Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Short lived talk with the man himself....

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[20:29]  You: Aether said if we ask politely you would answer questions.  Has the personal information about Tux's family been removed?
[20:36]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): And my answer is two-fold: The information is now not on our server, as it has now been handed off to people better equipped to make proper legal use of it than us.
[20:37]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): And the second part is a question:  if he actually cared one tiny bit about this information being on a private server, why was he the first person ever to post it publicly on the internet?
[20:37]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Whatever he's after, his personal information is obviously not part of it.
[20:38]  You: What legal use is there of the information about Tux's family?
[20:38]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): I don't think the people that asked would want me discussing that.
[20:39]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): You have the answer you came for.
[20:39]  Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Good evening.
[20:41]  You: One more please.  Why don't you feel comfortable answering questions from us regular SL users.  The 'pubbies' as the griefers like to call us.  You seem to want to cut this very short already.
[20:41]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

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  1. The voices that told Kalel to do this are obviously in his head.

    The reason I posted my profile first is because it was sent to me by TheList, I want everything the JLU does exposed. If it means by exposing my entry so be it. I could have censored it, but it would not have been seen as legitimate.

    I will say this though. If I ever get that wiki, I will publish it for all to see. I will get it. Probably when the leakers get bored. Then everyone will see the stalking all the JLU do.