Sunday, October 2, 2011

Couple interesting notes today.

Couple of interesting notes.

Went to the JLU park in Taber today and my GZ hud didn't go off at the Phantom Zone node there.  Discussed it in the GreenZone chat for a bit and somebody else went out there and tested it and it came up for them.  Maybe it was a glitch in my hud so I'll redownload it and try again later. 

But while I was there, and once I started talking in GZ chat, another avi showed up.  It was on the edge of the park and it almost immediately dropped into the bot sitting position.  It stayed like that for a while until I mentioned it's presence in the GZ chat.  Very shortly (like less than a minute) after that it got up, walked across the park and flew over to the Ivory Tower and landed on the edge of that sim and stood there for a while.  Found this little encounter interesting.  Especially with some other folks spotting bots watching their areas recently after they came out against the JLU.  Keep your eyes open for these, grab a screenshot and lets start comparing notes.

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