Sunday, September 18, 2011

GZ finally steps up against PZ

Oh in really good news section.  The GreenZone hud now detects Phantom Zone.  I'm pretty sure the Justice Lords won't like this at all and will start looking for ways around it.  When I saw the update and announced it in the GZ chat one guy really threw a bit of a fit.  Here are some of his comments:

[06:01] Hersul Lachman: Now GZ is going to far by calling parcels & sims BLACKLISTED.
[06:01] Hersul Lachman: actions will be taken now, and now i'm not that nice guy anymore
[06:02] Hersul Lachman: NP i know what to do now
[06:04] Hersul Lachman: First they give messages of devices GZ don't like in combination with names of innocent people and now they say parcels are BLACKLISTED and now they do exact the same like they say Vodoo is doing wrong
[06:04] Hersul Lachman: as long as LL doesn't say things are forbidden, GZ doesn't have the right to blacklist parcels or sims
[06:09] Hersul Lachman: holts maul oder wie ihr deutscher das so schon sagen konnen

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