Monday, September 12, 2011

Something funny to read.

Now this is absolutely funny.  The most detested person in SL, who can be caught telling lies contradicting her own forum posts, has mentioned me in her writings.  Not worth linking to so I'll copy paste.  Anybody who has any questions about her claims just ask.  Her imaginary writings are so full of waste it's not even funny.


o another inworld stalker and forums harasser is Potosi Abonwood. No accident, as she is a member of The Bimbo Cheerleaders so she is either an alt or pal of CheerGirl Allen, herself an alt. Potosi claims not to be in any griefing groups, but of course, she's in the Robble Rubble Fan Group -- and he's a frequent-flyer permabanned griefer if there ever was one. Of course, you don't actually have to be in a group to make a common cause with griefers, but she also has groups like Coffeepot Gleefurs is a reference to a griefing viewer made by the same Neil who made the Neil's ThugsLyfe or whatever it was called.

Potosi Abonwood is one of those "collared to Mistress" people urging you to tell her mistress if you have a problem with her -- the submissives are as bossy and coercive as their BDSM dommes, of course. Ugh, to people like this.

Er, I guess I won't have any trouble boycotting *her* store, with items like "spinning chain halo". Sigh.


  1. Okay just for the record.

    I have never stalked anyone in world and in fact I haven't been inworld much at all over the last couple months.

    On the forums I simply put her on ignore very early on and urged others to do the same. I'm thinking she sees my counterposts to her posts on Rodviks feed as forums stalking though. Even though I'm a pretty common site now on his wall.

    Only recently have I met CheerGirl and that was through the JLU fiasco currently going on. We talked a bit and she invited me to her group.

    I never claimed not to be in any griefing groups. But I am not, Robble Rubble Fans aren't a griefing group, they don't get together and go grief anybody. They do give out fun little non-griefing toys and joining them makes the JLU do backflips and spasm.

    Coffeepot Gleefurs is a reference to the bad spelling most RZ users had. Sadly it has no connection to whatever you wish to claim, never has, never will and you know it. Just making stuff up to get attention and point to a group with people you don't like in it.

    The only common cause I have with griefers is in the fact that the JLU are a toxic element in SL.

    Yes I'm collared to my Mistress. No I'm not bossy or coercive, actually I'm suprisingly easy to get along with and so is Mistress.

    Ugh to people like you.

    Yes it's *my* store. Other folks seem to like my halo's but I guess to each their own.

    Now I wonder if she needs me to clear up any other muddled thoughts dropping out of her delusional mind... okay she's not delusional, just a liar and an attention whore

  2. I think zie's just terribly envious of my decadant lifestyle.

    Although, well, I suspect I wouldn't much care to do most of the things zie clearly assumes I spend most of my time doing.