Thursday, May 10, 2012

Monkey Wonder cries 'JIRA attack'

Real life took some priority over the last few days and I haven't had much time to dedicate to a new post here. But now I've got a bit of time on my hands so here I go.

The other day Monkey Wonder posted something new on his blog about greenzone invading his JIRA he posted up.
You can see his post here.

One of the funnier comments he made is this: "Although the Second Life JIRA is a tool to be used strictly for reporting bugs and feature suggestions, the Green Zone members hijacked the JIRA to make personal attacks, insults and other unhelpful comments." It's funny because he is guilty of this himself on older JIRA's back when RedZone was still around and we were informing folks about that. I actually link to a bit of his attacks in one of my last few posts if you want to have a look. So he is telling us not to do what he does himself....

Anyways he also makes some screenshots (about time) of the attacks. First off the bottom one from somebody named 'orejo' isn't even a greenzone member. Two of the posts are from Re Sorbet who is one of the 'bots' that he 'caught' in his screenshot of greenzone griefer bots in one of his previous posts. Again I have a previous post all about that mess of a shot he put up. Cyborg Renfold is somebody he has been making accusations about but has never posted any sort of proof to back it. Last is RareDiamond String who I really don't know anything about.

So a GreenZone attack is now three people, none of them officers or moderators, bashing you on a JIRA? Really? How the hell is that an attack that represents a group. More delusions of importance on his part.

For the record I support the JIRA, I voted and watched it to show my support. If something is doing what he claims it is then it needs to be stopped. I completely agree. I also like the fact that the screenshot posted has absolutely nothing to do with GreenZone, the person who made the objects is not in the group and a few folks I have talked to have never even heard of him. So yes it shows that somebody may be using those devices as a form of DDOS attack coming from inside SL. If it's true then the Lab needs to drop a fix on it.

Another thing I have noticed a lot lately is a single URL
THIS ONE to be exact.

It has started to show up on a lot of peoples web tab of their profile. Mainly on folks who are opposed to Voodoo Sploders and Anti Bot system. It appears that it could be a rival sploder company doesn't it? So this has me thinking in another direction something that I will probably be bringing up to some of the mods of the group.

Is our group being used by some of the people behind tmyentertainment to go after Voodoo? Basically a small handful of people are joining the group flashing up the GZ title and then actually going and doing what he is saying? Something to think about.

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