been drinking and decided to fist me on the bar in front of everyone. A whimper escaped my mouth as the head of it suddenly popped all the way in. A momentary relief as the widening shaft kept pushing in.

“The girth of that thing. Watching it is almost mesmerizing. I knew my girl was a bit of whore but she really is surprising me by taking that.”

“She does get around a bit.” Sis replied with a laugh. I feel her fingers reach down around the stretched circle of butthole. Rubbing around that stinging edge, either spreading the lube some more or getting a feel of the work she is doing. I shudder suddenly as she pushes a few more inches in, getting wider still. My whimper now almost turning to a sob as I feel my eyes tearing up. “Oh I do so love getting to be the one to wreck her backdoor. Little filthy thing.”

“Hold it right there my love. Put your hand up on her ass, lean back a bit and look at me.” Click, click, click. “Mmmm... perfect you can see her stretched so well like that and you look so dom like in that picture as well. Now just take her like you mean it.”

“Squeal time you little slut,” her words made me tremble as I felt the huge rubber cock slide back out of me. Popping out of my asshole for a moment and then suddenly shoving back in rapidly. She was right it was squeal time and I was squealing like a pig as she hammered that thing back and forth in my poor rear end.

Then came a loud stinging hard slap to my ass cheek. Sis had put a lot of swing into it and it made my little cinnamon ring clench up even more. By sheer instinct I yelled out. “One! Thank you Mistress Gina!”

My actual Mistress howled with laughter for a moment. Then with a chuckle still in her voice, “Mistress Gina? Oh I see you've been playing with her like this more often than I thought. Such a cute well trained little thing isn't she?”

“Oh yes she is.”

A second loud resounding slap, “Two! Thank you Mistress Gina!” The humping continued until my butt was stinging, numb and well worn. At the fifteen mark she finally stopped. Slowly I felt that last thrust pull out of me leaving my asshole gaping wide for them to see. Click, click, click.

“But that in her mouth so she can clean it up for you. I'm going to go get the cane, a nice little red ass like that needs some lines down the back of it's legs. Doesn't that sound like fun?”

“Yes Mistress.” was my reply with a sob in my voice. As much as I ached and burned right now I was just as wet and horny. They knew it and would make me suffer before giving in and giving me a bit of pleasure. I wouldn't have it any other way.


If you enjoy these stories feel free to make a donating to me on Second Life.  On there my name is, surprise, Potosi Abonwood.  Just drop me some lindens and maybe a message letting me know what you liked or even a suggestion on what kind of story you want to see next.  The more donations I get the more I will write, the more suggestions I get the more tailored to what you all want the stories become.  

Hope you had fun!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Erotic Roleplay lesson one Introductions

Erotic roleplay lesson one, how to introduce yourself to a new potential partner.  Or basically how not to come across as a complete fool.


You see that?  THAT DOES NOT CUT IT.  So please just stop that completely.  First impressions usually come across in that first line of text you send somebody.  They way they look is sort of secondary because anybody can spend a large amount of cash to get a dynamite avatar.  You need to show there is some sort of intelligence on the other side of it.

Also you need to show that you have some imagination as well.  Being a little bit creative in that introductory line shows that maybe you can be a little creative in the emotes as well.  Nobody really wants to get stuck with somebody who can do nothing but jump around on poseballs and say "I stick my dick in".

Also forget the shortcuts (type out 'you' instead of 'u'), use some capital letters and punctuation (even if you get it a little wrong at least you are trying) and try to sharp up your grammar skills.

Here are a few simple examples to show you what I mean.

"Making sure I catch your eye as I look you up and down while flashing a sly grin."

"Walking up slowly with a smile 'So can I buy a beautiful young woman like yourself a drink?'"

"Raising and eyebrow and and giving a half smile as I sit next to you at the bar."

Simple easy and gets the ball rolling with a little bit of roleplay straight from the start.  Now mind you where you are could send signals as to what type of introduction line you are wanting or should send.  If you are hanging out in a full on adult sim that is basically a big sex parlor than things may be a bit different and much more direct.

"While staring at your hot little body you notice me adjust my jeans to accommodate a growing bulge."

