Friday, September 16, 2011

Who is stalking...

Another leak that was posted it up over at SLU.  For me Emiley Tomsen is the interesting part.  First off she thinks that anybody finding her is stalking... but evidently she doesn't think the same when they do it to somebody else I guess. 

[17:12:20] Kara Zor-El I don't mind drawing fire but I don't really want them finding my RL house.
[17:12:20] Maverick Grunfeld Must be a bug then.
[17:12:20] Kara Zor-El and publishing the address.
[17:12:20] Shayera Hol Agreed. Any unsolicited phone calls to my house will get an air horn lullaby
[17:12:20] Fiona Toohey Precisely Kara
[17:12:20] Kara Zor-El They had my residence of two houses ago, once
[17:12:20] Bobkoe Nirvana they did?
[17:12:20] Kal-El The street address on me everybody seems to have is now no longer correct.
[17:12:20] Kara Zor-El Yup, but they also had me still married to the guy I divorced five years ago.
[17:12:20] Emiley Tomsen If they find me, they get arrested, and sent to federal jail for stalking.
[17:12:20] Kal-El They found me, and nothing like that happened
[17:12:20] Emiley Tomsen That's asssuming I don't kill the person first

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