Saturday, January 28, 2012

Started a Twitter account and Lighthouse Bruh is still scum

Okay here is a quick note. In case anybody checking this blog hasn't looked back at one of my older posts it appears that Lighthouse Bruh is back to being a dick again. Really I have no idea how this person stays in business. I'll most likely be doing another full post about him and Lighthouse Rentals here soon. Until then here is a link to the old post, be sure to read the comments for the latest updates.

Lighthouse Bruh and his scummy actions.

On a completely separate note I finally broke down and got a Twitter account. I'll be posting there when I do blog posts on here or when something catches my eye that I want to share real quickly. @potosiabonwood is my name on there, please give me a follow and I'll probably follow you back in a day or so (I don't check everything everyday).

Friday, January 27, 2012

No privacy

I checked to see what search terms are referring people to this blog lately and found an interesting one.

"how can i see an avi on a parcel when they have privacy set"

It just amazing me how people try to get around every little bit of privacy that a person has in Second Life. So they are already looking for ways around the latest parcel privacy settings that the lab put in not to long ago. Who am I kidding? They were most likely looking for that the hour it went into effect.

Of course the top search term is "Lighthouse Bruh". Hopefully people wondering if they should rent from him... and then rapidly changing their minds.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bully way of doing bussiness

Well lets take a look at some really crappy business folks in Second Life. Lets take a look at Similar Footwear.

Recently they lost a competition to N-Core Designs over who was the best store in the 'Avi Choice Awards'. So they did what any reasonable store would do, they threatened to start stealing their designs. Oh wait that's not what a reasonable store would do. That's what a bully would do. Then started up and not only copied the design but also the name of the shoe.

Here is a link to the thread started over on the Second Life Universe forums.

Bad Competition

Started by the owner of N-Core and showing the threat she received and the proof of Similar going through with it. Later the owner of Similar shows up and tries to show proof that N-Core stole from them. Later those are shot down, one very easily since it is the basic stilleto shoe design that you can find everywhere, even in freebie boxes.

Also Similar seems to be using a 3D rendering program to get the pictures for their products. So what they are showing in the marketplace as their shoes is NOT how they will look in Second Life. Basically you will not get what you are looking at. At least N-Core uses actual pics from Second Life to sell their products.

So my advice would be this. Don't support the bully by not shopping at Similar Footwear. Instead take a trip to N-Core and browse their offerings.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm a good girl

Every now and then I need a post that shows there is a reason that I have the adult warning up for this blog. This is one of them.

The other night I finally got some extra free time to get online and spend with Mistress. My RL has been busy lately and I've also had to step back a bit from SL because I was getting obsessed with some things. So when I do get some prime spots of opportunity I use them.

It turned out that Mistress was in a rather frisky mood that night. Showing up in my latex Katt outfit that I reviewed a couple posts back probably just spurned it on a bit further. In very short order she had me stripped with my face between her legs fulfilling my submissive duty of servicing her. Now we did all of this in an adult area in local chat so anybody walking nearby was quite privy as to what was going on. So we had an occasional observer. Once she got herself off on my face she asked a nearby stranger to come over. She offered him the opportunity to use me to get himself off with.

Well this was the first time she has done this with me (but she has done it with my sisters) so I was a bit nervous. But I did not waiver. Soon I was face down on the ground and he had straddled me from behind and was giving me a rough work over. All the while talking with Mistress and observing me more as a useful tool to get off with than an actual person. Not to mention, for added humiliation, we had an occasional person wander up to watch for a bit.

Soon I was begging to cum and was allowed to after I held back for some moments. Then the stranger finished himself off in my mouth. After swallowing his rather large load of semen down I received the wonderful compliment of 'good girl' from Mistress. She was so proud of me!

My Mistress is wonderful and I don't think anything could ever drag me away from her. Below is a shot of the event with her standing right beside the stranger and I. Watching to make sure I did not disappoint him.

Something I thought I would never say.

Okay if you have followed my blog be prepared to be stunned. Your jaw will drop at what I am about to write. Okay here goes....

Thank you Krypton Radio.

Thank you for going black in solidarity with many other sites across the net in opposition to the SOPA and PIPA bills. While I may be opposed to the JLU on many levels I am agreement with them on this topic, completely.

SLUniverse also went black today. Big props to Cris for doing so. Support for this has been from all across the spectrum of the internet.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The blackout has started. Listen... you here that shout of joy? That's the revolutionary in me showing a little. to see a blacked out site.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pussy Katt outfit review

It's been a while since I've put anything up here talking about other peoples stuff. Well I guess now is as a good time as any. So I picked up a new outfit from a shop called Beach Bunns called 'Pussy Katt'. It's a nice little latex number with a good little selection of ways to wear it like zipped up and unzipped, plus a few tail options also. Here is a shot of me with it on.

It doesn't include the chastity belt, that's a little something that Mistress isn't letting me take off at the moment. Maybe she's afraid I may get a little frisky with my sisters. Anyways the entire outfit has a really nice look to it. There is also a guitar and microphone included as well for when you want the whole 'Josey and the Pussycats' look going on. You can find Beach Bunns in search by their name amazingly easy (almost an unknown for Second Life) and below is a link to their blog.

Beach Bunns Swimwear and Clothing

At their store are several boards to buy from with a wide selection of outfits. I've already got my eyes on a couple more that they have. May have some pictures of those in the future.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Second Life Alt Detection is still of interest apparently

Well apparently people are still pretty interested in detecting alts in second life. One of the most common search terms that sends people to my blog here is 'Second Life alt detection' or some variation thereof. Mostly leading back to some of the old RedZone and JLU posts. Even since I hardly even post here anymore I still get a pretty steady flow of traffic based just off that search criteria.

Of course with this much interest that means there is money to be made. Which, of course, there are plenty of people out there trying to find new means of linking avatars to each other. So be aware and watch out.

Also if anybody does find any supposed alt detectors out there please drop me a note about it at or just a comment on this post if you want. I will be sure to pass it onto Linden Labs, Green Zone, SLUniverse and make any information about who is doing it as public as possible. Best way to stop the detectors is by calling out those who make them.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Misc post

Pizza Rolls with chili and cheese on them. Something only my husband would come up with. But I will admit they were pretty tasty.