"Walking up biting my lower lip and staring over your chest and abs 'Oh you are just acres and acres of meat aren't you? Can't wait to see what you have covered up.'"

"Noticing your eyes on me I slide my fingers down the back of my thong adjusting it slightly along the crack of my ass.  Then giving my hips a little kick out to the side to show my rear end a bit better."

Making something so forward may not be everyone's cup of tea.  But if all you're looking for is a bit of fun without any strings than being direct is your best choice for fastest results.  If the roleplay is hot and fun then maybe something could be established afterwards for future interactions.  But getting that foot in the door is important, making sure that shoe doesn't get chopped off is the goal.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Addicts Support Group

Another story inspired by the SpunkLovers Cum Addiction System.


I sat nervous in my seat fidgeting a little. I was in the row of chairs against the wall and looking to the right were empty chairs of those who have stood up already. To my left were chairs with other women just like me waiting their turn. Most of them looked nervous as well. Looking back forward I could see the other woman leaving the little microphone stand and it was my turn.

Standing up I walked sheepishly to the little shiny stand and leaned forward to the mike my voice shaky and weak. “Hello my name is Potosi... and I'm an addict.”

“Hello Potosi,” the voices sounded off from the room.

Smiling a bit at the welcome I continued with the lines we all had to say, “I am a worthless slut who is addicted to cum. My only purpose is to satisfy men so they will give me the cum that I desire. May their beautiful cocks ever be erect and their seed always flowing. Now I beg of you to fill my mouth.”

There is a bit of applause from the other side of the room. I slowly walk over to that side. To my left are men leaned back in their chairs between each of their legs is a woman, like me, sucking their cock. Some are slowly servicing, others are gagging as the man forces them roughly up and down while others choking themselves down. To my right were men waiting in their chairs, bulges in their pants waiting for us to suck them off.

The one waiting for me next in line smiled and pulled his dick out of his sweat pants. It was long and thick and he just smiled at me. No words were said as I knelt down and took it into my mouth. His hands reached up onto my head and pushed me down on it hard. I was going to be one of the ones gagging and choking as the next woman, just like me, took her place at the microphone and introduced herself.

All I could think about was getting my fix.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Needing that fix

A short story inspired by the SpunkLovers Cum Addiction System.


 The withdraw symptoms were getting worse. I could barely walk down the alley as my legs trembled under me and my own pussy had become extremely over sensitive. I had to have it now, from anybody, I just had to. Finally I saw a man standing outside of a doorway smoking a cigarette. Straightening myself up as best I could I approached. Once I got closer he came into a view, a black man, bit of a gut in a janitors outfit.

“Well look at you. Another bitch hooked up and needing a fix. I can see that a mile away. Well good, I need to get my nuts off and something as useless as you will do fine.” He grabbed his crotch and gave it a squeeze, tossed his cigarette and motioned me to come inside, “This way little junkie let's do this out of sight shall we?”

Scrambling behind him as fast as I could go into through the doorway. The light blinding me for a moment and then upon seeing I let out a little gasp. Two more men, both janitors, were inside as well circles around a table with playing cards on it. Both were grinning ear to ear.

“What the hell have you drug in here now Jerome?”

“Just another bitch in heat and I think she's really hurtin' for a fix.” He pushed me up over the table, cards scattering and gave my ass a hard slap, “Hope you don't mind slut but you got three of us take care of now. Boys just like last time okay.”

They started laughing and agreeing with him as they undid their jeans. My eyes went wide as I saw their cocks flop out, they were very well hung and my mouth watered. It didn't take but a second before one was pressing his in between my lips which I let in very willingly. As I sucked him the others pulled my skirt and panties off and spent time holding my ass cheeks apart and slapping my rear.

The blowjob quickly turned into a face fuck as the other two started slapping my poor cunny and dry fingering my asshole. I twitched and squirmed but they didn't stop. Drool and slobber ran from my mouth as the one pulled out and another replaced him. Then the cock covered in my spit pressed into my rear. My hand was guided to the last mans dick so I could stroke him as he waited his turn. Painfully that fucked my ass using only my spit as lube, taking turns going from there to my mouth over and over again. Their fingers digging into my pussy deep.

