Saturday, August 27, 2011

PD and IPs

A SLU poster put up the introduction note card for the PD, putting the text up down below.  Now the important part is down there at the bottom.  Very last thing.  Basically it's them admitting 'oh hey we have a database of user names and their IPs'.  So what makes you think they don't compare your IP to their database without your consent if they deem you as a threat?

I may have to make a JLU and PD tag for my posts on here now.  I think I'll start that now.  Just remember that Kalel said that his PZ system was hooked up with the PDs stuff.  So that means the JLU has access to this as well.

Name:Welcome to PD

Thanks for taking time to visit Police Department.

Feel free to look around, take in all we have to offer you. Our facility is equipped with an orientation area, freebie area, as well as much more informative items all over. Please take your time and ask questions if you have them.

While here we ask you follow a few simple rules. Failure to comply with said rules will result in your ejection from the sim for a period no shorter than 9 minutes and up to 7 days.

1. You must remove all weapons, decorative, invisible or otherwise. You'll be warned 2 times and then sent home. We ask that much respect on our own sim.

2. You must remain fully clothed while here. Please dress and behave as if you were in a RL Police Department.

3. Remove all bling, particles, and HUDs that may create lag. We maintain a lag free environment and plan on keeping it that way.

4. Respond to staff members. No AFK time while here, especially if you've not been contacted yet by an officer. Due to recent activities by visitors, Away from keyboard time will not be accepted. You'll come back and find yourself at your home location. Being AFK is fine if you've told someone you'll be right back.

If you are looking for employment here you'll need to note the following:

1. You need to be 180 days old or older.
2. You need to be age verified. You can do this by visiting the account verification tab on your second life account page.
3. You need to be well spoken and have a sparkling clean profile.
4. You will be required to consent to a background check that may or may not include cross referencing your IP against other known accounts.

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