Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monkey Wonder has been on this for almost a year

Okay Monkey Wonder you've had almost a year to show us some proof of this DDOS attack that you claim to be carried out by GreenZone. Also for those who think that the maker of Voodoo products has just recently started his attack on GreenZone this post should clear all that up quite well for you. For my evidence that he's been doing this for some time now I use Linden Labs very own JIRA logs. This one just happens to be about RedZone (imagine that) where Monkey very loudly claims his views of GreenZone.


Here is a screen grab of his post for those who don't want to dig through that mess or know how to use 'Find'.

So we are looking at almost a year ago. In that time we've seen zero proof to his claims. None, zip, nadda, big zero. I mean he has his own website, why doesn't he simply post up all the proof there? That would be the simple way to do it. At least one would think. So evidently he has no proof that GreenZone is anyway responsible for a DDOS attack on his site.

What I found though was another JIRA started by Monkey. This one where he is having trouble with his sploders connecting to his website. So apparently he was having problems already that were technical and not hackers or griefers. Imagine that.


So now it looks like he has been blaming GreenZone for technical issues that he was having.

Oh and for a final bit from the JIRA I mentioned up top. After Monkey talks smack about others a few more return it right back to him and then he makes the wonderful ironic post below. This shows he can dish it out but cries when he has to take it.

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