I came over and over, the need for a fix having sent my poor clit into overdrive. Then I glanced over and saw one putting on a condom, pulling my mouth free of another dick I yelled out, “No, I need that please I need your cum in me!”

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, “Don't worry bitch you'll get it, just don't want to get you off your crazy just yet. It'll be waiting in it's own little package for you to drink.” He then went behind me and started hammering into my pussy hard. It hurt and drove me insane with pleasure at the same time. The others laughed at me taking turns popping their cocks in and out of my mouth.

Then with a loud groan he came and came hard. Slamming me as hard as he could with every thrust. Pulling out panting for air he stepped off to the side and another put their condom on. Meanwhile the one slowly slid his off, it was heavy with jizz. Then he dropped it in the floor, some of it leaking out, “Guess you'll have to do some licking to get it all!”

I almost cried as a sudden large cock slid into my cunny. Then I started bawling. Each blowing their nuts out into a condom and dropping them onto the floor next to the other. Laughing they pushed me of the table into the floor, pulled out their phones and pointed at the pile, “There you go bitch get what you want, lap it all up.”

With them recording I crawled on all fours to the pile of used rubbers. Picking up one I lifted it up and drained it into my mouth. That wonderful taste of semen hitting my senses finally. Sucking on the end to get every drop I went after the other two. Slurping and sucking down every bit, then dropping to the floor and licking up the mess that leaked out. Leaning back on my knees I moved my fingers over my face to make sure I got any there into my mouth. My trembling stopped, my head cleared and everything felt normal again.

The laughing brought me back to the immediate world around me. The three men stood there laughing as they recorded. One was reading my name and address off my drive license he had pulled from my purse. I stumbled to my feet and grabbed up my skirt and panties but a hand stopped me, “No bitch those panties stay here.”

He pulled them from my hand and walked to the back of the room. I didn't notice the wall before but I stood there staring at it now. Hanging my wet panties up on the wall with a thumbtack alongside several others. Trophies of junkies like me that had stumbled through here before, some large, some small, animal prints, g-strings and lace. All hanging up like prizes. Tears ran from my eyes again as I pulled on my skirt.

A hand slid up between my legs under my skirt and cupped my sore pussy, “Thanks for the fuck. Always fun making you all cumrags. Come back when you need another load to lick off the floor.”

They laughed as I left. It was humiliating and I had no idea of what they were going to do with those videos. But then I turned around and looked at the building remember where it was. Just in case.... just in case I get desperate for another fix again.  

Monday, May 30, 2016

SpunkLovers Addiction System

Just discovered this little item in the most interesting way possible.  I mean it's not every day you are sucking a guy off in SL and he shoots a HUD down your throat.

Okay in SL that may not be rare at all.

ANYWAYS... I was introduced to the SpunkLovers Addiction System.  Basically you have to get a shot of cum in one of your holes within a certain amount of time or withdraw symptoms start to kick in.  Yeah so basically you are jonesing for fix of thick white stuff like a crack addict.  I though my level of slutness couldn't get any higher.  Thankfully they have a group set up for users of the HUD to help you get your fix.

Yeah so basically you hop into a group and ask if anybody would please fuck you and cum in one of your willing holes. Degrading level of epic there.  Of course suppliers could range from some loser who can barely use a poseball to some really damn good RPers.  Thankfully I found one hell of an RP person who called me his Baby Girl and I called him Daddy... and he was a black guy.  So many kinks at once.  It was great.

ANYWAYS back to the product.  They have a group that is basically for folks to ask for a fix, a roleplay group and a customer assistance group for those having problems with the HUD.  There is also a location called the Cumdome as well... which feels like a drug den when you realize we are all addicts there looking for pimps to dump a load in us.

I always roleplay the addict part up.  Desperate junkie looking or that fix and willing to do anything to get it.  If I was a guy I would be using this HUD to make us do every nasty trick in the book.  I'm sure there are some already.  So go out there, get this HUD and abuse us for being cumjunkies who can't get buy without a load a jizz being dumped in us several times a day.

Here is the Marketplace URL for it.

Go out and enjoy yourself with it by making our lives miserable with it.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Charlesbell1997 is a proven idiot

Some people in Second Life are so much fun.

