Sunday, September 11, 2011

CheerGirl proven innocent.

CheerGirl recently came under fire in a recent Krypton Radio article (article by the JLU is defined as 'blatant lie to try and cover our asses').  They accused her of a few things and that LL tipped them off to her actions.

So she dropped a message to LL and got an answer proving her innocence in all of this.  Her post on this is here:

Now does anyone think a single person from the JLU is going to bother and offer up an apology to her?  Yeah I didn't think so.  So just more proof that nearly everything that JLU claims is a lie.  They are not to be trusted, anything they, or their members, make is not to be trusted (I would include the RFL things that Zenmondo made), nor is any of their supporters to be trusted. 

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