Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two off the friends list...

I wish Linden Labs would build in a system into our friends lists.  So that when somebody gets their account deleted it notifies you about it.  Going through the 'My Second Life' online profile thingy and started clicking on some of the names on my friends list.  People I hadn't seen in a while and all that.  Two of them were gone.  One of them didn't really mean much to me but the other did.  Don't even know how long ago their account was deleted but she is missed that's for sure.

Strange how things change in the virtual world.  Things happen at a higher rate of speed with less affect and almost zero notification.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Latest hair I bought this time from (red)Mint

Found a new hair maker that I like. Picked up a few demo's and have bought one so far. (red)Mint has some rather unique styles in the hair category and I foresee myself buying a few more over the next few weeks. Below is a shot of the one I've bought so far.

I'm still looking for more short cut hair styles. They seem to be a rarity inworld as people like the long hair, ponytails and such. Although Mistress likes it when I have a ponytail for her to grab on and yank while she... oh wait... that's not what I'm posting about this time. Anyways I really like their hair and they have plenty of other items that I'll be looking at as well. Below is a link to their Marketplace section HOWEVER I strongly suggest finding their store inworld. Actually I suggest shopping inworld as much as possible, helping their traffic rating, more Linden dollars go in their pockets, etc. That and I'm tired of shopping in empty stores. So look them up on search and tp there please.

(red)Mint Marketplace store.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Finding me other places

I really don't get much time to think up blog posts anymore.  Well I also don't have a lot to write blog posts here lately either.  Hopefully that will change soon.

But until then you can find my random small talk ramblings and a few shared articles and pics on various social media.  Y'know if any of you are interested.

On facebook and Google+ you can find me as Potosi Abonwood under a name search.  On Twitter I'm @PotosiAbonwood.

So you can friend, circle, follow, whatever me if you wish.