[2016/05/29 13:06] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): mmmmm
[2016/05/29 13:07] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): flashes you a sly grin
[2016/05/29 13:07] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): nice pussy you got there
[2016/05/29 13:07] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997) watches
[2016/05/29 13:08] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): if only he was actually fucking it
[2016/05/29 13:08] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Well yeah some avi's just don't seem to line up very well.
[2016/05/29 13:08] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): eh all he has to do is adjust it
[2016/05/29 13:09] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): but obbviously dont are enough to
[2016/05/29 13:09] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Well I'm never teh one giving orders.
[2016/05/29 13:09] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): yea well 90% of the guys here suck at it XD
[2016/05/29 13:09] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): This is true.  I'm assuming you're in the other 10%?
[2016/05/29 13:10] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): yep 2 wifes 2 pets
[2016/05/29 13:10] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): lol
[2016/05/29 13:11] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): still not pleasing me enough
[2016/05/29 13:11] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Nice.  I used to have a Mistress and two sisters, but that was a while back and I'm the only in SL anymore.
[2016/05/29 13:12] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): well guys in here suck honestly lol
[2016/05/29 13:12] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i have seen some of the doms oh lord
[2016/05/29 13:12] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): lol
[2016/05/29 13:12] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): they  are just fiesty subs XD
[2016/05/29 13:12] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Mistress and I used to call them Dim Doms.
[2016/05/29 13:13] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): yep
[2016/05/29 13:13] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i dom mistresses lol
[2016/05/29 13:13] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): She was quite adept in performing her duty as a Dom.
[2016/05/29 13:13] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): and rp everything and troll everyone while doing it lol
[2016/05/29 13:13] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): ya domming is easy for some
[2016/05/29 13:14] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i would make you wet irl trolling XD
[2016/05/29 13:14] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): If you say so.
[2016/05/29 13:14] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): anyways hows your day
[2016/05/29 13:15] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Doing very well thank you for asking.  How about yourself?
[2016/05/29 13:15] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i am good bored af but good lol
[2016/05/29 13:15] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i like watching noobs
[2016/05/29 13:16] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Well then you should enjoy yourself here.
[2016/05/29 13:20] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i do aha
[2016/05/29 13:20] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): you have experience why come here
[2016/05/29 13:20] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i mean i found aa awesome sub the other day
[2016/05/29 13:20] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): but doms eh lol
[2016/05/29 13:21] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Random fun with random people has become more fun than trying to find any sort of Dom nowdays.
[2016/05/29 13:21] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): eh
[2016/05/29 13:21] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): if you say so my subs love me lol
[2016/05/29 13:22] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): almost quite literally
[2016/05/29 13:23] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): ... and yet here you are with the noobs criticizing why I'm here.
[2016/05/29 13:23] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i come to laugh at them lol
[2016/05/29 13:23] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): sometimes good subs come here
[2016/05/29 13:25] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): is he rping with you
[2016/05/29 13:25] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): ?
[2016/05/29 13:26] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Yes he is.
[2016/05/29 13:26] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): oh yumm
[2016/05/29 13:26] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): is it extra good?
[2016/05/29 13:27] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): He's not to bad to be honest.
[2016/05/29 13:27] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): lol good for you
[2016/05/29 13:27] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i sure as hell would hope so though
[2016/05/29 13:28] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): he been here 7 years XD}]
[2016/05/29 13:28] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): I've been here almost six.
[2016/05/29 13:28] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): which is why i wrote you otherwise
[2016/05/29 13:28] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i would just fuck with you and stop your poses lol
[2016/05/29 13:29] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Actually you wouldn't ever get a chance to fuck me.  Nearly everything you have said to me has been a total turn off and a laugh to boot.
[2016/05/29 13:30] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i would not want to fuck you XDDD
[2016/05/29 13:30] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i have no idea where you got that far fetched ass idea lol
