Saturday, October 6, 2012

sandvich JLU updates

Okay a few updates. First Sandvich wasn't a steam punk themed sim it was a Steam themed sim. My brain evidently filled in the blanks on me there. Also it was evidently set up to get banned by Tizzers just to rile up some more anti Linden Lab sentiment. Interesting, and expensive, way to go about it. Also now the JLU are mixing their words a bit and saying they didn't have anything to do with it, then are saying they did, and then they didn't. Usual mix of words from them. Also they seem to think, just like Prok, that anybody with Tux in their avi name is actually Tux. Same goes for anybody having Tizzers in any shortened form like Tiz, Tizzy, etc. Leave it to the wannabe super villains to be this lacking in the critical thinking department. Thinking of changing my user name to TuxOrTizzers just for the heck of it now. Probably won't though. I do like my own actual avi name just fine. So anyways continue to watch for the costumed clowns on your sims. Ask them to leave before they start harassing your visitors. If they don't report them and then eject/ban them. It's the only way to be safe. Just remember that they will also send in their alts to get all up in your business so keep that eject button ready.

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