Thursday, September 22, 2011

Krypton Radio - now trying to cover their own nasty comments

Okay just recently I posted up the pretty nasty little comment made over on the Krypton Radio website by a guy known as Nip/Tuck.  Now from what I've heard today this Nip/Tuck person also posted over on another persons site before along with Vagabond Carter from the JLU... and they shared the same IP and were the same person.  So this makes a comment today over on Krypton Radio even funnier.

So Vagabond is chastising himself over the comment he made.  This also shows how the comments section on Krypton Radio works with the members basically replying to and supporting themselves through alternate names.

Now it gets more humorous.

So now, suddenly, once it's mentioned over on SLU that Nip/Tuck and Vagabond are the same person the other comment is removed and replaced with one from the Krypton Radio staff.  This time thanking Nip/Tuck for editing his post... which took the world 'infant' and turned it into 'instant'.  So yeah they were comparing banning to SIDS.  Now that's classy.

Yeah... they edit their stories, they refuse to allow negative comments to get posted, they make their own comments... good site there Kalel Venkman.

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