[2016/05/29 13:30] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Well why else would you keep on talking to me.  You are the definition of a Dim Dom.  It's been real fun laughing at you.
[2016/05/29 13:31] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): ah ok pussy bitch lol
[2016/05/29 13:31] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i love stupid fucks like you lol
[2016/05/29 13:31] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Get a few more years here and then we'll see how big you think you are.
[2016/05/29 13:31] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i am better than you at everything in this game XD
[2016/05/29 13:31] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): your shit and your avi is fucked lol
[2016/05/29 13:31] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Well you already messed up there, it's not a game, so try again.
[2016/05/29 13:32] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Haha.... yeah my avi is fucked... have you looked at yours lately?
[2016/05/29 13:32] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): you fucks are retarded
[2016/05/29 13:32] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): lol
[2016/05/29 13:32] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): this is a game
[2016/05/29 13:32] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): a video game
[2016/05/29 13:32] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): XD
[2016/05/29 13:32] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): I can't wait to copy paste this conversation to my blog.
[2016/05/29 13:32] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): so your a little slut who takes many dicks irl
[2016/05/29 13:32] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): right?
[2016/05/29 13:33] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): You are hilarious.
[2016/05/29 13:33] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): cause you know you folks take this shit way to serious
[2016/05/29 13:33] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): this is not life lol
[2016/05/29 13:33] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): it is a video gam
[2016/05/29 13:33] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): just like COD or SIMS
[2016/05/29 13:33] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): all video games
[2016/05/29 13:34] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Really?  Where is the score?  Or how do I win?  How many lives do I have?
[2016/05/29 13:34] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): really lol
[2016/05/29 13:34] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): people can kill you on here
[2016/05/29 13:34] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): but you don't die
[2016/05/29 13:34] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Okay kill e.
[2016/05/29 13:34] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): can shoot you and you live
[2016/05/29 13:34] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Kill me.
[2016/05/29 13:34] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): lol let me take you to the asylum
[2016/05/29 13:34] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): this is a game
[2016/05/29 13:35] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): No parts of it can be rigged like a game.  But the basis of the entire set up does not meet any of the criteria to be classified as a game.
[2016/05/29 13:35] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): it is a viideo game
[2016/05/29 13:35] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Can you use punctuation at all by the way?
[2016/05/29 13:35] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): what would you call it then
[2016/05/29 13:35] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): and nope lol
[2016/05/29 13:36] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Or know how to capitalize the first letter of a sentence.
[2016/05/29 13:36] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): You must really suck at rp if you can't.  That would be some dreadful shit.
[13:36] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): lol
[13:36] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): so you say
[13:36] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): would not waste my time on someone like you lol
[13:37] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Actually I think it's more of the other way around.
[13:37] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): take this GAME way to seriously
[13:37] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): lol
[13:37] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): as i said i am a troll
[13:37] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): you are feeding into my shit
[13:37] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): lol
[13:37] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): good job
[13:37] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): I'm taking it to seriously and yet you are the one who seems to be getting the most upset.
[13:37] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): ^_^
[13:37] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i am not upset
[13:37] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): i am laughing XD
[13:37] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): it is a game
[13:38] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Mmmmhmm... sure you are.  Have a nice day.
[13:38] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): Right XD
[13:38] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): bye beeeachh
[13:38] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): haha
[13:38] Potosi (potosi.abonwood): Waves bye with a smile.
[13:38] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): lol
[13:38] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): leave already
[13:39] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): or you going to be fucked by another straanger lol?
[13:39] ıllıllı вαναиαиα fιяℓια ıllıllı (charlesbell1997): wtf is a potosi btw lol

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Please no

“Ten? Ten guys? Please Mistress tell her no! I beg of you please don't make me do this!” I was on my knees my arms were wrapped around my Mistresses hips. Her hand patted my head and I whimpered a little close to the verge of tears.

“Gina... you are my wife and I love you dearly. But I think this is a bit much for your sister.” The voice and words were soothing and my head nodded quickly up and down as I continued to hold on tightly. “Besides I've never seen her this adamant about not wanting to do something in a long time.”

I couldn't tell if Gina was frowning or just thinking. “Well the film needs a final gangbang scene for it to be really complete. I mean she is quite a natural when comes to getting handled and used.”

“Yes she is a natural at it... but do I need to make the gentle reminder that so are you?” Sis cast her eyes downward a bit at this statement. “Potosi is a wonderful little playtoy... but she is MY wonderful little playtoy. I just let you use her at my discretion. In this case I am saying she is not to be used in this way. I'm sure we can find some other little slut that we can pay... or trick into getting herself as the target for your final scene.”

I buried my face into Mistress, “Oh thank you thank you thank you.” I purred loudly as I felt her hand rub my alongside one of my ears making it twitch.

“Understood my wife. I shall go and start looking for a suitable replacement for the scene.” Sis did a little semi-bow as a sign for permission to leave. Mistress took a step forward and ran a finger through sis's collar and pulled her in for a kiss.

“Mmmm... I'm glad you understand. Any other misgivings over this can be paid back tonight with your head between my legs my dear for it will be there for quite sometime I think.” Sis grinned with a nod of her head then turned and left. Then Mistress turned to me smiling widely and then walked in a circle around me a few times. “On your feet girl.”

Quickly I stood up and faced towards her only to have two fingers pressed against my collar pushed me back up against a wall. She was still smiling but her expressions were much more sterner. Slowly those two fingers slid down my chest, between my breasts and along my belly. Finally slipping down into the bottoms of my bathing suit. I let out a gasp and shuddered as they slid straight between my moist lips and up into me. There was no playfulness, no teasing, just straight in all the way to her palm.

“My dear Potosi. Who owns the pussy my fingers are in right now?” Her voice was malicious as she leaned in very close to me.

“You own it Mistress. My -ah- pussy is your property.” I stumbled my words out as she scissored them inside of me in mid sentence.

“That's right. You always were very understanding of the ownership I have over every part of you. However I don't think you have been very earnest with some of your lessons.” She slipper her fingers out of me which caused me to shiver a bit more. Then she rubbed them across my lips as she kept speaking. “Lessons girl. I've got on lesson to teach you over the next seven days. Now take off that swimsuit and follow me.”

I slipped my bottoms off and left them on the floor as she begin walking immediately, my top was tossed off by the time we reached the bedroom door. With a flick of the wrist she motioned for me to lay on the bed while she begin pulling the straps out from underneath it. Within in a minute I was restrained at the wrist and ankles, my legs spread open wide for her to do whatever she wished with me. She grinned down at me with a hint of evil in her eyes as she retrieved a large wand vibrator wand from the dresser.

“First thing you need to know about your training tonight, you will be punished for cumming without permission, you will be punished for it. Second is that you do not have permission to cum at all so don't even bother asking me for it. Third is, well, third is that you will be cumming a lot tonight.” With that last word I heard the humming as the vibrator clicked on. She crawled up in bed beside me, I must have looked extremely worried. “Oh dear you look scared. Good. I'm going to enjoy whipping that ass of yours every time you squirt like a little slut all over my best bedsheets. You are going to learn to control your orgasms much better. I'm giving you a week full of lessons for that.”

My eyes rolled back in my head as I felt the vibrator press up against my mound. Within moments I was already twisting around like crazy in the restraints as the one person who knew every inch of me went to work. I was already about to cum so bad as I gasped for breath.

“So close already? Well by the end of the night I guess both your pussy and ass will be nice and red.” Her laugh filled the room as I arched my back up and screamed trying to fight off something that I couldn't stop from happening inside of me.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Storytime 2 - Trouble

Mistress came home earlier than we thought from her business trip. A full day earlier. Sis and I were snuggled into bed with each other when the bedroom door flung open and the lights came on. Less than two minutes later we were downstairs in the living room for full visual inspection. Which meant we standing facing each other, legs spread apart, hands behind our heads completely naked. Our hair looked like we had slept standing on our heads.

“Ah there are my two lovely girls, surprised to see me home early?” Mistress had one of those soothing voices when she wanted.

“Yes Mistress, surprised in the most pleasant of ways.” I blurted out quickly. Sis nodded her head with my statement. Though we made sure we kept our eyes locked on each other.

“Mmmhmm... I see.” Mistress walked up behind me and slowly slid her hand down my back, between my asscheeks and then up between them cupping my sweet mound from behind. My body trembled a bit at her touch and my breath got sharp. “Now do you remember the rules I laid down before I left?”

“We are only allowed to have sex with those who are part of our family. We must keep the house completely in order at all times. Pots must service me every night over the webcam so you can watch.” Sis quickly streamed out as I was biting my lip hoping that what we had done had not been found out. I bit my lower lip as I felt Mistress rub a finger along my slit now.

“Very good my love. Now I see the house is immaculate as I expected. You and your sister were absolutely wonderful on the camera, so hot that I showed many of the men at the conference. They have sat up some appointments with you two over the next few months by the way. As for the other...” She paused, even her fingers paused, I think my heart stopped and Sis had that look of fear in her eyes. “You fucking little whores decided to sell yourselves on the side for some extra cash like some kind of gutter sluts.”

“Mistress, my wife, my love, I can explain...” Sis had her words cut short by Mistress shoving me aside and then slapping her across the face. I quickly resumed my position although now I was trembling as I stood there. Tears welled up in the eyes of my Sis as her cheek got a rosy red tint.

“Explain? What you accidentally took some money from some men and then accidentally fell onto their dicks? You are my property, I own you both, only I can sell you out for your services. But you two ungrateful bitches decide that my rules aren't worth following. I took you in and trained you to be good obedient subs, but you evidently would rather be run of mill common fucktoys that can be found on any street corner.” Her voice was angry I was whimpering now and couldn't control myself. I felt tears streaming down my face already. Sis had gone white as a sheet and I wasn't sure if she was even breathing.

Mistress paused, pushed a few strands out of her face and back over her ears. Calmly walking over to the cabinet she got a bottle of wine and the corkscrew. Sis and I stared at each other, still in our inspection pose, it took everything I had not to break down crying in the floor right then. Every second seemed to take an eternity. Finally she walked back between us, a single glass of dark red wine in her hand and a very determined look on her face.

“You even let them take pictures. Which I have seen. You know much this has upset me... don't answer either of you.”, taking a long drink from her glass and savoring the flavor for a moment. “Well Potosi I surely hope you enjoyed my fingers on your little passed around pussy earlier. Because you won't be feeling anybody touching you there for at least a month. Chastity belts for the both of you, I've already bought them. You'll be asking me for the key every time you need to take a shit and I'll watch you take that shit just to make sure your fingers don't stray.”

Sis's eyes opened wide at this idea. I lost control at that point and crumpled to the floor a sobbing heap. A thump in front of me caught my attention as the belt was on the floor. “Put in on now bitch. Afterwards be the bedroom I want to feel your tongue between my toes for a good long while as my whore wife eats my pussy. Then you can move to my ass.”

Turning on her heel she walked out of the room while drinking down the rest of her glass, tossing it to the floor and grabbing the bottle on her way. Sis leaned down to me and put her hand against my cheek caressing it gently. “I'm so sorry Potosi. We really fucked up this time.”

“Aww... how touching. Now hurry up whores your tongues need to be against me very quickly unless you want it to be more than a month before you are allowed to cum again.”

I quickly get to my feet with sis half lifting me up. Panic setting it fast as we grab the belts and pull them on. They are larger than any she had made us wear before and a polished chrome look to them. Slits in the front so we could pee without taking them off although we wouldn't be able to wipe clean. Pulling them up on ourselves we closed the locks for each other, the snaps feeling like a prison sentence. Immediately my little quim screamed for my touch and I started crying again.

We ran down the hallway as fast as we could with the uncomfortable devices on. Mistress was lying on the bed, her top was still on but her pants and boots were gone. She was spread eagle holding her panties aside with one hand while holding the wine bottle in the other. One leg raised in the air waiting for my mouth. Sis nearly dove across the room landing between her legs, face going straight to Mistress's pussy. I was right behind her my hands grabbing that raised leg and running my tongue along the sole of the foot in one long lick and then sliding it between those toes I had memorized long ago.

“Mmm... yes. Taking away your ability to pleasure yourselves brought out a whole new level of obedience and eagerness. For the next month only I will get serviced, neither of you shall get any respect and you will only live to satisfy me completely.” She let out a soft moan and pulled sis's head in harder against her cunny and pushed her toes into my mouth wiggling them around.